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Web Directory

Directory of sites (web directory), it is the same – directory of Internet articles or online resources – a structured set of links to sites with short descriptions. Themselves online resources within the directory are divided thematically. Thematic breakdown, undoubtedly have a positive effect on search engine optimization. Also check the catalogs increases the number of inbound links to your site. All catalogs are divided into four groups: private directories – adding sites in a catalog by only one person responsible for it. The remaining three types of catalogs are black, gray and white. White article directories and websites follow certain rules which are consistent with objectives set before the search engines, and do not use illegal methods. Following a link to a directory on another resource page, the page description of the site in white catalog of articles placed higher in comparison with standard references.

In addition, the correct (direct) links from directories will promote white site-specific search queries. Sometimes just the correct registration in catalogs is enough to website hit the top ten in search engines. Black and gray article directories and websites are prohibited methods: the presence on the site entrance pages – doorways and fraud in requests. It often happens that such a directory puts a link Site Web master via a redirect. Benefits of such a link is almost none. As it is not passed no PageRank, no Witz, or weight keywords in exile. The only benefit from these catalogs – an additional influx of visitors.

But usually, it's too small. During the registration site in this directory, the web master must place a link back to your site. If the directory – open (white), it puts a direct link to the site, and does not require the placement of 'inverse links' on your resources. Catalogs are moderated and unmoderated. It is not difficult to guess that the unmoderated directories accept all sites in a row. Imagine an environment in which it may be your site. In addition, search engines link to unmoderated directories do not accept. In the HELP Yandex directly referred to. Moderated directories, usually to the following conditions: – place direct links – no need to reverse links, or its location is not necessarily – you send a notice of acceptance or rejection of adding your site to the directory. To help the webmaster, there are many programs for semi-automatic and automatic registration different search and navigation systems online. With these programs can be qualitatively and quickly add the site to search engines, directories, ratings, message boards, sites, link exchange, etc. Registration site to directories – this is the first and very important stage promotion. Placement of articles and sites in the directories will be of great benefit in promoting a search engine optimization of your website.


Otherwise, you must either abandon the site or order the creation of a web studio. Make a website without this knowledge is in principle possible, but the quality will be low, and unlikely such a site would be popular among Internet users. Often, the first site is hosted on free hosting, but this should not be done in any case. Similarly, you should not use the free domain names. Value domain registration in ru and quality hosting starts from about one thousand rubles a year. As a result, you avoid many problems associated with free services, so it is hardly reasonable to save it. Thus it is necessary to choose a hosting with PHP and MySQL, that is, one where there is an opportunity to place dynamic websites.

Static sites today are outdated and do not create. To create a dynamic site to be use a content management system (CMS). There are a lot of quality systems that are distributed free of charge. To create a weblog, called a blog, would be the best WordPress, but for other sites types should select a different system. If you want to pretty much use predefined templates, and not good at programming in PHP, you can choose Joomla or Drupal. The latter system is preferable, although it requires more effort development.

If you have an idea about programming in PHP, a good choice content management system MODx. You can select and another system – the choice is huge, but to use any content management system should be required. When creating a site to be constantly aware of its search engine optimization and further promotion. There are certain rules that allow the sites to do with quality in terms of search engines, and need to know not only them but also to apply in practice. Create a site a little, you should always promote it to potential visitors could learn about it. In order to entice visitors have come to the site It should be interesting information is located. However, it must be unique, so that copying other people's texts and images is not only illegal, but largely useless.


However, optimization is much benefit in the cost / result / effect duration. When people need information, the better assistant than search string not found him. The user enters the words and phrases that reflect the essence of the issue, and in return receives a huge number of links to interesting subject. For example, if the user is asked in the search request Search for sellers of a product and got a list of 2000 links, in which the address of your resource is located somewhere in the thousandth position, the transition probability is very low on it. Most users do not go further second or third page of results, so the placement site in the top positions or in the top ten on the key demands – a mandatory condition for the success of the resource. TS The most effective and least wasteful way to online promotion of your site is through the major search engines. To conduct qualitative optimization is necessary to understand the principles of search engines and directories that will work out a strategy of optimal the use of their opportunities.

The main difference between a search engine of the directory is that when they use the pages on spiders. Spiders (from the English. The words 'spider' – a spider) – a multi-functional program who periodically make 'attacks' on the Web. They find new or changed pages and index them, ie, Contribute to the database, which is then used to generate the search results to a user request.

Teresa Gracia

TERESA GRACE (1932-2001) "the poet is born with his injured hand because the palm ras have cut the cord on his fingers tangled with his mother who was joined muse." Teresa Gracia. THE VOICE OF A GIRL OF THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS Teresa Gracia, lived and was educated in France, where he arrived in 1939 with just seven years of age. Very young writer, used the French language as a means of expression. Now in its maturity, said that French was not enough, especially, to write poetry that Castilian-language used at home, it was essential to express your personality. His first book of poems with the eloquent title of Exile and a foreword by Maria Zambrano was published in 1982. The poet, playwright and journalist Teresa Gracia Garcia was born in Barcelona on January 23, 1932 and died in Madrid on September 10, 2001. From Father Aragon, captain of artillery, Burgos and mother, being very young, spent a few months in a convent boarding Teresa and then went to another internship.

After the war provoked by the military uprising of General Franco was exiled to France was in French concentration camp of Argeles-sur-Mer and Saint Cyprien, who had gone with her mother looking for her father. He studied at the Lycee de Jeunes Filles de Toulouse and contact republican and anarchist groups in exile. Very early in a Parisian cafe known filmmaker that made Eric Rohmer protagonist of one of his early films Berenice. Assisted in Present magazine Africain in which deal with questions relating to the decolonization of Africa and blackness.