Web Directory

Directory of sites (web directory), it is the same – directory of Internet articles or online resources – a structured set of links to sites with short descriptions. Themselves online resources within the directory are divided thematically. Thematic breakdown, undoubtedly have a positive effect on search engine optimization. Also check the catalogs increases the number of inbound links to your site. All catalogs are divided into four groups: private directories – adding sites in a catalog by only one person responsible for it. The remaining three types of catalogs are black, gray and white. White article directories and websites follow certain rules which are consistent with objectives set before the search engines, and do not use illegal methods. Following a link to a directory on another resource page, the page description of the site in white catalog of articles placed higher in comparison with standard references.

In addition, the correct (direct) links from directories will promote white site-specific search queries. Sometimes just the correct registration in catalogs is enough to website hit the top ten in search engines. Black and gray article directories and websites are prohibited methods: the presence on the site entrance pages – doorways and fraud in requests. It often happens that such a directory puts a link Site Web master via a redirect. Benefits of such a link is almost none. As it is not passed no PageRank, no Witz, or weight keywords in exile. The only benefit from these catalogs – an additional influx of visitors.

But usually, it's too small. During the registration site in this directory, the web master must place a link back to your site. If the directory – open (white), it puts a direct link to the site, and does not require the placement of 'inverse links' on your resources. Catalogs are moderated and unmoderated. It is not difficult to guess that the unmoderated directories accept all sites in a row. Imagine an environment in which it may be your site. In addition, search engines link to unmoderated directories do not accept. In the HELP Yandex directly referred to. Moderated directories, usually to the following conditions: – place direct links – no need to reverse links, or its location is not necessarily – you send a notice of acceptance or rejection of adding your site to the directory. To help the webmaster, there are many programs for semi-automatic and automatic registration different search and navigation systems online. With these programs can be qualitatively and quickly add the site to search engines, directories, ratings, message boards, sites, link exchange, etc. Registration site to directories – this is the first and very important stage promotion. Placement of articles and sites in the directories will be of great benefit in promoting a search engine optimization of your website.