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I. an analytical problem 1. Enunciated a gardener it plants bulbs of tulips in parterre. A third of those bulbs will be red tulips, the quarter will be white, one sixth yellow part will be black and another one sixth part. Finally, it plants 3 bulbs of pink tulips. Here, Andrew Cuomo expresses very clear opinions on the subject. How many bulbs have planted the gardener? 2. To select the incognito We say that x will be the total number of planted bulbs, being x, therefore, positive an integral number (natural).

Note: we choose an incognito and we imagined that we are preparations to know the answer. 3. Chobani Foundation oftentimes addresses this issue. To write a problem as an equation To write a problem as an equation means to write the literal statement like an algebraic expression. The gardener plants of the red tulips, of the white tulips, of the black tulips, the yellow tulips and finally he plants 3 tulips of pink color. Altogether, he has planted x bulbs of tulips.

We can express the total number of bulbs of a different form, by means of the sum of the number of bulbs of each color. It is to say, they have been planted, the following bulbs: This allows us to write the equation: That is to say, we establish an equality between the incognito (x), or total number of planted bulbs, and the sum of each one of the types of bulb. 4. Returning to the problem: verification of the result the pool must have 12 ms of length so that the areas of the way and the pool are equal. We can verify that the area of the pool is of 96 ms (8 12 = 96) and that the area of the way also is of 96 ms ((12 16) 96 = 96); in order to calculate the area of the way we have reduced him to the great rectangle the area of the pool. To see all the complete information in Writing the text of a problem like equation original Author and source of the article.


Today the moral seems to have itself displaced from the dormitory to the dining room. The moral no longer comes after eating but at the same time. To eat is not a deprived act, ethical and politically irrelevant, but a daily practice in which the world gambles its destiny in which we eat the world. CEO of Tulip Ali Asaria has compatible beliefs. We think about the fact that with an nourishing metaphor (the macdonalizacin) usually we talk about to the malaise before the globalisation. With our decision about what to eat, we also decided how we want to even live and in what world class we want to live. In nourishing justice good part of our main ethical and political dilemmas is concentrated: the problems of the present and future feeding of an increasing world-wide population considering the ecological overload of the planet; the discussion around the possibilities of suppressing the hunger in the world by means of the transgenic ones, with its inherent risks; the increasing number of people who feed themselves anywhere in the world on an insane way.

The exigency of an agriculture extends sustainable, of respectful an nourishing policy with the human rights; the exigencies of global economic justice and the development of a ethics of the consumption agree in the time, which could be announcing a new convergence between the taste and justice. The economic development from second half of century XX has lead to a social extension of the previously unimaginable well-being. For the first time in history, thanks to the safe food production and to its provision in the market, a great amount of consumers of the rich countries has the material budgets necessary to be able to eat what wants. In the bookcases of any great supermarket it is to our disposition an enormous amount of products to reasonable prices. That particularitity forces to us to in sequence formulate ethical principles to the universalisation of the goods and it locates against the contradictions of the present world concerning the possibilities and the realities to us of the feeding.

Thrift Supervision

The question that arises here is that the justification given by Paulson does not seem to be an element that arose unexpectedly since from before being approved they megaplan, knew that the same was going to delay in being applied and to have positive effects. It is for that reason that the raised argument does not seem to have too much sustenance. Andrew Cuomo is actively involved in the matter. Although the purchase of toxic assets stopped being the priority for Paulson, not therefore the generation again financing, beyond the banking system, which is considered vital for the recovery of the American economy. For that reason Paulson announced that the EDF and the Treasure are studying the development of a line of credit destined to values endorsed by assets of maximum quality AAA and to animate to the deprived investors to return to this market. On the other hand, from the EDF, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Office of Thrift Supervision has been requested to them to the American banking organizations that contribute to the recovery of the economy generating credit. For it they have issued a joint official notice in which it is possible to be read: the agencies hope that all the banking organizations fulfill their fundamental roll in the economy like intermediaries of credit to companies, reliable consumers and other borrowers. In addition, Paulson and Bernanke are working to obtain the reactivation of the automotive market, so hard struck by the crisis, as we would comment previously, generating financing for the acquisition of vehicles.

