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Floor Heatech

The floor is the perfect place for a heating system ventilation systems blowing warm air in a room starting from a ventilation opening. Temperatures up to 30 degrees can be achieved. This air must be to the circulation be brought to warm the room. The circulation begins with the rise of the air at the ceiling and achieved a very low density. The air begins to extend to the ceiling and begins to cool down. When the air is cool, it becomes more difficult and falls to the ground, where she can eventually warm the room. A high proportion of the energy is lost during this process. Also the air using fans from the ceiling is a common process to press faster down.

Unfortunately, this leads to a reduction of efficiency during the cooling of the air. Why so the surface heat, which requires taking advantage of major heat sources. Click Keith Yamashita to learn more. The floor is the ideal place for this heating system. It allows the extension of the heating system anywhere where heat is needed. Furthermore, we see also a physiological characteristic for the users. That is a fact. If your feet are warm feel equally comfortable.

The lower part of the body will circulate very well. Read more here: Hamdi Ulukaya. The body contributes naturally to an expansion of the heat, by the beating of the heart. The symbiotic phenomenon between heat and man is one of many reasons why a heating system from floor Heatech represents a clever solution for your heating needs. In contrast to ventilation systems the system is designed as floor Heatech to allow a circulation in the area where you are. No matter where you are in the area, to learn heat due to the expansion of the heating source. You must also rotate not the thermostat if you are in a colder part of the room. With optimum utilization of the surface to be heated by our heating system and precisely fitting laying minimizes floor Heatech energy loss in contrast to ventilation systems. Floor Heatech BBs Quickmat is technology conventional ventilation systems superior especially in tile and stone floors. The Quickmat products need no special materials and also change not the sub soil. Any skilled craftsman can lay our product. In addition to the Quickmat technology floor Heatech offers a wide variety of other products to install, which also contribute to 99% installation, produced in Germany. Floor Heatech allows you to direct sales ex-works or makes available the knowledge of 16 years. Technical support and for laying tailored to your specific requirements contribute to a high Effektifitat and a simple installation. Call please 06 11 – 3 60 89 92 map and a team of experts, which carries out technical evaluations for you, advise you comprehensively. You can visit our homepage for more information and quote get a free.

Bonn Tel Heating

Brandenburg’s Science Minister Johanna Wanka was informed about control of intelligent home and modern heating and air conditioning technology Berlin/Brusendorf – who wants to have it comfortably warm in your own four walls, must engage properly in the wallet. The heating load of German households has almost doubled in the past ten years on the average. If not cleaned up, burned his money”, says therefore Felicitas Krause, an energy expert at the German Energy Agency (dena). Improvement is not in sight, because in the long term, prices will move. Follow others, such as Andrew Cuomo, and add to your knowledge base. But that fate is not helpless. Who an old, unrestored House modern heating technology, sealed Windows and good insulation bought the dena expert can to its energy consumption by an average 80 percent lower. The internationally active company S & L cooling blankets and heating systems has together with the Berlin House of TPN developed a solution for efficient resource management, with the help of the Telecommunications system of the telecommunications company Aastra Ascotel IntelliGate a control from anywhere in the world makes possible.

At a price roughly corresponding to that of a regular electrical installation, a computer can save control of heating and other Home technology energy and the significant amount of resources. At the same time it reduces the effects of electromagnetic fields and reduces as the smog in the House. Possible, for example, is individually space – and needs to control the temperature. Day and seasons, and absence of persons can be considered automatically. It is also possible to query the weather report online and to influence the heating characteristics of that data. Also the remote access via a Web form or telephone is possible.

S & L has implemented a number of such controls with Aastra phone systems together with the Berlin House of TPN. Here, the user chooses an assigned number and presses a defined key. The phone, confirmed in the display that the heater is on or off. The facts speak from the perspective of experts in: energy savings of up to 75 percent, low heating water temperature from 25 to 30 degrees, corrosion-resistant installation, which remains free of deposit and has four-to five-time life of a conventional heater installation. The installation is quick and easy. It required only a single system to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. 17.08 2008 informed Brandenburg Science Minister Johanna Wanka (CDU) locally from the model and was convinced by the simplicity of the control. Due to rapidly increasing energy costs should be much known such solutions in public, called the scientist studied. Each client, architect or planner should know these possibilities of long-term energy and thus cost savings. Views of the future and existing foreign demand it was important, so Prof. Dr. Wanka, the current system with scientific research flank and continue to develop. Interesting is also the integration of remote control and control functions via Internet and telephone. First installations already exist with Aastra phone systems. Now is the right time for investment in climate-friendly and energy-efficient solutions. Through such a measure to secure the lasting value of a property, no matter, whether it’s new construction or renovations of older buildings. The costs pay for themselves within five to seven years. High-tech in the House pays off in the long run, so”, confirmed Andreas Lady, Germany Chief of Aastra DeTeWe. Editorial medienburo.

