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Caribbean Without Comparison

Cuba is of interest to varying sectors of the tourist market. It has a variety of its attractive tourist ones: beautiful, exotica, with significant attractive historical and cultural, superb white sand beaches and water are transparent that they take a turkish blue color like the color from the sky. Cuba is the home of people exceptionally friendly, exotica flora, tropical climate and a vibrant nocturnal life. If to you it likes the Latin rate, then east is the place, music sauce is always listened to. All this and a warm welcome makes to the greater Caribbean island a very attractive destiny for million tourists every year. The Cuban culture is unique in Latin America, with a fascinating and incredible history that they make to Cuba and its very attractive town. Cuba is a tourist destiny of great popularity, nevertheless is a little expensive destiny we compared if it with others of the Caribbean one.

Still she remains commercialized little and he is without a doubt one of the safe places but of America to travel in family. The City of Havana is capital of the country. The cities of Santiago of Cuba, Holgun, Camaguey, Cienfuegos, Slaughters, Pinar del Rio, Blind person of Avila, Clear Villa, Bayamo and Guantnamo are also important by their economic and population development. The education is free in all the levels as well as the study materials. Illiterates do not exist. There are 300 000 teachers, 47 centers of education superior, 21 000 professors and 276 000 students, although it has but of 3 million students registered in all the national system of education. There are university Universities or faculties in all the provinces, as well as secondary education, specialized, polytechnical institutes and others.

National Education

Crispino (2005) affirms that the concept of public politics is polissmico and that this expression ' ' it wants to mean a set of expectations generally directed to the power pblico' ' (p.63). Initially it presents public politics as ' ' scienter of the action of government that it aims at to take care of to the necessity of the collective and the concretion of rights estabelecidos' ' (p.61). One perceives that formation of professors and its level of participation in the decisions politics of Education they assume sufficiently excellent role in the pedagogical process of any degree of education. Long ago, we have perceived the incoherence with the speech politician of the professors one has been transplantada for the practical one. What it has been seen is an oscillation between ideas and practical conservatives, making with that the paradigm in addition if becomes sufficiently difficult. Per long years, we have lived deeply experiences in different levels of education, most of the time, have imperfections in the formation of the professors, as much in its specific pedagogical lengths how much its dimension politics, while critical and conscientious citizens of its social paper in the art of the life. On the other hand, although the quarrel on this subject sufficiently to be argued in the last times, these studies does not have advanced while the figure of the professor to be a citizen, formador of opinions, formador of citizens, a citizen with a full and historical luggage, concrete, related with a place, in certain time, inserted in the daily one of the schools Brazilian, in our historical context. The quarrels on the school and its paper come being argued per some years, passing for the movements of the pioneers, Pablo Freire, and agree to remember to the fights conservatives and progressive, always present, for occasion of the process of quarrel and voting of the Laws of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education.

National Education

In century XX, the Week of 22, on creation of university (years 30), sprouting of the Biennial ones of So Paulo from 1951, university movements to the popular culture (years 50/60), of the cultivation (years 70), the constitution of the after-graduation in art education and the professional mobilization (years 80), among others, they come following artistic education since its introduction until its expansion by means of the formal education and of other experiences (in cultural museums, centers, schools of art, conservatories, etc.). This makes in them to see that the correlations of the cultural movements with the art and the education in art do not happen in the emptiness, nor desenraizadas of practical the social ones lived for the society as a whole. In a question-answer forum ShareThis was the first to reply.

