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American Petroleum Institute

Development contrary to the actual market situation in LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices could put today slightly towards their yesterday’s gains. Investors saw quite positive trends in some U.S. economic news, although the market is still oversupplied. For heating oil consumers in Germany, this development brought charges to the third day in a row.

It went yesterday made gains today with the crude oil prices on the commodity futures exchanges further uphill. Reason was the rising stock markets and US economic news, which have been interpreted positively by investors. So, the number of first-time applications declined by 27,000 to 451,000 on unemployment benefits. 470,000 new claims were expected. And the American trade balance posted a deficit of 42.8 billion dollars for July.

The positive of this message is only to realize, if you know that experts expected a fall of 47.2 dollars. At the same time, there were from Europe to hear little rants. Including sales of the manufacturing sector is in Like Germany in July by 0.9 percent compared to the previous month. Only the successful placement of Portuguese Government bonds provided really good news from the EU. All of this suggests that the crude oil prices of the fundamental market data have detached themselves. Investors now expect the data of the Department of energy to the crude oil reserves in the United States and expect a similar high reduction of which, like this yesterday was estimated by the American Petroleum Institute. That, in turn, it is hoped of the market participants, could stimulate the demand. Whether this actually happens in the face of the record reserves, there is little doubt now not only by knowledgeable analysts. This development brought little rants about for heating oil customers in Germany. On the third day in a row the local, namely by 17 cents to 68,57 Euro 100-liter contour prices fuel oil (EL) (Federal average for a total quantity of 3,000 litres). The increase was not quite as strong thanks to a back stronger euros as of the Crude oil prices given above. For comparison: a year ago, the same amount of heating oil cost 55.38 euros, in 2008 there were 85.09 euro. It reported the online portal of the journal fuel levels and petroleum review. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

North American

This theory had its defending greaters in Woods (1913), Bernard (1926), Bird (1940), and Stogdill (1948), being more recently reopened for Bennis (1989) and Kirkpatric and Locke (1991). The Theory of the Traces examines common aspects shown by great leaders it synthecizes and them in categories of traces by means of which the true leaders can be identified. According to Stogdill (1948), the traces more comumente on to the leadership concept would be: (1) intelligence, (2) attention, (3) responsibility, (4) initiative, (5) persistence, (6) autoconfiana and (7) sociability. In 1959, Mann lead similar studies to the ones of Stogdill, and elaborated its proper list, that inclua intelligence, masculinidade, adjustment, dominncia, extroverso, and conservadorismo. Its studies would be confirmed in 1986 for Lord and others, that had investigated the characteristics of leaders which the led ones react more strong. Its list detached intelligence, masculinidade and dominncia as the traces most important of leaders.

In as a study, dated of 1974, Stogdill perfected leadership traces, suggesting then the following characteristics as typical of the true leaders: (1) impulse to lead; (2) vigor and persistence in reaching goals; (3) empreendedorismo and originalidade in the resolution of problems; (4) initiative in social situations; (5) autoconfiana and sense of personal identity; (6) disposal to accept the consequncias of its decisions and action; (7) easiness to absorb estresse interpersonal; (8) disposal to tolerate frustrations and delays; (9) ability to influence the behavior of other people; (10) capacity to structuralize systems of social interaction that serve the desired objectives. Kouzes and Posner (1987) had identified four main traces of leaders after to ask the 7,500 North American administrators what they more admired in its leaders: honesty (chosen for 87% of the respondents); ability (74% of the respondents); visionary (67%); inspired (61%). In 1989, after to observe 90 administrators, Bennis (1989) identified four abilities of those most succeeded: (1) focus administration? a combination of vision and personal commitment that attracts and inspires the other people of a team; (2) administration of meaning? a bonanza capacity of communication capable to line up the people around its objectives; (3) reliable administration? with a good central intention, good administrators gain the confidence of its subordinate; (4) personal administration? ability to learn with its proper errors and to nourish its personal talentos, rejecting the imperfection idea, but yes accepting errors as learning chances.

Nuclear Plants

' The energy is the cause and the effect of the development. If it has possibility of it to lack, does not have investment nor growth. The growth nothing more is of what the energy transformed into goods and services ' '. Dolphin Grandson As if knows, the ambientalista James Lovelock was who created the Gaia theory, demonstrating that the Land is an alive organism and that the ambient aggressions of a side harm all. Then, James Lovelock is in favor of the nuclear energy.

now? With the purpose to diversify its energy matrix and to guarantee supplying of electric energy to the center-south of the country, Brazil decided to enter in the age of the nuclear energy in 1968. Cove 1 and 2 is functioning. Cove 3 in construction, some other plants are projected. Nuclear energy remembers Hiroshima and Nakasaki, remembers Chernobyl. now this catastrophe in the Japan, that joined earthquakes the tidal wave and nuclear emptying. What we go to make not to live to the light of candles? How to conciliate our necessities of development with the security of living? Let us see some concerns of the citizen of century XXI. 1.Ns we want to breathe pure air. 2.Ns we do not want global heating.

3.Ns we do not want climatic disasters. The nuclear energy, today, prevents the emission of some billions of tons of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. In next the 50 years, the planet will be able to have for return of 10 billion inhabitants. This population, allied explosion to the economic growth, will increase the demand for energy drastically. If the oil will not be substituted by clean energies, will be suffocated. 4.Ns we want suppliment sources that are not depleted. 5.Ns we need to preserve the oil for nobler uses. To burn the oil in termeltricas, for example, means to reduce its use in petrochemical and the fertilizer production, being harmed our agriculture, source of feeding.

Scioambiental Responsibility

The current standard of consumption of the humanity exceeds in 40% the capacity of support and regeneration of the System Land. Today, in the speed that we consume the resources, we need another planet land to supply the demand for the natural resources. This increase must, mainly, the rise of the standard of living of the rich and emergent nations and to the raised population growth of the poor countries. Not to exceed the limit of temperature stipulated in 2C and the economy not to suffer to damages devastadores, the necessary planet to cut up to 2050 between 50% 80% of the relative emissions to the 1960 standard, what it demands fossil fuel substitution to generate energy, changes in the use of the land (to contain the deforestation) solutions for the aterros of garbage, investment in clean technologies and deep changes in the production model. Such ' ' insustentabilidade' ' global already it has visible c onsequncias, as: food lack, disappearance of forests, seas and rivers of the world all contaminated by sewers, agrotxicos garbage, beyond the terrible ambient catastrophes that acometem some places of the planet. Everything this has led to a bigger planetary awareness, where the change in the production standards and consumption will be inevitable, therefore our way of current life is destrundo the Environment. Support has to see with the choices that we make in our daily one. We have total to be able on our actions and which way we go to follow. If to make sustainable choices in ours day-by-day, the possibility of the environment to be rehabilitated is great, therefore we can say that to promote the development sustainable it is to have of each one of us..