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Transaction Controller Application

It gets to run the tool, and begins to work on the application, step by step to get the report cases seen by category of patients, as they visit a new page in the application, samples obtained from that page, you add in a Transaction Controller (Insert Parent Transaction Controller Logic Controller). Once the browsing application, add two reports one to see the response times and another to see errors found in this test (add Listener Thread Group Summary Report and View Results Tree respectively). This report gives the response time of the application under the load of 15 users, we find that the average response time of the application is 2 seconds, the minimum time it takes is 0.047 seconds and the maximum was 5.1 seconds.

The percentage of error was 50% reporting that analysis refers to such errors. It also shows the application performance while browsing, which was 14.9 seconds and a response of 134 KB / sec. With this report (View Results Tree) can be found errors for each page accessed, for example in RAD’s homepage, there were two errors (/ general / style.css and / General / allstyles_aps.css) which the report says it will not find those files, when applying for this page there is a delay in making the request for these files, do not exist. 3 – Conclusions It has a proposed tools like JMeter for stress testing. In addition to a more specific document on the use of this tool.

With this tool you can analyze the performance of an application, under specified conditions is that it responds to analyze an application under the action of a number of users connected to it.


There are people addicted to people. People almost every day, or almost all – long – weekends and holidays have dinners, meetings, festivals, social events of all kinds (sports, music, political, religious, discos, tourism, malls, rebates, dominguerismo at the beach or mountain, patron sprees). People who strung their fun date in date, from city to city, while the rest of the time talk and write continuously by their mobile phones, their computers, their social networks singles or married, relate generally group – with co-workers, friends, friends of friends, natural relatives and politicians, neighbours, fellow, etc.. More information is housed here: 4Moms. Socialized them to children from nursery up to urgent and dangerously in the children’s gulags. There naturally, febrile and compulsive is something in all this.

Even sinister and planned. Because we all know that no one is more alone than in the middle of the crowd. And, if you want to disconnect a person itself and the others, nothing better than promoting his perpetual ultrasocializacion. The ultrasocializacion replaces – and prevent – genuine, intimate contact between people and groups. It is the drug for people who feel alone, afraid or unable to share their true feelings. Why they need to dive into the frenetic social noise.

Confused with the swarm. Conversely, people who are lucky enough to feel really views (1), after hearing, including (and do the same with others), do not need to climb continuously to ultragregario hamster wheel, as they have many other things to do, either in private or in group. For example, chat, read, love, play with children, cultivate a hobby, studying, create (artistically), reforming the House, do sports, walk, contemplate or simply – just! – do nothing at all. All these things are born, not the habits and social pressures, but the own heart. The ultrasocializacion not only prevents Privacy and intimate freedom, but also the development of own thought, even of intelligence. Because if one is granted never the opportunity to imagine, to reflect, ruminate, even dreaming, things that only we can do alone, but that we continually submit to imitation and other laws of social psychology, what kind of identity psicointelectual we can ripen? Thus, zombicos own habits will produce without rest more and more zombies. ___ (1) In the movie Avatar, the inhabitants of the planet Pandora, when they shake or fall, not say hello or I love you, but I see you. This touched me a lot. Because the most difficult in the world is, in effect, see the other / to (or be seen). But only when we are really the hum of the hive, unexpectedly, it disappears.

Why Use WordPress As A Business Platform

It is no coincidence that many small business owners and entrepreneurs who are just beginning their online businesses love to use WordPress as blogging platform. WordPress is a flexible open source software that can be used to rapidly increase your website ranking and positioning in the top of major search engines. No need to go through a learning curve so long when it comes to WordPress and does not require any additional software to make a complete website. After reading this article you will know why WordPress is one of the most popular options for webmasters. First, once you download and install WordPress on your website, you can use immediately to add, remove and modify themes and plugins or image.

There are many themes available online so if you want to change the look of your website you can make quickly with just a few clicks. You can do it yourself or hire someone to design you a custom website for you. But in most cases you will not need to hire outside help, as it is a very friendly software. For example, if you want to change the theme of your site, then all you have to do is click the link to your favorite theme and activate it. Another reason for using WordPress is that this platform to optimize the site to search engines automatically. Many websites use it as a blog to be positioned rapidly in the three major search engines.

The reason is not clearly known, but many people say it is because it uses the programming language PHP. Finally, WordPress can be easily programmed by someone with basic computer skills. Unlike the HTML code there is no need to use symbols or special characters. If you know how to use Microsoft Word or Wordpad then you can use WordPress, because this platform includes the feature of “What You See Is What You Get” (What You See Is What You Get) which means that the code is automatically generated for you while you write so used the contents of your site. In conclusion, you’re a blog platform for your blog or website, you must take into account the reasons mentioned before choosing the most appropriate option for you. As you can see WordPress is flexible, search engines love it and it is easy to use. No wonder you have so many followers throughout the world.