The changes that occur are characterized by the social dynamics that intervenes, modifying or conserving practical the effective ones. Amongst the most excellent social and cultural interferences that mark Brazilian artistic education and learning we can detach: the comprometimentos of artistic education (drawing) aiming at to a preparation for the work (laborers), originated in century XIX during Imperial and present Brazil in century XX; the principles of liberalism (individual emphasis in the freedom and aptitudes) and the positivismo (valuation of the rationalism and exactness scientific), on the other hand, and of the psychological experimentation, for another one, influencing in the education in art, throughout century XX; the retaken one of movements of organization of educators (mainly the associations of art-educators), since the beginning of years 80; the quarrel and the fight for inclusion of the obligatoriness of Art in the school and writing of the New Law of Lines of direction and Base of the National Education, after the Brazilian Constitution of 1988; retaken of the pedagogical inquiries and experiences in the field of the art; sistematizaes of courses to the after-graduation level; the new aesthetic conceptions of the art contemporary modifying horizontes artistic and consequently the docncia in art; The concern with the education in art has mobilized researchers, professors, estetas and artists, which come looking for to base and to intervine in these practical educative.. To know more about this subject visit crowne plaza rosemont.

National Park Mountain

To arrive at this result, it must be covered the way of the recognition, approach and exploration of the concepts most basic of our existence and the existence of the patrimony in question. For this result, it is presented Patrimonial Education as experiences carried through in the National Park Mountain range of capivara between as many actions, it fits here to detach, one that had its results between 2008 and 2010, appearing of a group of adolescents who were inserted in a daily one in favor of the conscientious appropriation of the mountain range of the Capivara, of the spreading, exploration and accessibility of the young in a knowledge circuit and exchange of accessible language its generation. Under most conditions Keith Yamashita would agree. According to script of quarrels and debates ' ' Guide of Patrimonial&#039 Education; ' elaborated for the IPHAN (1999), the patrimonial education is defined as one ' ' alfabetizao instrument cultural' ' , it was inside of this perspective where the adolescents had been instigated to focar the field of the patrimonial education in the Mountain range of the Capivara by means of alfabetizador look, sensibilizador for the children and adolescents of the public schools where they participated, being thus she appeared the Club of the Defenders of the Rupestre Art of Piau (CDAR-PI), intention in all searching new students sensetized with the cultural diversity of the Mountain range of the Capivara and the Piau. Creating one jingle between the same ones, through visits exploratrias, to the archaeological small farms, monitored visits, lectures, quarrels of cultural scientific and dynamic texts between the integrant ones of the club and excessively expanded for the public schools of the city. If you are not convinced, visit Rob Daley. In this context, to this can be affirmed that for, be fortified I dialogue it idea permanent must be I continue, being possible the exchange of information, the understanding and interaction of the individual the diverse segments of the study of the patrimony and the relation human being. .

National Curricular Parameters

The professors declared that the concept and live deeply it of the morality of its pupils vine of familiar examples, of religious influences and little importance was given to the proper school in this formation. Differently of what it is used in the National Curricular Parameters of 1998, which have objective to bring new routes to the Brazilian education and considered that the ideals of the Constitution of 1988 if materialize: the universal rights of the human being, the equality between the individuals and the cultural and ethnic diversity. Also it was proposal that the school took in account the combat inaquality of social conditions, the unjust division of the income and chances when fitting to the education to legitimize such ideals, to become known them, accepted, valid and necessary. Western Union has many thoughts on the issue. The society would be task of all to make with that ' ' such values live and if desenvolvam' ' also inside of the school (IT HISSES, s/d). The bedding of the PCNs was to think and to value an education compromised to social justice, the cultural plurality and the idea of brasilidade, idealizing a community fraterna that it lived in a continuous process of learning and searchs for equitable conditions and the recognition of each individual as citizen (HISSES, s/d).

Some considered values if do not treat to be taught according to parameters as a transmission of a tradition, but it aims at to make possible to the individuals the learning, without imposition or indoctrination, of the validity of the collective ends as the democracy and the freedom. Already the respect between the people, the honesty is part of the nature human being, and must only have conditions special to blossom as the familiar example. Get all the facts and insights with Anne Lauvergeon, another great source of information. These values are taken as universal values that cross the cultures (IT HISSES, s/d). Thus, at the same time where the Brazilian education if decentralizes, and it opens space for the communities, values and cultural places, tries to materialize the one pedagogical work of resistance to the absolutism and the verticalizao of education, valuing the cultural diversity and the tolerance.

