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Caribbean Without Comparison

Cuba is of interest to varying sectors of the tourist market. It has a variety of its attractive tourist ones: beautiful, exotica, with significant attractive historical and cultural, superb white sand beaches and water are transparent that they take a turkish blue color like the color from the sky. Cuba is the home of people exceptionally friendly, exotica flora, tropical climate and a vibrant nocturnal life. If to you it likes the Latin rate, then east is the place, music sauce is always listened to. All this and a warm welcome makes to the greater Caribbean island a very attractive destiny for million tourists every year. The Cuban culture is unique in Latin America, with a fascinating and incredible history that they make to Cuba and its very attractive town. Cuba is a tourist destiny of great popularity, nevertheless is a little expensive destiny we compared if it with others of the Caribbean one.

Still she remains commercialized little and he is without a doubt one of the safe places but of America to travel in family. The City of Havana is capital of the country. The cities of Santiago of Cuba, Holgun, Camaguey, Cienfuegos, Slaughters, Pinar del Rio, Blind person of Avila, Clear Villa, Bayamo and Guantnamo are also important by their economic and population development. The education is free in all the levels as well as the study materials. Illiterates do not exist. There are 300 000 teachers, 47 centers of education superior, 21 000 professors and 276 000 students, although it has but of 3 million students registered in all the national system of education. There are university Universities or faculties in all the provinces, as well as secondary education, specialized, polytechnical institutes and others.

National Identity

Bauman passes for the experience of the expatriation, and tells in a warm speech at the beginning of its book the experience to be in land stranger. When she speaks in National Identity, perceives that the author considers the question of the modern State in the confrontation of new possibilities of relations from the new identities produced for the society of the consumption. The proper habitacional question, where an accumulation of people coexists in one definitive land space searching to affirm its familiar roots, its cradles and bows and still the ones that ' ' vagam' ' for the streets with the sensation not to belong nor to this nor that place which deals with them to Bauman ' ' people without senhor' ' or even though people without owner. Andrew Cuomo is the source for more interesting facts. He is in that we, inhabitants of the liquid modern world, are different. We search, we construct and we keep the communal references of our identities in movement? fighting he stops joining in them to the equally mobile and quick groups that we look for, we construct and we try to keep livings creature for a moment, but not for much time. (BAUMAN, 2005, P. For even more analysis, hear from Publishers Clearing House.

32) the comparison of the formation of the Identity with one breaks heads, in sends the construction to them of the Identity for the rationality of the objective, where if it has some parts, but the final result of the game is not known accurately. In this construction of the identity, she does not have models predefined or established for a drawing or diagram, is not possible to adjust to all the parts, therefore nor always they incase themselves. Bauman speaks of the process of ' ' libertao' ' to the power to attribute to tasks and objectives in the creation of this Identity. Crowne plaza rosemont will undoubtedly add to your understanding. At this moment, the rigid society, passes to be considered by Bauman a liquid society.

Total Quality

13). In a context of economic situation in contraction, in the decades of 70 and 80, the Quality control was sufficiently used especially for the automobile industries. However its time of duration was short due to inflexibilidade and authoritarianism of the management. In middle of years 80, with the retaken one of the economic growth and with the expansion of new technologies, was started to apply it the program of Total Quality in the international molds. In the start of the decade of 90, it was created the Brazilian Program of Quality and Productivity? PBQP, confirming a propagation of a new model of management based on the quality in substitution to the managemental and authoritarian model, with objective to acquire competitiveness to the Brazilian economy in the international market. Ahead of the two above explanados moments, Druck (1999, p.103) detaches a more necessary formularization of the situation: ' ' The third and more recent period of propagation of the Japanese model, starts in years 90, inaugurating the decade of the quality. For all the sectors of goods and services, have a true campaign so that the managemental cultures are substituted by the one for a culture of the quality.

' ' In such a way, to divulge this culture of quality, the companies had started to develop mechanisms of internal communication, using itself especially of the written press to promote workshops, fruns, courses that dealt with the new model and management of Total Quality. This was a moment of changes economic politics and in Brazil, with the end of the military dictatorship and the magnifying of the contact with the external market. Therefore, for the government, the quality programs possuam narrow relation with the speech of the necessity of if modernizing the country, for inseriz it in a new world-wide order, redefined for the globalization (DRUCK, 1999). Until the year of 2004, Brazil with 10,000 inlaid ISO 9000 and more than 1,000 in the ISO 14000 (system of ambient management) and with production of material were more than certifyd and mainly human resources of world-wide standard in the quality area, being that it had many credential Brazilian auditors for international organisms (BUENO, 2004).


