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Power of Words

Have you ever thought the power of your words? usually they’re so busy in your daily activities, no te das account what dialogue you use, and is not only talking about the words coming out of your mouth, but the most important dialogue that exists, this internal dialogue, is who can take you to success or can take you direct to the failure. Your internal dialogue plays an extremely important role in your life, an exercise that you can do is that you begin to set in about what you say every day, words are constantly occupying, in fact one of the differences that exist between a successful person and an unsuccessful person are the words that used daily, this is why the power of your words make the difference. A successful person always think positive, sees obstacles as an opportunity to learn something new, those seen as challenges that life brings, you never give up by trifles, your internal dialogue is always your you can do it, you have the potential, perhaps today did not work, but tomorrow is another day, herself is giving encouragement, you needn’t external encouragement to get things done, begins to include this type of phrases in your life, use the power of your words so they are your best allies today and always. This is a very simple example, your brain is like a car engine and your words are the fuel. So that the engine and the car function properly you need to put the proper fuel, the same is with your brain and your words, your brain will capture each plague you tell on the day, imagine if your dialogue is all negative, you’re just destroying your engine. He is that your fuel are words positive, harmonious and abundance.

Something that you should know is that you are the product of your words, your vocabulary is a reflection of your mind, your brain does not distinguish the real or the unreal, that’s why you have to take care of every word you say. Empower you with the power of your words, always meets your Word, your promises, you feel and call you a person winning, filled your mouth and your brain with phrases positive, if you have some stumbling blocks, no matter, is persevering to achieve what they really want and your words play an essential role in this process. I would love to know your opinion, I invite you to share this article with friends or family members who benefit from information can be seen.


I would like to ask you a simple question, to illustrate all this. He thinks seriously on this, applying common sense and answer yourself in a logical way. The question is what things would usually buy without worrying too much about its price: a menu in a McDonald s for a person or a laptop? A couple of magazines on topics of your interest or a new refrigerator? Fuel fill the tank of your car or buy a pair of airline tickets? the answers should be obvious. Most of the people do not care too much to buy things that cost a few dollars. They simply buy them, because they need them, use them, and once they have done so, are forgotten.

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