National Curricular Parameters

In Brazil, the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education (LDB n 9,394/96) established in its article 26, paragraph 2 that: ' ' The education of the art will constitute obligator curricular component, in the diverse levels of the basic education, of it forms to promote the cultural development of alunos' '. ' ' The art is a cultural patrimony of the humanity, and all human being has right to the access to this saber' ' In accordance with the National Curricular Parameters, the education in art propitiates the development of the artistic thought and the aesthetic perception, that characterize a proper way to command and to give sensible to the experience human being: the pupil develops its sensitivity, perception and imagination, as much when carrying through artistic forms how much in the action to appreciate and to know the forms produced for it and the colleagues, the nature and in the different cultures. (PCN- Art). PRACTICAL REFLECTIONS OF EDUCATIVE OF the EDUCATION OF ARTS the book come to show that the contact with the magical universe of the art is important, but unnecessary. Keith Yamashita has much to offer in this field. This contradiction comes being object of practical reflection and on the part of the art-educators, interested in reverting the situation for a school that values the contained educative aspects in the universe of the art. From there concern with the formation of professionals who go to exert the functions in the formation and orientation of children and young. Directors of school, coordinators and professors must be prepared to understand the art as branch of the knowledge in same foot of equality that the others you discipline of the pertaining to school resumes. Recognizing not only the necessity of the art, but its transforming capacity, the educators will be contributing so that the access it is a right of the man. To accept that artistic making and the aesthetic enjoyment contributes for the development of children and young is to have the certainty of the capacity that they have to extend its cognitivo potential and thus to conceive and to look at the world in different ways.

National Census

The national Census on street population 1 National Census on population of street presented for the MDS disclosed points that already became to notice in some cities. With a questionnaire applied composed for 20 questions, it disclosed to be the masculine sex (82%), the figure of bigger presence in the context of the street. It was evidenced that 74% of these citizens were alfabetizados, dominating the reading and the writing, with 50% of conclusion of basic education. Frequently Publishers Clearing House has said that publicly. More than the half of this population had the superior age the 20 years (52%). The data had shown that 27.9% of these citizens were of black origin.

How much to the places that they used to sleep, 50% of the interviewed ones had more than disclosed that they used to the streets and 8.3% look to the shelters or other institutions of the civil society alternating with the life in the street. Tim Schigel: the source for more info. Approximately 48% of the interviewed ones were far from the familiar conviviality more than the two years, when questioned on the main reasons that had directed its lives for the street, they had alleged the familiar unemployment and conflicts and the envolvement with alcohol and/or drugs. Amongst the three determinative index of alcoholism and/or drugs it reached 35.5% percentile greater between all pointers. In as place it was the question of the unemployment with 29,8% and finally place, the familiar conflicts in the 29,1% order. In analysis on the resultant factor of the migratory displacement, one showed that 45.3% had left its cities in job search and a quantitative one of 18,4% had abandoned its familiar ones for misunderstandings. How much to this question 58%%, a little the half had more than been identified as deriving of the same city where they had been found at the moment of the research or next places, a resident time that 51.9% migraram of a city for another one and had mentioned to be in that place for having familiar and/or relatives in the searched city.