By Alex Berezowsky **. Played to us living in a complex world; in our daily routines, we had to include words that were not mentioned earlier; quantify and measure more accurately our life: flight miles, calories, emails. The brain of the contemporary cosmopolitan individual has flooded information, and constantly, is obliged to leave in the background what was considered important in the beginning. Checking article sources yields Macy’s as a relevant resource throughout. Suddenly, between monotonous hours and ever-changing scenarios, we have forced us to live for indispensable; and then come the desirable. Holidays, family and above all, the quality of life. We have gone from a life of realities, one of possibilities. The possibilities of life, remains a fixed with extended hours employment; you are always afraid to lose him and uncertainty before the avenir.

The life of possibilities is working for an income and not by love and passion to what we do; the childhood dream is left behind and ends in a cubicle, processing data.The truth is that not life must be so. I invite you to live the life of the realities. I have begun to live for some years. Work in my house with the schedules that I impose me; I have a comfortable income that allows me to give quality to the life of my family. I’ve forgotten words such as vehicular traffic and be accountable. And most importantly, wake up daily with the certainty that I will do something that I am passionate about. Do you want to know how I did? Now view a: * the author is one of the most important virtual entrepreneurs of Latin America. His best seller earn money while you sleep has helped thousands of people around the world to build your financial freedom.

Monday Will Begin !

The problem of alcoholism – a very sharp, very painful. The most terrible thing is that in modern representations of an alcoholic – it's fallen heavily drinking men, the degradation is quite visible. But an alcoholic can quite be quite a decent man in the habit of drinking which, for example, a bottle of beer every night, because the form of alcoholism – are different. There are three types of alcoholism, depending on the effect which attempts to reach drinking. Alpha – alcoholism, when consumed small dose, but every day in order to feel in good shape, and stay in good spirits. Bat – Alcoholism is associated with too strong of alcohol or beer when drank wants easy communication with friends, to take over some of restricting social framework to be more relaxed and able to fool around and have fun with friends.

Gamma alcoholism this is the use of alcoholic beverages in order to relax and disconnect. This form of alcoholism is most common in Russia, even though the beta – or alcoholics as they are called "beer alcoholics, also, unfortunately, become more and more. This year, I and my colleagues, with a bitter regret to note the fact that more people are resorting to alcohol as a way to relieve stress, anger, fear and escape from frustration with their lives. And yes, indeed, alcohol – a fast and effective way to achieve a good frame of mind, a sense of relief and, in general, a quick way to hide from such a complex and unpredictable world in which we all live. Moreover, the majority of clients with whom we begin to talk about it, well aware that nothing good in such a way to relieve stress there, but in this case, often the game starts "Monday will begin!" For example, the reasoning of the average, beginning an alcoholic: "Tomorrow begins a new life! Drink really bad: the liver play pranks, his head fell ill, he is dead pressure – Say, hypertension.

Process Development

And in order to become possible the process of correction, the Creator, joined them a spark of desire to give, which is in us in such a infancy, which did not felt. It's not even a desire, and the embryo, which, as in the genes, the programs of our development. Spiritual gene. That is the spirit that every man develops in himself for many circuits. We do not feel it because it is hidden in our egoistic desire to receive pleasure, but it determines everything that happens to us in life. We cry or laugh, seek knowledge, or not sleeping at night, dreaming of fame – all of our desires and feelings are determined rooted in the soul of our program development. Stage of development in accordance with this program, each one of us in its present desire feels like biological body, located in the material world.

Our bodies are feeling so arranged that paint in the brain is such a picture. When the present is filled with the desire to accumulate frustration in a fruitless attempt to keep in It fleeting pleasure – we gain some experience, and it is time to move to a different, qualitatively new stage of development. Only filling all desire, and disappointed, we are able to disclose desires a completely different kind. Then the sensations in our desire to disappear, the old perception of reality disappears, and we die. This is because the desire of the current level was defined content, because desire – it is always a sense of lack of filling, and to a new level of desire to another, so the old must be replaced.

Eric Berne

A small amount of journalistic article does not allow me to elaborate a detailed description of all the nuances and describe the specific exercises used in training. Describing the work on development "Antagonistic" couples sensing / intuition, feeling / thinking, it should be noted that the training worked through the ability to enter into a resource previously suppressed features, which you need to learn to time to give up already well mastered skills associated with leading function. Metaphorically, we can say that the ability to temporarily sacrifice produced a skill to acquire new skills, new resource person. This new resource should be harmoniously integrated with the existing. Important components of personality, the so-called characterological radicals, which, according to recent scientific papers (RP Eslyuk, 2007), are basic building blocks of the structure of personality, foundered by Freud in his theory of the ego, superego and the id. How many of you know, the ego – it is a reasonable portion, Id – instinctual, and super-ego is that part of the soul, which carries information about a person educated in the values.

In the model of Eric Berne, the court called a little differently – Adult, Child, Parent, and, in contrast to the more abstract model of Freud, more closely tied to immediate psychological experience of man. In his scientific theory, I identified eight major characterological radicals and determined the ratio of each of these instances to certain structural personality. The radicals were distributed in accordance with the law of polar relationship, forming a compensatory pair.