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Cold Climates

Solar systems are innovative technologies that leverage solar energy to transform it into solar thermal energy, to produce sanitary hot water or photovoltaic solar energy and thus producing electricity, but there are big differences in performance from one technology to another, especially in very cold weather, where snowfalls are abundant in these processes. We will see how affects this these various units in its operation. It is true that cold climates tend to have less sunlight to warm climates, but that loss of sunlight is compensated with more efficient solar equipment. Vacuum tubes vacuum tubes represent a different concept: the receiving surface is reduced and is placed inside the vacuum tubes, therefore with some heat loss. These tubes have the same appearance as a traditional fluorescent tube, but dark. The panels are formed with several of these tubes mounted on a structure of comb. The advantages of this system are its greater isolation, its disadvantage is in its placement, since usually it only allows a variation of about 20 on your ideal inclination, another factor to take into account is its fragility and not possessing a system of tracking snow accumulates on the glass blocking receive the Sun’s rays, and therefore ceases to produce energy, also its cost is significantly greater than other technologies. Flat panels flat solar collectors work taking advantage of the greenhouse effect.

The glass acts as a filter for certain wavelengths of sunlight, leaving mainly pass visible light, and is less transparent with infrared waves of lower energy. The sun shines on the glass of the collector and energy then heats the plate dust which, in turn, becomes to long-wave infrared radiation station, box enclosure is heated above the outside temperature. Passing per box, the fluid calo bearer that circulates through ducts is heated, and transports this thermal energy to where you want to be. The problem of these systems in its performance, this improves the lower the working temperature, since higher temperature inside the box, in relation to the outside, elders will be losses due to transmission in the glass. Also, higher temperature plate collecting, more energy will be its radiation, and more transparency will have glass to it, therefore decreasing the efficiency of the collector, this system also lacks solar tracking, yielding much less after a snowstorm, since snow must be removed to keep it running. Parabolic solar concentrators as its name indicates, the team concentrates all the power emitted by the Sun in a focal point, increasing the energy emitted by the Sun in large quantity. This system is very efficient in cold weather and snowfall since it has a solar tracking system that allows you to follow the Sun throughout the day, also another important factor to bear in mind is that it is uses anodized aluminum as food for thought, not of glass, this allows the snow melts faster and refale when the team begins to move to track the Sun, thanks to its double axis computer-controlled solar tracking system. This is the case of the solar concentrator SolarBeam which achieves a throughput that exceeds by 262% the efficiency of solar hot water panels, and is 98% more productive than solar systems with vacuum tubes. Providing an average of 10 kW of thermal heat per hour, in conclusion we have at our disposal a thermo solar continuous and safe energy source. Do to obtain more information about the Solar Concentrator, visit the web site at: who’s afraid to photovoltaic electricity?

A New Was Brought By The Original Jaw Crusher

As an important part of Chinese machinery manufacturing industry, the jaw crusher industry supports the mainstream equipment for the national economy and also reflects the development level of national industrialization level. With the development of economic globalization, our mining machinery industry especially the jaw crusher is moving on the intelligent, digitization and large-scale industry. In the process of production, the first problem is the crush of limestone cement. Hongxing Heavy Industries have worked out deep-cavity jaw crusher (including coarse breaker and fine breaker) after trials and transformation for many times, which is widely used currently. It has the advantages of big crushing ratio, even particle size of the finished product, low running cost, simple structure, easy maintenance, etc. The deep cavity of this crusher equipment has a relatively long stroke, which will help material grinding broken.

Crushing process can be finished for one time and the intensity of feed could reach 125 mm to 750 mm.The material whose compression strength is not more than 320Mpa can be crushed. Compared with similar products, its yield is much higher. As the development of reforming and opening, our beneficiation technology has undergone enormous changes, which has gone beyond the international level in the technology and quality. Commonly used ore beneficiation equipments include: crusher, ball mill, screening & classification equipment, magnetic separator, flotation machine, dryer, etc. The development of ore beneficiation equipment and technology is synchronization, the process is dominant, the device is the foundation.

Hongxing ore dressing process include magnetic separation process, flotation process, lead and zinc ore process, etc. Each process has different operating processes depending on the raw materials. The main technical and economic indicators of Hongxing lead and zinc ore dressing process have reached the world advanced level. Poly-metallic sulfide ore flotation process has made significant progress; the new technology of high basicity and mixed concentrate asynchronous priority flotation flotation has been successfully applied in production; more than 40 percent of lead and zinc ore dressing use non-cyanide process; oxidation lead-zinc ore dressing marks new progress to find a process which is suitable for complex mineral composition and large amount of lead-zinc ore. The successful development of new aniline black drug pharmaceutical processing has advantages such as good selectivity and low toxicity. The key grinding and delivery medicine process realize microcomputer control. The whole Hongxing magnetic dressing production line is made up of jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, feeder, elevator, conveyor and other equipments. This production line has high efficiency, low energy consumption, high processing capacity and economical rationality. Nowadays the jaw crusher is widely used in many industries. The jaw crusher is the weakness industry in the domestic, its quality and technology cannot compare with foreign countries. Therefore, the state has issued a number of good policies to develop the crusher industry, which promotes the technology innovation of this industry, makes the crushing industry booming and the market space videos. Stone crusher plant: Dryer machine:

Youtube Channel

Spanish Association for quality acoustics (Aecor) has opened a new channel of communication thanks to the creation of an exclusive space of the Association within the YouTube video portal. In it, Aecor partners may include their acoustics, soundproofing and noise-related videos to make them known to a wider audience. It will also provide a platform to pick up some appearances on television Association. The name of the channel within Youtube is asociacionaecor and simply by entering it in the internal search engine of the portal, the channel of the association becomes visible. The URL that gives direct access to the new channel of AECOR, is. Thanks to the technology of the portal, any video of AECOR may include in other blogs or pages by simply inserting the code of the video that appears below the display window, which multiplies the possibilities for dissemination. About YouTube YouTube is the most widespread streaming video platform and which revolutionized the concept of the video via the Internet. In any user can upload and share videos.

Its creation dates back to 2005 when three former Paypal in February 2005. In November 2006, the powerful Google Inc. bought for 1.65 billion dollars, and now operates as one of its subsidiaries. YouTube uses a player online based on Adobe Flash to serve your content.