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Durkheim Questions

Socioambiental responsibility Topical Special in Classic Sociology/Social Sciences Federal University of the Espirito Santo INTRODUCTION the ambient question comes occupying, currently, position of prominence in the speech politician, economic and organizacional of great companies who have, of some form in its activities, some degree of impact to the environment through its lines of action and production. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo can provide more clarity in the matter. They exist, nowadays, action mechanisms, have controlled and fiscalization that adjustments promote and impute sanctions for the companies whom they do not search if to adjust to the new requirements related to the care with the ambient preservation and conservation. You may find that Hamdi Ulukaya can contribute to your knowledge. The ambient certification and the ambient licensing are instruments of this sort. The certification elapses of a requirement of the market, that is, it is not an action of the will of spontaneous form, but a commercial and social instrument, that matters in being inserted in the model of competitive and recognized company for comprometimento with the environment and the social one; the licensing, on the other hand, of intervention of the Public Power in the private activity, with the purpose of ambient protection. In both, however, one searchs to act according to a philosophy of the development associated with the ambient conservation.

As to analyze, to the light of sociology, the pertinent questions to the environment. Which the modifications that are currently occurring in the society. Which gnese of the ambientalista movement and which the ways that had been and that still they are being covered. The article theoretically indicates the main implications for hodierna global society. It also indicates possible solutions for the questions that say respect to the environment. It points the implications of the ambient questions in the formation of the current society. According to Durkheim, two forms of social solidarity can be evidenced: solidarity mechanics, typical of the societies daily pay-capitalists, where the individuals if identify through the family, of religion, of the tradition, the customs.

Rio De Janeiro

Why we do not assume, of a time for all, that are measured inefficacious, inefficient and without real effectiveness? They can, pparently, decide the problem per one year. But, in the other year, independent of the resources expenses, the upheavals reappear. Which the cause of this? Workmanships badly made? They had lacked resources? Nothing of this. The cause of this is the stubbornness of the Man in continuing with an occupation rejected for the Nature. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out SYPartners. Which the solution, then? Simple: the inoccupation of the areas in which the Man, constantly, insistently, permanently and systematically suffers when the manifest Nature if.

Instead of continuing in a useless and unfruitful shock against the Nature, we have that to reformulate our processes of occupation and use of the territory. For example, after the complete and total destruction of certain areas and determined sectors in the serrana region of Rio De Janeiro, what it will be made? We go to reconstruct everything, accurately of the same skill, in the same place, defying to mention, only, the recent cases evidentes and, which in we remember with clarity point, exactly that, at certain moments, this point is absolutely inaccessible to clientes could be considered a set of precipitated measures indiscriminate dispossessions not to be (clearly) that somebody Concorde that, after all, only seven hundred people deceased (and another one in such a way disappeared) as in the case of the serrana region of the River, either irrelevant, and that the material damages shown by the reporters are desprezveis What if it becomes excellent, for the Society, at this moment, is the necessity of if completely reviewing the criteria that have determined the occupation standards and of use that the Man makes of the territory. In the case of the cities, that is where the problems that we are treating, if they present more explicit, we have that to develop a new concept of urban occupation.

Governmental Environment Organizations

The professors are very important in the process of awareness of the people, therefore they obtain to develop habits and healthy attitudes of conservation of the nature and ambient respect, contributing for the formation of citizens compromised to the future of the planet. However, to take until the pupils information on the importance of preservation of the nature and to obtain that it has a change of habits, are not a very easy task, therefore very of them they live in places where it does not have this type of concern. This awareness must start with the children, because they lead until its familiar everything what they had learned in classroom and if they become multiplying agents of this chain. So that this happens some projects already come being carried through. Pupils of 1 year of Basic Ensino, the Foundation Bradesco de Marlia, had created receivers of stacks, with bottle PET, in which consumed stacks are deposited stop later being taken the collection ranks, preventing that they are plays in improper places. In Minas Gerais a project of itinerante education is carried through. A Van leads until agricultural producers, information on conservation of the ground and the water, and has as main objective to work the ambient education by means of the socialization of knowledge, practical and action, being aimed at to promote the sustainable development in the region of the River San Francisco. The Foundation for Educao European Ambiental (FEE) groups ONGA (Not Governmental Environment Organizations), that it develops programs of Ambient Education and Education for the Support through the good spreading and incentive of practical, in more than 40 countries, the majority of European them and also in the continents American, African and Asian.

Figure Figure

8.2.COLETA OF DATA This research had as subsidy a questionnaire (to see Appendix 1) that it involved 150 people was carried through in the Optics Ana Maria, for occasion of the acquisition of the eyeglasses. The instruments of the research had turned around: questionnaires built with closed questions, thus causing to necessary subsidies for an analytical reading between the involved citizens and the authors of this study. 8.2.1. Collected PRIMARY DATA through 150 (one hundred and fifty) questionnaires applied in marketing research with the using jewel customers. SAMPLE was carried through through intentional sampling in the Optics Ana Maria. 8.2.2.