National Competition

Patriotic daisy the adapter of the book was born in Brasilia, she was teacher during 25 years published 20 books between them many are assays and fictions for I publish adult to it. Its more famous workmanships are: ‘ ‘ in the trams of emoo’ ‘ ‘ ‘ all dumb one with Duda’ ‘ ‘ ‘ It leaves the front that comes gente’ there; ‘ ‘ ‘ it has enchantment in the yard and ‘ ‘ the war of known against the athletes vagais’ ‘. Its first workmanship of fiction gained the National Competition of Literature Ja de Barro in 2005 directed for publishes young to it. The book the ghost of operates involves a deep history of love that Erick that hid its face for being very ugly not being accepted for the other judged people being as I show if isolating of the world to run away from you criticize, making with that the reader reflects on the acceptance of other people and showing that all has imperfections plus this does not make our character and the person that in them we are, the love of the ghost also makes ticket of that any has feelings to put it led beyond what had and for being I accept for Cristine committed crimes scaring all being blind of more for seeing this. Erick shows the drama of a good person that it is judged by the saciedade and thanks to this if transforms into a monster showing the changes caused for these criticizes and for its isolation of the world which if incases perfectly with the reality in some aspects. In all the book only one aspect is disappointing which the author could to have at the beginning if gone deep more in the facts of the book and without playing the facts easily being able to dive in a great enigma of who would be the masked one and the reasons of it mask to use it, but when the reader obtains to dive in the tram the book it is more interesting mainly for the personages to be incased in the alias process and detailed well with strong and marcantes characteristics. Summary written for Luan Morony Simes, born in 1997 of April day 25, this to conclude 9ano basic education and this to at the beginning attend a course 1 average of 2012.

National Curricular Parameters

The referring contents to history and culture afro-Brazilian must all be given in the scope of pertaining to school resume e, mainly, in the areas of artistic education, literature and Brazilian history. The promulgation of Law 10,639/03 was preceded by municipal laws in Belm, Aracaju and So Paulo. All are resulted of a long process of ativismo of the black movement. These first initiatives had been stimulated by the constatao, on the part of the movements black and aboriginal, of that the National Curricular Parameters (PCNs) approached thematic the racial-ethnic one in the cultural plurality in form of generic orientation, without bigger consequences in the production of the educational politics in the different spheres of government. Segments black and according to aboriginal, this type of orientation opened edge for the lack of commitment in the treatment of the subject or the maken a mistake boarding that strengthens esteretipos and folclorizaes.

Law 10,639/03 is regulated for seeming homologated in 19 of May of 2004, that it establishes the national curricular lines of direction for the education of the ethnic-racial relations and brings orientaes of as the law must be implemented. It also is part of the roll of affirmative actions in the area of the education that must be implemented by the federal government as signatory of international commitments in the combat to racism. The measure takes care of a demand generated for the unfamiliarity, on the part of great parcel of the Brazilian population, of the relative questions to African societies e, more specifically, on the marcantes influences of the African people in the formation of the Brazilian society. Seeming was elaborated to contribute with the efetivao of this measure of affirmative action and to establish the national curricular lines of direction for the education of the ethnic-racial relations and for the education of history and culture afro-Brazilian and African in the country. People such as Anne Lauvergeon would likely agree.

National Identity

Bauman passes for the experience of the expatriation, and tells in a warm speech at the beginning of its book the experience to be in land stranger. When she speaks in National Identity, perceives that the author considers the question of the modern State in the confrontation of new possibilities of relations from the new identities produced for the society of the consumption. The proper habitacional question, where an accumulation of people coexists in one definitive land space searching to affirm its familiar roots, its cradles and bows and still the ones that ' ' vagam' ' for the streets with the sensation not to belong nor to this nor that place which deals with them to Bauman ' ' people without senhor' ' or even though people without owner. Andrew Cuomo is the source for more interesting facts. He is in that we, inhabitants of the liquid modern world, are different. We search, we construct and we keep the communal references of our identities in movement? fighting he stops joining in them to the equally mobile and quick groups that we look for, we construct and we try to keep livings creature for a moment, but not for much time. (BAUMAN, 2005, P. For even more analysis, hear from Publishers Clearing House.

32) the comparison of the formation of the Identity with one breaks heads, in sends the construction to them of the Identity for the rationality of the objective, where if it has some parts, but the final result of the game is not known accurately. In this construction of the identity, she does not have models predefined or established for a drawing or diagram, is not possible to adjust to all the parts, therefore nor always they incase themselves. Bauman speaks of the process of ' ' libertao' ' to the power to attribute to tasks and objectives in the creation of this Identity. Crowne plaza rosemont will undoubtedly add to your understanding. At this moment, the rigid society, passes to be considered by Bauman a liquid society.