Caribbean Without Comparison

Cuba is of interest to varying sectors of the tourist market. It has a variety of its attractive tourist ones: beautiful, exotica, with significant attractive historical and cultural, superb white sand beaches and water are transparent that they take a turkish blue color like the color from the sky. Cuba is the home of people exceptionally friendly, exotica flora, tropical climate and a vibrant nocturnal life. If to you it likes the Latin rate, then east is the place, music sauce is always listened to. All this and a warm welcome makes to the greater Caribbean island a very attractive destiny for million tourists every year. The Cuban culture is unique in Latin America, with a fascinating and incredible history that they make to Cuba and its very attractive town. Cuba is a tourist destiny of great popularity, nevertheless is a little expensive destiny we compared if it with others of the Caribbean one.

Still she remains commercialized little and he is without a doubt one of the safe places but of America to travel in family. The City of Havana is capital of the country. The cities of Santiago of Cuba, Holgun, Camaguey, Cienfuegos, Slaughters, Pinar del Rio, Blind person of Avila, Clear Villa, Bayamo and Guantnamo are also important by their economic and population development. The education is free in all the levels as well as the study materials. Illiterates do not exist. There are 300 000 teachers, 47 centers of education superior, 21 000 professors and 276 000 students, although it has but of 3 million students registered in all the national system of education. There are university Universities or faculties in all the provinces, as well as secondary education, specialized, polytechnical institutes and others.