Cheap Electricity Supplier

Electricity prices rise with a very ugly for the consumer regularity. Electricity prices rise with a very ugly for the consumer regularity. Rob Daley describes an additional similar source. Every customer has the right freely to choose its supplier however and can save money by choosing an alternative power provider. A leading source for info: Rob Daley. As a first step for the change, it makes sense to be aware of cheap electricity. For a comparison, the customer requires an approximate overview of its consumption as different designs of land and consumption prices cause that depending on the required amount of electricity an other provider can be cheaper. Visit a price comparison page is to obtain a comprehensive overview of cheap electricity. Also stromvergleich.ibuxx.de is very informative.

Some cheap electricity provider grant the customer further savings potential, if he decides to advance payment or a special discount. The use of such offers can cheapen the power quite. Who is not prepared, in To enter payment in advance, his changing search criteria to find a cheap provider according to. The change of electricity provider is no risk for the customer. In particular, no changes in the electrical system or at the counter are required. In the event of a fault, the local operator of the contact continues.

Also these requests continue once a year a meter reading, because he must settle the through line costs with the selected provider. Cheap electricity supplier occasionally increase their prices as costs actually rise. In such a case is a special right of termination for the customer. Some providers allow you to acquire a long-term price guarantee against a slight price premium. The use of such services becomes profitable in most cases, especially since the world’s increasing energy consumption still rising energy prices than likely suggests. In connection with the acceptance of a price guarantee, the customer usually also binds to the Company and voluntarily waive his right of cancellation. Often one is granted but after one year, while not following termination of the contract remain the price guarantee for two to three years. In case of a move, a legally guaranteed special right of termination exists in any case. For consumers who want a high proportion of electricity from renewable energy in its energy mix, cheap electricity is available. Even for completely organically produced power can find offers on the comparison sites for the electricity costs on the Internet. Joachim jokiba stromvergleich.ibuxx.de

American Petroleum Institute

Crude oil prices stagnate on previous day level LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices were now barely moves. Slightly negative economic news from Europe picked up slightly positive from the United States. Essential impulses were missing to investors. Wait was the motto. That rubbed off on the German heating oil price. With only 10 cents the premiums were, also on the seventh day in a row, very low.

As yesterday crude oil prices stagnated and moving at high level by Friday. 4Moms shines more light on the discussion. Certainly there were losses in the morning, accompanied by falling stock prices. Do once located they recovered, the crude oil prices rose again and reached the values of yesterday’s conclusion of the day in the afternoon. Positive economic data from the United States were fundamental for the little euphoria among the investors. There, the retail sales rose by 0.4 percent, which was slightly above expectations in August. Gas stations and textile shops were driving it. Dampening effect, however, was the European industrial production which has stagnated in August on month level.

In addition the German ZEW economic expected index for September fell – 4.30 points, expected + 11.30 were. Market participants generally important impulses are missing, so that today eagerly the inventory data by the American Petroleum Institute evening and the Department of energy (tomorrow afternoon all times BST) to be expected. That should confirm a reduction as already in the previous week, the prices could rise further after two-day breather. Today were similar to quiet as the crude oil the local oil prices. Slightly stronger demand they rose by only 10 cents to 69,10 euro 100-liter contour fuel oil (EL) (Federal average for a total quantity of 3,000 litres). These are the lowest premiums that consumers have to live in this country now on the 7 days in a row. Comparison: exactly a year ago, the same amount cost 54.60 euros, in 2008 there were 84.75 euros. It reported the online portal of the journal fuel levels and petroleum review. The development of the local Heating oil prices show the national average and in the individual federal States in the section of market data the graphics on the energy portal. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

Freudenberg EC

Research project will continue with federal States (Beiersdorf-Freudenberg) SunFuel stands for bio-fuel, synthetically produced from biomass and also under the name of biomass to-liquid (BtL)-Kraftstoff is known. For the fuel and drive strategy of Volkswagen, it is important to examine all aspects of the production of biogenic fuel sustainably and intensely. Only in this way we can ensure a long-term supply of biofuels”, according to a press release of the Ministry of rural development, environment and consumer protection in Potsdam (mluv.brandenburg.de). In the foreground of the first phase from 2004 to 2009 was the discovery of the agricultural potential of bio mass including socio-economic and environmental considerations. The second phase now focuses the research on wood-biomass and the forest and landscape conservation. At the same time explores ways of extracting biomass originating from contaminated grassland sites, algae and the preparation of flotsam and Jetsam. Brandenburg portion of this research cooperation is”a demonstration project to the Strip cultivation of fast-growing timber on erosion-prone areas.

