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Good Company

Nevertheless, there are people who to them become very difficult to be successful in this type of business. The reason: all the companies are going to say to us that they are the best option, for this reason, we must be informed well than the company it offers to us, since we do not have to forget to us that we are going to enter a world of the business that a principle we do not know, and that we must adapt to the modern era. – I would like that we stop ourselves to think a little while. It compares the present society with the one of only 15 years ago. Day of today, people are themselves crushed by amounts of announcements, telephone supplies, promotions, calls to her house, etc. The present market is saturadsimo of information and every time more options exist to choose thanks to Internet. An intelligent entrepreneur knows that the success is in itself, but also in the quality and the effectiveness of its systems of work and knowledge In these times, to have a serious, powerful business and with sustained growth, the presence in Internet is necessary to consider seriously and the dominion of certain professional techniques of marketing.

If no, we do not have right to call &quot to us; profesionales". In this guide I am going to show to you why Internet is that full sea of fish where you have always dreamed to fish, and I am going to also show to the abilities and concepts to you of marketing that will form your network of fishing and multiplied the results that you have at the moment in your business. Internet has created a completely new world of opportunities of business for all, that allows us to turn an idea in a profitable business by a very small price.

Pain and Suffering?

The pain is inevitable, but the suffering is optional. (Buddha) the misunderstood pain is doliente. There are many types of pain and all almost enter a group that would be the one of the unnecessary ones. To the margin of the physical pain, undeniable, to which I will not talk about more, the other pains can be avoided and is quite debatable their utility, and the necessity to undergo them and to feel attacked by them. In principle, the pain always takes place not to want to accept a reality that does not please to us: a drastic change, a sentimental separation, the loss of a loved being, to see of an undeniable way a reality that we have denied during long time, undesired emotional blows, that happens something that we did not want that Sabemos happened how to appease the physical pains, but we do not know how to alleviate this pain. It is a pain mental, or emotional, or of the soul, but it can end up having a physical form. It is pronounced like an indescribable slowness, a downheart, an uneasiness, a pesimism, a black veil that covers whole numbers to us. The necessity prevails to discover clearly the reason of that pain, and to solve the origin. To face which is, and to reason it, to feel it, to include/understand it because we know that we have tendency to somatizar, (unconsciously to transform a psychic affection into organic) and a pain without physical origin can end up pronouncing itself like a disease. If we were able to admit that the things are as they are and come as they come, and that we are not the guilty in the majority of the occasions, and we have although it we do not have to allow that they damage, to know this to us would have to allow us to a rest and an unloading in the pain.

Industrial Revolution

Of the Industrial Revolution, To the industry of the Sidewalk. Century XVIII in them left a pollution torch that is not erased and if propagated each time more for the planet water that if consumes and if industrial degrades in way to the industrial pollutants since that called revolution who if augmented in search of modernity, the progress and the capital. In those gone it was the burning of the mineral coal that more polua air with tons of pollutants that the European population had that to initiate and to make bitter this damage come on behalf of the progress. Today, more and more complete carbon dioxide the respiratory cycle of the world that we can call it cycle of the materialized development. Our health each time more has suffered the maleficent effect from this pollution generating, lacrimao, alrgica rinite, asmas, bronquites, inflammatory irritation of the skin, infection in the eyes, processes in the circulatrio system, heat in the mucosa of the throat, and other illnesses, mainly on to the respiratory system. In this system already materialized with gauzes, – carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, pollutant are originated from the fsseis fuel burning (gasoline and diesel), spread from the great cities, which are responsible for the illnesses of the respiratory device of inalados the human being when being. Leaving nose and looking at for streets, in garbage accumulated in strips of land and same in sidewalk, are inconveniences that would have rigorously to be prevented by the responsible occupants or for these property, that have very would have to be citizens the infraction and fine for the power I publish that more it seems to occupy with the lucrative fines of the infractors I transit of it, – when the mosquitos generated in the garbage cantons also kill frequently. A to be considered aspect aiming at well-being of that they live in the cities, mainly in the great metropolises, is the fact of if not being able to walk with certain comfort and security for the sidewalk destined to the pedestrian, having the dissabor to put the foot in a hole or to have that to deviate for the track of cars, as I was witness of the fall of an aged one that it stumbled at a esburacada sidewalk having been attack of a twist in its ankle.

Goldman Sachs

“Goldman Sachs is a one of the world’s largest investment banks. It traces its routes back to 1869 and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Goldman Sachs provides wealth management, investment banking, and sales & trading services.

In regards to the technology world, Goldman Sachs continues to invest heavily in this market.”

The greater and more feared problems of all this energy transformation, it is demonstrated at the moment where the loss of the control occurs during the process, as it occurred on account in the Japan of tsunami that it damaged the plant, generating the fusing of the nuclear reactor caused by a great increase of temperature, causing emptying of the harmful radiations to the beings livings creature. The nocividade of these radiations must it the fact of that ‘ ‘ the set free energy can produce ionization and excitement of atoms and molecule in addition and, as free consequncia, formation of ons and highly reactive radicals. These, in turn, can attack molecules of great importance as the molecule of DNA of the nucleus of the cell, causing to it damages. The destruction of a DNA molecule results in a cell capable to continue living, but incapable of if dividing. Thus, the cell finishes dying and not being renewed. If this to occur in a very great number of cells, goes to have a bad fabric functioning constituted by these cells and, finally, its morte’ ‘.

