Governmental Environment Organizations

The professors are very important in the process of awareness of the people, therefore they obtain to develop habits and healthy attitudes of conservation of the nature and ambient respect, contributing for the formation of citizens compromised to the future of the planet. However, to take until the pupils information on the importance of preservation of the nature and to obtain that it has a change of habits, are not a very easy task, therefore very of them they live in places where it does not have this type of concern. This awareness must start with the children, because they lead until its familiar everything what they had learned in classroom and if they become multiplying agents of this chain. So that this happens some projects already come being carried through. Pupils of 1 year of Basic Ensino, the Foundation Bradesco de Marlia, had created receivers of stacks, with bottle PET, in which consumed stacks are deposited stop later being taken the collection ranks, preventing that they are plays in improper places. In Minas Gerais a project of itinerante education is carried through. A Van leads until agricultural producers, information on conservation of the ground and the water, and has as main objective to work the ambient education by means of the socialization of knowledge, practical and action, being aimed at to promote the sustainable development in the region of the River San Francisco. The Foundation for Educao European Ambiental (FEE) groups ONGA (Not Governmental Environment Organizations), that it develops programs of Ambient Education and Education for the Support through the good spreading and incentive of practical, in more than 40 countries, the majority of European them and also in the continents American, African and Asian.