Agricultural Globe

Many scientists come making alert in the last few decades alarming on the ambient questions, serious studies sample that the reality still is worse you alert that them are entering in a irreversible period of training to save the planet land, that in the truth would have to call water forbids its surface to have greater water covering, plus this is excellent, the questions is more serious. The theologian and philosopher Leonardo Boff possess some workmanships directly showing on ambient relations the social matters of our country, the capitalist system are incondizente with the ambient questions since they are of opposing sides. The great challenge is to have a growth without losing natural reserves essentials of our planet, for this the public sector has that if to unite with the private sector to create one sustainable politics for problems as the garbage, the deforestation, the pollution for toxic dejections, the question of the ciliares bushes and others as much other things to be carried through, to put has that to be for yesterday. ' ' All man, early or late, in its life, places the radical question for the direction of the life and the world and answers its modo' '. (BOFF, PG 149) Some agencies already are changing its politics of performance creating not governmental institutions that fight for ambient and social improvements, as the recovery of the river of the Old ones in Minas Gerais, the State government, with the partnership of some entities of the private sectors, recoup about 60% of the river and the project foresees for 2016 to be recouped 100%. Studies show that to preserve it is about 50% more cheap than recouping, beyond the money the time also are excellent since a tree leads about 2 the 3 minutes being cut decades to come back in that one period of training. When if she analyzes environment has that parallel to identify the social matters, one is on to another one, for example, the deforestation of the sawed one and caatinga north-eastern that it is made by the sertanejos to feed the ovens of the manufacture of coal, in some interviews made for the Net Globe of television in its program Agricultural Globe, some sertanejos shows indignation for this deforesting, but they have that to survive and the only source of income of the region that they live and this. .