The project will begin next year and in addition to studies on the erosion protection contain commitments to improving the content of humus, biodiversity and the landscape. Also in Brandenburg-based energy cooperative Freudenberg EC is now on the basis of the biomass to-liquid (BtL) process to produce high-quality diesel fuel. Under the brand name CEHATROL, this is obtained exclusively from biogenic raw materials and residues. It comes straw preferably from the region to use, so that can be calculated with a near-balanced CO2 audit. Currently, four production plants in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are projected. The diesel Tun, which according to DIN EN 590 and therefore safely in all conventional diesel generators and engines can be used, supplied to the production costs to cooperative members. This is 0.48 EUR / l and is fixed on the basis of the State exemption until at least 2015. Those who are interested in a long-term calculable fuel price and a greater independence of the fluctuations of in crude oil prices, can find out more about the various possibilities of a membership on the Internet portal.

Gulf Oil

Crude oil prices break a LEIPZIG in the afternoon. (Ceto) The crude oil price has given clearly to the start of the week. While the quotes moved to midday at the level of the Friday, they lost about a dollar in the afternoon. US light oil (WTI) cost at the time thus still 76 dollars; North Sea oil (Brent) amounted to $78. As a reason for the drop, analysts called technical reactions by auto sales, which dynamicized the slight downward trend.

Previously, there had been some disappointing economic news from the United States. Also, there were sighs of relief from the Gulf of Mexico, that a tropical storm resulted in no adverse effects of the production. Furthermore, there is no significant loss of capacity due to problems at a large refinery. The current downward movement, however, also suits the fundamental situation, which is characterized by record inventories and weak demand. Other than the recent price increases for raw materials and stocks, which were the result of financial speculation according to experts. Meanwhile moved to the local heating oil prices hardly. According to survey by fuel level and oil Rundschau, they lost five cents compared to the lecture in the national average.

Thus the game of 100 litres heating oil EL currently costs 67,41 euros. This value is valid for a total supply of 3,000 litres. After the significant price losses in the crude oil is probably tomorrow with clearer tees. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

Natural Fuels Reduce Emissions

Heating with wood to environmental protection contributes current weather, with storms, extreme rainfall, and even tornadoes, make one or the other a little wiser. Have we now already the receipt for decades, irresponsible dealing with CO2 emissions? Apparently this is so. While there here now and there are thinking, “to get the already-produced CO2”, really environment conscious people think rather of preventing or halting the production itself. In Northern Germany there is now actually a discussion forever to store already produced CO2 in approximately 800 meters below the Earth’s surface! Is now awesome or just fatal? Elsewhere it takes a lot of thought to really ecological solutions for the reduction of CO2 emissions – namely in German living rooms. Yes, read correctly – the Germans remember energy saving when heating with natural fuels such as firewood, briquettes and pellets.

So some in the country dusted off the old stove, back opens the way to Sweden stove or fireplace blocked for years to get new heating. Since these days not everyone more time and spatial capabilities to the “Wood make” has, such things as finished fireplace wood or wooden briquettes big in fashion. Wood briquettes are currently quite stampede from waste wood furniture, window or parquet industry manufactured wood briquettes and pellets form “Non plus ultra” of fuels simply? Because no single tree is felled for this fuel. And around here again emissions clearly on CO2 to come back – burning wood releases only as much CO2 as it previously took to grow! Did you actually? The company okoBrix natural brennstoffe in Munster at Darmstadt/Dieburg, very professionally deals with the distribution of such natural fuels for a long time. okoBrix offers various forms of delivery of wood pellets, which can be injected or shipped as the bag, in Munster constantly up to ten different varieties of wood briquettes and also several different types of ready-sliced, dried firewood. The Web site information around the topic of natural fuels very extensively equipped, at, offers detailed information on the subject and a constantly updates offer of various wood, wood-briquette – and pellet varieties all interested parties.

Biodiesel Bioethanol

History and differences from fossil fuels to biofuels are a hot topic. But the development of these fuels, which slowly to substitute fossil fuels to low, isn’t so new, as it is believed. Proceedings were almost 50 years before the invention of the diesel engine developed for the production of bio-diesel for example already in the middle of the 19th century. Just like today the former mixture based on the basis of vegetable oils, during this time gained from peanuts. Around the turn of the century then, even Rudolf diesel was highly personally on this new fuel carefully and showed at the Paris world exhibition 1900 surprised that normal diesel engines without modification with the vegetal fuel ran. Another important step was followed in 1937, when the Belgians G. Chavarine patented a process of Transesterification with ethanol and methanol. Thus significantly improved the conditions for the use of bio-fuels as a fuel substitute.

