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Spirit Skills

His skills powers of attack and attacks with fists are distributed between (knuckles). Ringmaster: This class stands out by his skills of support or better called buff long play. They are dedicated completely to support of another player: they cure, they give buff and only they own skills of attacks of assist (before lvl 60), and in 80 level powerful skill call Merkava Hanzelrusha with which he is able to kill monsters in AoE (Area of Effect or attacks of Area of Effect) Magician: In level 60 it is possible to be chosen between Elementor or Psykeeper. Elementor: Most powerful, the worse defense. Teachers of the five elements (air, earth, fire, water, ray), their abilities infringe the majors damages to the enemies. His skills is based on the magic of these five elements. They use twigs (staff). Psykeeper: Good magical attack, conventional defense.

They can be of several classes (builds), the most known are: Crucio (full STA), where you will have a massive amount of HP and you will be worth of the attack of your enemies to raise of level; or to be full INT and to mount hard attacks using your Spirit bomb and leaving immovable to the enemies with Satanology. They use barytas (wands). Acrobat: In level 60 it is possible to be chosen between Ranger or Jester. Ranger: The one of but attacks, conventional defense. Teacher of the arcs. His skills is based on improving the attack of the arcs.

The specialty of the Ranger is Bloqueo, since it owns a high percentage of rate of blockade, using 3 AoE can kill in great amounts without undergoing many blows by its high level of Blockade. A variant of this class exists, the Yoyo to ranger. They are to ranger that they use yoyos like arms, taking advantage the properties of this class. Jester: Good attack, good defense. Teachers of I-yo” s. His skills I-yo” am based on improving the attack of; s and to give complements them like poison. They attack short-distance.

National Companies

It terrifies the enterprise laziness of unions and representatives to me. These last ones solely try to take advantage of the moment to approach us the free dismissal. First, refusing frontally this possibility (as it could not be of another way), they do not trust nor either they foment the integral reforms that from all luck of international organisms came to us previously being recommended, and finally imposed. There is one who says that the cut measures of the public cost were not presells forced to avoid an intervention of the style of Greece, since in fact already we are taken part de facto. Who subscribes adheres to this perception. Against this background, when more it is convinced I am than for want of miraculous macroeconomic solutions, we must center our efforts in conserving most possible one of whatever we had obtained. For this reason, for the lawyers of companies, the salvation of which still subsists of heroic way, it turns out to be the absolute priority, even though the judicial surroundings are not favorable either to the effect.

They comprise of our national patrimony and turn out to be our daily sustenance. They hoard intangible values, like the experience and the good one for doing. They will serve as connection to new models and economic sectors, like the green energies or the new technologies, giving by good the intentions of our Government. Although without forgetting that all enterprise reconstruction even has been to years and decades, having to exist during that sufficient time job that we guarantee the well-being of all. He will be advisable to foment the enterprising initiative, traditionally defenestrada in our country.

To wake up the restlessness by self-employment and with him the management of our own future. Rafael Linares. Labour and mercantilista lawyer.