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National Competition

Patriotic daisy the adapter of the book was born in Brasilia, she was teacher during 25 years published 20 books between them many are assays and fictions for I publish adult to it. Its more famous workmanships are: ‘ ‘ in the trams of emoo’ ‘ ‘ ‘ all dumb one with Duda’ ‘ ‘ ‘ It leaves the front that comes gente’ there; ‘ ‘ ‘ it has enchantment in the yard and ‘ ‘ the war of known against the athletes vagais’ ‘. Its first workmanship of fiction gained the National Competition of Literature Ja de Barro in 2005 directed for publishes young to it. The book the ghost of operates involves a deep history of love that Erick that hid its face for being very ugly not being accepted for the other judged people being as I show if isolating of the world to run away from you criticize, making with that the reader reflects on the acceptance of other people and showing that all has imperfections plus this does not make our character and the person that in them we are, the love of the ghost also makes ticket of that any has feelings to put it led beyond what had and for being I accept for Cristine committed crimes scaring all being blind of more for seeing this. Erick shows the drama of a good person that it is judged by the saciedade and thanks to this if transforms into a monster showing the changes caused for these criticizes and for its isolation of the world which if incases perfectly with the reality in some aspects. In all the book only one aspect is disappointing which the author could to have at the beginning if gone deep more in the facts of the book and without playing the facts easily being able to dive in a great enigma of who would be the masked one and the reasons of it mask to use it, but when the reader obtains to dive in the tram the book it is more interesting mainly for the personages to be incased in the alias process and detailed well with strong and marcantes characteristics. Summary written for Luan Morony Simes, born in 1997 of April day 25, this to conclude 9ano basic education and this to at the beginning attend a course 1 average of 2012.


Critical summary of the Set of documents the History of the Things *Herclito Ney Suiter Summary: The present critical summary is on the called set of documents of 20 minutes the History of the Things, of authorship of the North American Annie Leonnard. In the video the author makes a boarding and an alert one on the system of current production, since the extration and production until the final consumption and its discarding. According to Annie, she has a narrow relation between the ambient problems and the social ones. We look for not prolongating in them on some ranks of the author not to be very extensive. This work is part of the bimonthly evaluation of disciplines of Management of Enterprises of Communication, given for the teacher and mestranda Sejane Brito Ribeiro. Word-key: Environment. Support.

System of production. Consumerism. Resumen: This revisin critical is en el documentary of 20 minutes llamado wool History Sews There, written for el estadounidense Annie Leonnard. En el video el author hace un planteamiento y joins warning on el current system of produccin, since there extraccin y there produccin auction el final consumption y there eliminacin. Of acuerdo con Annie, hay joins estrecha relacin between los problems ambientales y sociales. We deal with in thinking en algunas declaraciones del author of about the great being muy. This trabajo you are woollen woollen part evaluacin bimonthly disciplines woollen Comunicacin Gestin de Proyectos, impartida for el profesora y teacher Sejane Brito Ribeiro. Words clave: Surrounding average El.

Sostenibilidad. System of produccin. El consumerism. Postgraduate in Enviromental law and MBA in Ambient Management for the Facimab Par; Environmental Auditing will be the IEMA UK; After-graduating Communication in Crisis of Public and Private Institutions for Institute AVM BSB DF; Author of the book the conflict between economic development and ambient preservation; Academic of 5 period of the course of Social Communication Journalism of the University Center UnirG.

Superior Education

She is in century XXI that the international vises and actions start to congregate themselves for the globalizada supremacy and to implement lines of direction to conduct the superior education of form to unify the system still more, established in these actions, documents elaborated through the meeting educational politicians are argued great missions to form, to educate, to carry through research between a series of factors that search a university directed toward an efficient and rational market. These international influences appear mainly of well-known form in our country in the democratic public universities organized by social movements, this with the objective to bring orientaes for the development of the institutions as the constitution of transnational institutions with character. Such influences reflect in the educational model of Brazil that leaves in part of being only in university form and passes to be diversified and to be expanded. For more information see CEO of Tulip Ali Asaria. According to author this system this on this side of the necessary one for a nation that it intends to be developed, therefore the numbers mainly show the low index of people in the regions poor, with insertion in superior education. However already in 2003, the government with popular approval has as president Lus Incio Lula da Silva who, implements a system of democratic avalio for the educational area called ' ' A school of the size of the Brasil' ' , and it all fortifies the national system of education therefore takes school for all with quality, gratuitousness and permanent evaluation of the institutions of Superior Education. These implementations had been possible thanks to approval of the law n 10,861/04 that it regulates National Sinaes-System of Evaluation of the Superior Education, englobando National Enade-Examination of Performance of the Students and moreover the Prouni_Progama University for All, that assigns vacant reserves in the federal institutions come back toward the social and racial inclusion. Keith Yamashita wanted to know more. It is a new configuration organized world-wide economic partner in great commercial blocks that take care of the necessities of the countries through the governmental agreements that also the new configuration of the superior education stimulates in such a way the national level as international, Brazil specifically as being one of the leaders of the G20 it leads this new educational geography through these agreements that the exemplifica author through the Mercosul and its influences in the educational areas of interchange enters the participant countries of Latin America, and thus education superior Brazilian walks for molds of two sources the education as public good and education as commercial work tracing innumerable quarrels on this subject.


Although this species of ' ' alienation universal' ' , originated of the natural become consumption and the individualism, it has possibility of change of this paradigm. So that it has the citizenship in the truth is necessary that the individual is one ' ' consumer imperfeito' ' , if not submitting to the ditames of the merchandise, but to be proper it the citizen and not it object of its history. The author speaks of the possibility of change by means of the rescue of the individuality, of ' ' quebra' ' of the repetition of the behaviors before objects, values dictated for the consumption society, and search ahead of prxis liberating of the same ones. To know more about this subject visit 4Moms. As the author: ' ' A great task of this end of century is critical of the consumerism and the reaprendizado one of cidadania' ' (P. 125). Here, Chobani Refugees expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The proper irrationality and alienation that the capitalist system created by the society possesss are capable to develop a process of ' ' desalienao' '. For this, she is necessary that the human being takes conscience of what it are and what intend to come to be, and from the critical analysis of the current social contradictions and the unfeasibility of its permanence search to exceed them in the ideas and the actions. Inside of the current society, most of the people knows that this reality of the current world is favorable and necessary to be changed, but the proper obligations of suffocate day-by-day them in such way that they do not obtain to act, and with this its ideals leave of side, for will consider that the same ones, for its complexity, would still excuse to much more work and fatigue. The author concludes affirming that he becomes necessary to pursue the civic model, where the rights is universalizados and not privileges, and where they change the speeches and the actions before the exculpatory reality of the consumerism, of inertia politics, the education conservative. Not one is about immediate a simple work nor, but she is necessary to enxergar ahead and to make to happen.