SECONDARY DATA had been collected in bibliographical research, books, reviewed, articles, web, etc. 9.RESULTADOS AND QUARREL 9.1.RESULTADO OF the Marketing research After the accomplishment of the field research, with the data collected for the application of the questionnaires to I publish target to it, was possible to infer that: The majority (70%) of the interviewed ones is of religion catholic, as she illustrates the graph of Figure 2. This question is excellent because the thematic one of the project is related to the faith catholic, that is, the catholics is the main consumers of the product of the project. Figure 2. Variation of the opinion on which religion the interviewed one practises.

Source: Data of the research, 2009. Of the 150 interviewed, 48 have preference for jewels that are of religious matrix, in accordance with the graph of Figure 3. Figure 3. Variation of the opinion on the jewel preference of the interviewed one. Source: Data of the research, 2009. The biggest ecological responsibility that the interviewed ones has is with the recycling, this fact is displayed in the diagram of Figure 4. Figure 4. Variation of the opinion on the ecological responsibility of the interviewed one. Source: Data of the research, 2009. 9.2.RESULTADOS OF the PROJECT For the development of the project, became necessary to create some archetypes of pendants, the first one created was called Nazar in Clouds.

Nuclear Plants

' The energy is the cause and the effect of the development. If it has possibility of it to lack, does not have investment nor growth. The growth nothing more is of what the energy transformed into goods and services ' '. Dolphin Grandson As if knows, the ambientalista James Lovelock was who created the Gaia theory, demonstrating that the Land is an alive organism and that the ambient aggressions of a side harm all. Then, James Lovelock is in favor of the nuclear energy.

now? With the purpose to diversify its energy matrix and to guarantee supplying of electric energy to the center-south of the country, Brazil decided to enter in the age of the nuclear energy in 1968. Cove 1 and 2 is functioning. Cove 3 in construction, some other plants are projected. Nuclear energy remembers Hiroshima and Nakasaki, remembers Chernobyl. now this catastrophe in the Japan, that joined earthquakes the tidal wave and nuclear emptying. What we go to make not to live to the light of candles? How to conciliate our necessities of development with the security of living? Let us see some concerns of the citizen of century XXI. 1.Ns we want to breathe pure air. 2.Ns we do not want global heating.

3.Ns we do not want climatic disasters. The nuclear energy, today, prevents the emission of some billions of tons of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. In next the 50 years, the planet will be able to have for return of 10 billion inhabitants. This population, allied explosion to the economic growth, will increase the demand for energy drastically. If the oil will not be substituted by clean energies, will be suffocated. 4.Ns we want suppliment sources that are not depleted. 5.Ns we need to preserve the oil for nobler uses. To burn the oil in termeltricas, for example, means to reduce its use in petrochemical and the fertilizer production, being harmed our agriculture, source of feeding.

Scioambiental Responsibility

The current standard of consumption of the humanity exceeds in 40% the capacity of support and regeneration of the System Land. Today, in the speed that we consume the resources, we need another planet land to supply the demand for the natural resources. This increase must, mainly, the rise of the standard of living of the rich and emergent nations and to the raised population growth of the poor countries. Not to exceed the limit of temperature stipulated in 2C and the economy not to suffer to damages devastadores, the necessary planet to cut up to 2050 between 50% 80% of the relative emissions to the 1960 standard, what it demands fossil fuel substitution to generate energy, changes in the use of the land (to contain the deforestation) solutions for the aterros of garbage, investment in clean technologies and deep changes in the production model. Such ' ' insustentabilidade' ' global already it has visible c onsequncias, as: food lack, disappearance of forests, seas and rivers of the world all contaminated by sewers, agrotxicos garbage, beyond the terrible ambient catastrophes that acometem some places of the planet. Everything this has led to a bigger planetary awareness, where the change in the production standards and consumption will be inevitable, therefore our way of current life is destrundo the Environment. Support has to see with the choices that we make in our daily one. We have total to be able on our actions and which way we go to follow. If to make sustainable choices in ours day-by-day, the possibility of the environment to be rehabilitated is great, therefore we can say that to promote the development sustainable it is to have of each one of us..


ARTICLE CHILDREN OF the LAND we are generated and created in the Land, place where we are born, we live and we die. But in we ask and something to them in the uneasy one: For where we are going? That planet we had when being born? That planet we will leave for the future generations? They are fidgets that follow in them already since much time, but the answers are far from being given. Many factors take in them to believe that the way that we are treading (a time that we are all responsible ones for the planet where we live) is a way without return. Quality of life searchs all the cost, but for this we indiscriminately consume natural resources that, ' ' saibamos' ' , they are not infinite. We generate each time more substances pollutant cousins and products without in giving account to them nor asking in them: for where walks the humanity? That place is this where alive? Which my participation in this so important trajectory of the human development? They are frequent fidgets that make in them to reflect (or at least it would have) how much the all we, without exceptions, we are responsible for defending and taking care of of the planet. To consume simply already is not sufficiently, always wants more – induced that it is, for a market alienator advertising executive stimulated by the Capitalism, justificativo for the necessary Economic Development according to great economic groups dominant detainers of the power and the biggest wealth of the globe. We are fruit of a time of great technological and industrial development, we are part of a great teia of scientific advances, that in them place as co- participant, co- responsible of this immense ambient degradation. We have many times the impression of that we do not belong to this world, that it is not ours, that we are lodgers, perpetual debtors of the natural goods that would have responsibly (they must) to be of all.