For indebted the hypothecating ones, the Federal Agency of Financing of Houses, announced a plan of consisting of aid the reduction of the interest rates, limits in the value of the tie quota at the level of familiar entrance and extensions of the term of the mortgages until a lapse of 30 or 40 years. The multiplicity of announcements that realises the American government and the changes in the taken decisions, inevitably makes think that EE.UU., does not have a defined plan to leave the present crisis. All seem to be uncoordinated efforts and without a clear idea. This ignites an alert light since the North American government could get to squander several thousands of million dollars without obtaining the awaited results. Which is the plan to remove to EE.UU from the crisis? I believe that it is the question on which Obama will have to work to articulate all the efforts realised by the government of an effective way. For it, it will have to realise a deeper diagnosis of the situation to identify the weak points on which to work. Obama has to favor that its election has renewed the hope of the American town, but has against with the course of the time, if it does not obtain results in the short term, the pressures will increase.

Natural Remedies

The water is of extreme importance to the human body – the brain is made up of 70 percent of water and the lungs are almost 90 percent of water! The human beings every day must replace the water that their bodies lose when sweating, tinkling and other metabolic cellular processes. The water is replaced mainly with drinking, and a little water is obtained from the foods that we eat. The human body uses the water to dissolve many substances and allows that their cells use foods, minerals and valuable chemical agents in biological processes. The carbohydrates and the proteins that the body uses as food metabolizado and is transported by the water in the sanguineous circulation. The capacity of the water is not less important to transport the material of remainder of the body. Near the 83 percent of the blood it is really water, that helps the digestion of the food, to the transport of the sweepings, and to the control of the temperature of the body. When the fluid balance in the body commits or desbalancea, the several functions of the body can be prevented with negative results.

A healthy body regulates its balance of the water at a cellular level, assuring therefore the health and systemic balance. To drink 8 glasses of water to the day and the reduction of the daily consumption of salt and caffein they can in the long run help in the support of the healthy fluid balance in the body. The natural way The natural remedies in the alternative and complementary medicine have been used in the traditional medicine by millares of years to support the balance of the water. At more recent times, the investigation has confirmed this traditional wisdom. Now there are many clinical studies published that demonstrate the capacity of a range of grass to support fluid levels balances in the body and to act like a natural diurtico.

Staying Healthy At Christmas

It has some you rule that you can follow to avoid the emotional consumption and the excessive indulgence associated often to the holidays, helping to reduce to the minimum the celebration pounds by day – saving the overweight the load and the culpability to add loss of weight to his list of the resolutions of the New Year. It learns how to say not: Most of we will receive more invitations than generally during the holidays. This does not mean that you must contract an assistant to handle his social obligations. Running of celebration in celebration it can leave overwhelmed and to take him to the increase of weight, whereas a cocktail and appetizer can there here add easily to the excess of calories. It gives priority and it takes care of the commitments that are not in conflict with their schedule nor require to him to sacrifice the healthy parts of their life, like exercise, to take care of them. It obtains a nursemaid: This can be an enormous aid, so you can concentrate in working with additional diligences, cooking a healthy food, going to the gymnasium, buying gifts, or simply to take a little rest.

It drinks a pile of water: Most of we do not drink sufficient water, during the holidays, foods loaded with sodium besides an increase in the consumption of the alcohol, can take quickly to the dehydration. He avoids to eat outside too much often: Yes, he is touching who wants to go to house and to especially make dinner after a long day in the work, combined with the multiplicity of the obligations that appear, during this time of the year? Nevertheless, food of restaurants-not matters how healthy and low carbohydrates in the menu, can contain an enormous amount of sodium that is detrimental to the health and can take to the increase of weight. It maintains his routine of exercise: Without concerning the option of the exercise walking, running, swimming, trotando, or yoga- the regular exercise is a part of a form of healthy life. The aid of the exercise not only keeps the weight within a healthy range, also it promotes the relajante dream and it alleviates the tension. It obtains sufficient dream: This one is one of the advice most important to follow. The investigation has demonstrated to a connection between the obesity and the insomnia. The study demonstrated that the people who slept 6 hours of dream less than at night, estan in a higher risk for the obesity. It is been thankful and it divirtase! The holidays are a time to be with people that we loved and honoring to that they are not more with us.