Even a bus line was converted at that time with this procedure. In the following Decades improved considerably, the production of biofuels has been standardized the process for the production of biodiesel fuel quality until 1983. Austria then in 1989 inaugurated a plant for the commercial production of bio-fuel that could produce 30000 tons in the year. Many more followed in the 1990s. Meanwhile, many countries, including also Germany and the United States, compulsory blending of biodiesel have introduced to conventional diesel, to protect the environment and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The biggest difference between classic oil and vegetable oil, based on the bio-fuels, is the origin of course.

While oil from underground, huge oil reserves funded for example on offshore oil rigs or oil, vegetable oil is obtained from renewable raw materials such as sugar cane or oilseed rape. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. The technology for the promotion of mineral oil is mature and it is possible to use large quantities of oil to promote. However, oil reserves are limited and will go in the future to the tilt. In addition, only a few countries have access to oil resources, which leads to high prices and political tensions. But also the production of vegetable oil has its disadvantages. While the raw materials are renewable, whose production in the competition for the production of food is available. Often the use of arable land for the production of biofuels in developing countries could lead to disruptions in the food production and supply. A trend from which to fear is that he will still grow in the future. Christian Jung

Fuel Oil Price

Weak targets from America and Asia allow stock markets and crude oil prices sink LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices were now barely moves. Missing economic stimulus, fears of a U.S. recession as well as a continued over supply market situation led to caution investors. Heating oil consumers in Germany could look forward, however, for the first time since three days of falling prices.

The U.S. economy does not get out of the headlines. On the horizon of the world’s biggest consumer the first recession clouds slowly. One of the messages, which today startled investors: the Department of energy (DOE) lowered its forecast for daily oil demand. It is 48,000 barrels per day lower now 19,291 barrels.

This is more than during the crisis years 2009 and 2009, but still far below the required quantities previously, as the daily consumption was more than 20 million barrels. This was accompanied by growing stocks go. Analysts expect that the American Petroleum Institute (API) today a further inventory build-up to 1.3 million barrels reported for the past week. That would be the highest value since weekly records began in 1990. “” Even the hurricanes seem to spare the conveyor systems in the Gulf of Mexico, according to Earl”now Danielle”and Fiona”, so in any case, an assessment of the National Hurricane Center. This would encourage a further inventory build-up and thus cement over supply situation on the market. Due to this development, the crude oil prices showed today barely moves and lost in the afternoon easily compared to yesterday’s day finally. German heating oil consumer this brought the first price reductions to the end of the month for three days with. 100 litres in a total quantity of 3,000 litres heating oil EL paid for today the national average with 67,16 euro 19 cents to less than yesterday. In the monthly average August, crude oil cost 66,86 euro. For comparison: In August 2009, the same amount cost average 57,52 EUR. in 2008, there were exactly 87,00 euro. It reported the online portal of the fuel level magazine and petroleum review. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

American Petroleum Institute

Development contrary to the actual market situation in LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices could put today slightly towards their yesterday’s gains. Investors saw quite positive trends in some U.S. economic news, although the market is still oversupplied. For heating oil consumers in Germany, this development brought charges to the third day in a row.

It went yesterday made gains today with the crude oil prices on the commodity futures exchanges further uphill. Reason was the rising stock markets and US economic news, which have been interpreted positively by investors. So, the number of first-time applications declined by 27,000 to 451,000 on unemployment benefits. 470,000 new claims were expected. And the American trade balance posted a deficit of 42.8 billion dollars for July.

The positive of this message is only to realize, if you know that experts expected a fall of 47.2 dollars. At the same time, there were from Europe to hear little rants. Including sales of the manufacturing sector is in Like Germany in July by 0.9 percent compared to the previous month. Only the successful placement of Portuguese Government bonds provided really good news from the EU. All of this suggests that the crude oil prices of the fundamental market data have detached themselves. Investors now expect the data of the Department of energy to the crude oil reserves in the United States and expect a similar high reduction of which, like this yesterday was estimated by the American Petroleum Institute. That, in turn, it is hoped of the market participants, could stimulate the demand. Whether this actually happens in the face of the record reserves, there is little doubt now not only by knowledgeable analysts. This development brought little rants about for heating oil customers in Germany. On the third day in a row the local, namely by 17 cents to 68,57 Euro 100-liter contour prices fuel oil (EL) (Federal average for a total quantity of 3,000 litres). The increase was not quite as strong thanks to a back stronger euros as of the Crude oil prices given above. For comparison: a year ago, the same amount of heating oil cost 55.38 euros, in 2008 there were 85.09 euro. It reported the online portal of the journal fuel levels and petroleum review. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.