It is transferred idea of that it has plus who can more. The known war of values where I am recognized for what I have and not for what I am. Land? our planet, good of all, responsibility of all. We are children of the Land and it who is our great house, must well-taken care of respect. Daniele Mendona Pedagoga – pupil of the course of Psicopedagogia of the State University of the Cear? 2010.

Sustainable Life

Support, many know what it is but few practise acts its favor. All want a sustainable life, but they are not strengthenn for adquiriz it. ' ' Thus the humanity walks, with steps of ant and without vontade' ' Lulu Saints the global Heating is a fact that is consuming the planet to each day that passes, or better, to each as. Calotas polar melts and the level of the ocean increases collaborating for the sprouting of the tsunamis feared ones. Deserts in a gorgeous forest appear, due to the illegal deforestation, which cause premature deaths of animals for consequncia of the disequilibrium of ecosystems and the animals in extinguishing disappear as a magician touch.

The effect greenhouse appears as a monster bred and fed by the proper one human being, since the same it appears through the fosseis fuel burning, as pollutant gasoline, diesel and some gases. Tufes, hurricanes and cyclones appear through the evaporation of waters of the ocean. Without counting to the waves of heat and the temperatures that change diverse times, it seems until we pass per the four stations in an only month. He is obvious that all the ambient disasters are extremely on with the global heating, and only that it can it withhold this badly that is destroying our environment is the man. For incredible that it seems the rational being if it becomes irrational, it makes all wrong one and it continues destroying its proper home and it does not think about the future, in the future of our children, grandsons, greats-grandson Everything what it happens it is guilt of the proper man who only harvests what he planted, the law of the cause and effect exists yes and must be respected mainly when it is about the nature. The protocol of Kyoto is not being rigorously respected, however it exists in order to help to reduce the emission of responsible pollutant gases for the effect greenhouse, in the theory, yes, it exists! The organization not governmental Greenpeace took the initiative to create a video protesting against the deforestation of the Amaznia and appealed President Dilma to save the forest that is being consumed to each as. The question is, will be that the president will go appeals to take care of it the organization? It will be that it goes to give one is enough in the deforestations in the general way of our forest? Or the world will finish first? We need to act, to swim against the rapids to save the planet, which we inhabit and we usufruct of its valuable goods. Many people suffer with the natural accidents, lose familiar, houses and until dignity and the people continue of crossed arms, or better, making everything in contrast to a sustainable life. We must make our part, since stopping to waste papers and water even though to knock down trees, to kill animals, to emit pollutant gases, to construct houses in places not allowed, thinks ' ' matar' ' the nature and to destroy the environment is ' ' matar' ' proper itself and to harm the proper species. you, until when go to wait a natural disaster to happen? As well as us the nature this if defending of intruders and annihilators! It thinks, it reflects, alive!

Biomass Energy

In the last few decades the ambient problems if have aggravated due to continuous emission of pollutants in the atmosphere, caracaterizados for extreme amounts of gases and harmful particulados materials to the environment and the health of the beings livings creature. This if must mainly to the ostensive fsseis fuel use as power plant. Thus representative of diverse areas of the knowledge they come if motivating to study alternative forms of energy production. It more enters the studied forms can be cited the use of the alcohol proceeding from the sugar sugar cane and most recent used, biodiesel, which if fit in a fuel classroom renewed. One another type of renewable fuel that is being wide studied is the bio-oil, this is gotten from the pyrolysis of biomasses, such as wood, forest and agricultural residues. The bio-oil, beyond being used as combustible, can be used as substance cousin for the synthesis of diverse other substances of high aggregate value. Ahead of this, the present article aims at to the understanding of the pyrolysis process, elucidating its main types of process, beyond the used classrooms of biomass more. In elapsing of history, the use of the biomass has varied considerably under the influence of two main factors: the demographic density and the availability of resources (Table et al., 2003).

Thus the world-wide demand for energy, especially the proceeding one from the fsseis fuel use aiming at to take care of the high levels of industrial production has been one of the main aggravations of the ambient problems. In order to brighten up these effect he has been carried through studies of sources you renewed of energy and less pollutant fuels, as bio-fuels, etanol produced from the sugar cane-of-sugar or maize and biodiesel, that it can be extracted of oleaginosas as soy, mamona, tame nut, among others. Another alternative of renewable biocombustvel that has been sufficiently studied is the fuel use proceeding from residues of vegetables, as wood and bagasse of sugar cane. These materials are assigned biomass, which possess a great amount of energy that is accumulated during the period of growth of these plants by means of the photosyntheses, the energy gotten through these are called of bioenergia.