(2) But exactly ahead of all this picture favorable, the nuclear energy still can be seen of efficient form in the field of the human development, through the execution of impossible facts in half conventionals. The medicine, the pharmaceutical industry and agriculture are some of the areas more benefited by this type of energy. The radioistopos as are called, can be absorbed or to cross the substance, making possible multiple applications in the medicinal way, as in the cure or the control it cancer, diagnosis of illnesses through mamografia, cat scan, x-ray among others. They are these applications that are used to destroy microrganismos or harmful cells to the good functioning of the human metabolism. Beyond the displayed one, one of the main advantages of the nuclear energy gotten by fisso is not the fsseis fuel use, not launching in the atmosphere toxic gases, and not being responsible for the increase of the effect greenhouse.

Sustainable Life

Support, many know what it is but few practise acts its favor. All want a sustainable life, but they are not strengthenn for adquiriz it. ' ' Thus the humanity walks, with steps of ant and without vontade' ' Lulu Saints the global Heating is a fact that is consuming the planet to each day that passes, or better, to each as. Calotas polar melts and the level of the ocean increases collaborating for the sprouting of the tsunamis feared ones. Deserts in a gorgeous forest appear, due to the illegal deforestation, which cause premature deaths of animals for consequncia of the disequilibrium of ecosystems and the animals in extinguishing disappear as a magician touch.

The effect greenhouse appears as a monster bred and fed by the proper one human being, since the same it appears through the fosseis fuel burning, as pollutant gasoline, diesel and some gases. Tufes, hurricanes and cyclones appear through the evaporation of waters of the ocean. Without counting to the waves of heat and the temperatures that change diverse times, it seems until we pass per the four stations in an only month. He is obvious that all the ambient disasters are extremely on with the global heating, and only that it can it withhold this badly that is destroying our environment is the man. For incredible that it seems the rational being if it becomes irrational, it makes all wrong one and it continues destroying its proper home and it does not think about the future, in the future of our children, grandsons, greats-grandson Everything what it happens it is guilt of the proper man who only harvests what he planted, the law of the cause and effect exists yes and must be respected mainly when it is about the nature. The protocol of Kyoto is not being rigorously respected, however it exists in order to help to reduce the emission of responsible pollutant gases for the effect greenhouse, in the theory, yes, it exists! The organization not governmental Greenpeace took the initiative to create a video protesting against the deforestation of the Amaznia and appealed President Dilma to save the forest that is being consumed to each as. The question is, will be that the president will go appeals to take care of it the organization? It will be that it goes to give one is enough in the deforestations in the general way of our forest? Or the world will finish first? We need to act, to swim against the rapids to save the planet, which we inhabit and we usufruct of its valuable goods. Many people suffer with the natural accidents, lose familiar, houses and until dignity and the people continue of crossed arms, or better, making everything in contrast to a sustainable life. We must make our part, since stopping to waste papers and water even though to knock down trees, to kill animals, to emit pollutant gases, to construct houses in places not allowed, thinks ' ' matar' ' the nature and to destroy the environment is ' ' matar' ' proper itself and to harm the proper species. you, until when go to wait a natural disaster to happen? As well as us the nature this if defending of intruders and annihilators! It thinks, it reflects, alive!

Biomass Energy

In the last few decades the ambient problems if have aggravated due to continuous emission of pollutants in the atmosphere, caracaterizados for extreme amounts of gases and harmful particulados materials to the environment and the health of the beings livings creature. This if must mainly to the ostensive fsseis fuel use as power plant. Thus representative of diverse areas of the knowledge they come if motivating to study alternative forms of energy production. It more enters the studied forms can be cited the use of the alcohol proceeding from the sugar sugar cane and most recent used, biodiesel, which if fit in a fuel classroom renewed. One another type of renewable fuel that is being wide studied is the bio-oil, this is gotten from the pyrolysis of biomasses, such as wood, forest and agricultural residues. The bio-oil, beyond being used as combustible, can be used as substance cousin for the synthesis of diverse other substances of high aggregate value. Ahead of this, the present article aims at to the understanding of the pyrolysis process, elucidating its main types of process, beyond the used classrooms of biomass more. In elapsing of history, the use of the biomass has varied considerably under the influence of two main factors: the demographic density and the availability of resources (Table et al., 2003).

Thus the world-wide demand for energy, especially the proceeding one from the fsseis fuel use aiming at to take care of the high levels of industrial production has been one of the main aggravations of the ambient problems. In order to brighten up these effect he has been carried through studies of sources you renewed of energy and less pollutant fuels, as bio-fuels, etanol produced from the sugar cane-of-sugar or maize and biodiesel, that it can be extracted of oleaginosas as soy, mamona, tame nut, among others. Another alternative of renewable biocombustvel that has been sufficiently studied is the fuel use proceeding from residues of vegetables, as wood and bagasse of sugar cane. These materials are assigned biomass, which possess a great amount of energy that is accumulated during the period of growth of these plants by means of the photosyntheses, the energy gotten through these are called of bioenergia.