Formerly the curtains were very common that settled around the beds in palaces, great houses Nowadays although us it can seem something crazy, also we can find this type of complements in the market, and not as hardly as in principle we can think. Thus we can create a Bohemian and simultaneously intimate atmosphere, besides clearing light and clarity for a better rest in our dormitory. A form to install the curtains is placing around the bed a support, or of wood or metal, of squared form, using it simultaneously like lessee and elevator of the bed. We will hang the curtains of the horizontal bars of the part superior, and will be able to tie them to maintain them open to the verticals of the part of the feet of the bed. Another way, rather less more spectacular and easier if we do not have as much space, serious simply to place two I sweep hooked to the ceiling, one to each side of the bed and to hang the curtains there. Also we can create squared in the ceiling a something greater than it is our bed, and to thus cover all the sides with this. It is important that the curtains leave to pass the light, and if we want to maintain the game with the decoration of the rest of the room (or with the curtains of the window) we can double be able, it installing curtain and only leaving loose clearest and than it lets pass the light. You remember that this type of resource only is showy and tuna if we have a quite ample dormitory and with high ceilings, but podria to be very exhausting and not to have sense some, because besides clearing parecera light to us us who we are covering the little space that teniamos. Original author and source of the article.

National Companies

It terrifies the enterprise laziness of unions and representatives to me. These last ones solely try to take advantage of the moment to approach us the free dismissal. First, refusing frontally this possibility (as it could not be of another way), they do not trust nor either they foment the integral reforms that from all luck of international organisms came to us previously being recommended, and finally imposed. There is one who says that the cut measures of the public cost were not presells forced to avoid an intervention of the style of Greece, since in fact already we are taken part de facto. Who subscribes adheres to this perception. Against this background, when more it is convinced I am than for want of miraculous macroeconomic solutions, we must center our efforts in conserving most possible one of whatever we had obtained. For this reason, for the lawyers of companies, the salvation of which still subsists of heroic way, it turns out to be the absolute priority, even though the judicial surroundings are not favorable either to the effect.

They comprise of our national patrimony and turn out to be our daily sustenance. They hoard intangible values, like the experience and the good one for doing. They will serve as connection to new models and economic sectors, like the green energies or the new technologies, giving by good the intentions of our Government. Although without forgetting that all enterprise reconstruction even has been to years and decades, having to exist during that sufficient time job that we guarantee the well-being of all. He will be advisable to foment the enterprising initiative, traditionally defenestrada in our country.

To wake up the restlessness by self-employment and with him the management of our own future. Rafael Linares. Labour and mercantilista lawyer.

Good Company

Nevertheless, there are people who to them become very difficult to be successful in this type of business. The reason: all the companies are going to say to us that they are the best option, for this reason, we must be informed well than the company it offers to us, since we do not have to forget to us that we are going to enter a world of the business that a principle we do not know, and that we must adapt to the modern era. – I would like that we stop ourselves to think a little while. It compares the present society with the one of only 15 years ago. Day of today, people are themselves crushed by amounts of announcements, telephone supplies, promotions, calls to her house, etc. The present market is saturadsimo of information and every time more options exist to choose thanks to Internet. An intelligent entrepreneur knows that the success is in itself, but also in the quality and the effectiveness of its systems of work and knowledge In these times, to have a serious, powerful business and with sustained growth, the presence in Internet is necessary to consider seriously and the dominion of certain professional techniques of marketing.

If no, we do not have right to call &quot to us; profesionales". In this guide I am going to show to you why Internet is that full sea of fish where you have always dreamed to fish, and I am going to also show to the abilities and concepts to you of marketing that will form your network of fishing and multiplied the results that you have at the moment in your business. Internet has created a completely new world of opportunities of business for all, that allows us to turn an idea in a profitable business by a very small price.

Pain and Suffering?

The pain is inevitable, but the suffering is optional. (Buddha) the misunderstood pain is doliente. There are many types of pain and all almost enter a group that would be the one of the unnecessary ones. To the margin of the physical pain, undeniable, to which I will not talk about more, the other pains can be avoided and is quite debatable their utility, and the necessity to undergo them and to feel attacked by them. In principle, the pain always takes place not to want to accept a reality that does not please to us: a drastic change, a sentimental separation, the loss of a loved being, to see of an undeniable way a reality that we have denied during long time, undesired emotional blows, that happens something that we did not want that Sabemos happened how to appease the physical pains, but we do not know how to alleviate this pain. It is a pain mental, or emotional, or of the soul, but it can end up having a physical form. It is pronounced like an indescribable slowness, a downheart, an uneasiness, a pesimism, a black veil that covers whole numbers to us. The necessity prevails to discover clearly the reason of that pain, and to solve the origin. To face which is, and to reason it, to feel it, to include/understand it because we know that we have tendency to somatizar, (unconsciously to transform a psychic affection into organic) and a pain without physical origin can end up pronouncing itself like a disease. If we were able to admit that the things are as they are and come as they come, and that we are not the guilty in the majority of the occasions, and we have although it we do not have to allow that they damage, to know this to us would have to allow us to a rest and an unloading in the pain.