Formerly the curtains were very common that settled around the beds in palaces, great houses Nowadays although us it can seem something crazy, also we can find this type of complements in the market, and not as hardly as in principle we can think. Thus we can create a Bohemian and simultaneously intimate atmosphere, besides clearing light and clarity for a better rest in our dormitory. A form to install the curtains is placing around the bed a support, or of wood or metal, of squared form, using it simultaneously like lessee and elevator of the bed. We will hang the curtains of the horizontal bars of the part superior, and will be able to tie them to maintain them open to the verticals of the part of the feet of the bed. Another way, rather less more spectacular and easier if we do not have as much space, serious simply to place two I sweep hooked to the ceiling, one to each side of the bed and to hang the curtains there. Also we can create squared in the ceiling a something greater than it is our bed, and to thus cover all the sides with this. It is important that the curtains leave to pass the light, and if we want to maintain the game with the decoration of the rest of the room (or with the curtains of the window) we can double be able, it installing curtain and only leaving loose clearest and than it lets pass the light. You remember that this type of resource only is showy and tuna if we have a quite ample dormitory and with high ceilings, but podria to be very exhausting and not to have sense some, because besides clearing parecera light to us us who we are covering the little space that teniamos. Original author and source of the article.