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Of this form the contrast of the Law how much to the basic preparation for the work and the citizenship of educating is perceived to continue learning. In order to be capable of if adapting with flexibility the new conditions of occupation or inherent posterior perfectionings the received education are inexistent, therefore it does not pass of a mere assistant, where a great amount of not applicable contents in its daily one is spilled. As publication found in the site problematic in the pertaining to school formation this related to some factors that involve the lack of education in the country, being one of the factors more questioned the infrastructure of the schools, that some believe that they excite of more investments that motivated the pupils to frequentar them. Pegasus Books understands that this is vital information. This proves observing some schools mainly northeast that structure does not have none the pupils learns seated in the soil or improvised chairs, being the attractive a merenda offered because the majority of the pupils of these regions does not have what to eat in house and the solution it is to go to feed itself. Brazil possesss low a quality of education in all the aspects since physical structures as classrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and all basic services that the schools offer, until didactic material, able professors also incompatible wage the profession, what according to recognized category if would contribute for bigger devotion more quality of education to the pupils. This scene leads to perceive us it that the development of the education in Brazil is an error of last centuries that with the time, by the way, much time will only be recouped, cannot completely play the guilt in the current government, after all, adjustments comes exactly being carried through so that transforms this reality, knowing that the results will be given in the long run. For even more analysis, hear from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. Perhaps, the projects of the current government alone will be seen daqui many years when to perhaps appear a government capable to continue the current plans or to improve them. . .


It is possible to raise the necessities of training through the analyses organizacional, the human resources and the structure of positions. Hikmet Ersek is likely to agree. 3.2.4 Requirements of the T& D for the organizations Is important that the organizations have established focus so that the customer is always in first place. The necessary organizacional structure to be lined up favoring the factors that had influenced in the satisfaction of the customers and in the expectation that the same ones possess in relation to the work of the organization. 3.2.5 Requirements of the T& D for the education the information that are given to the pupils who study on the subject need to be planned and to be passed in clear way and sucinta, facilitating to the knowledge and the integration of the same to the practical activities, preparing for a highly competitive market and in increasing ascension. 3.2.6 Programming In accordance with Chiavenato (2010, P. Under most conditions Rob Daley would agree. 376), the planning of the training is result of the diagnosis of the training necessities.

Generally, the resources and the abilities placed to the disposal of the training are related with the problematic one diagnosised. In accordance with to follow description of the main item of a programming of training FIG 12.6: Ahead of the considered one the execution of the project is necessary, where important factors so that a directed process occurs well are: quality of the trained ones, quality of the instructors, quality of the materials and the instrucionais techniques, envolvement of commands and adequacy to the program. 3.2.7 Validation and evaluation of T& D the importance of the evaluation is to determine if ' ' pena&#039 was valid; ' , if the objectives of the training had been reached, if the process must or not to continue and if must be made some alteration. Before the result the process of T&amp will have to be evaluated if; D was satisfactory or the company does not stop.

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This theory had its defending greaters in Woods (1913), Bernard (1926), Bird (1940), and Stogdill (1948), being more recently reopened for Bennis (1989) and Kirkpatric and Locke (1991). The Theory of the Traces examines common aspects shown by great leaders it synthecizes and them in categories of traces by means of which the true leaders can be identified. According to Stogdill (1948), the traces more comumente on to the leadership concept would be: (1) intelligence, (2) attention, (3) responsibility, (4) initiative, (5) persistence, (6) autoconfiana and (7) sociability. In 1959, Mann lead similar studies to the ones of Stogdill, and elaborated its proper list, that inclua intelligence, masculinidade, adjustment, dominncia, extroverso, and conservadorismo. Its studies would be confirmed in 1986 for Lord and others, that had investigated the characteristics of leaders which the led ones react more strong. Its list detached intelligence, masculinidade and dominncia as the traces most important of leaders.

In as a study, dated of 1974, Stogdill perfected leadership traces, suggesting then the following characteristics as typical of the true leaders: (1) impulse to lead; (2) vigor and persistence in reaching goals; (3) empreendedorismo and originalidade in the resolution of problems; (4) initiative in social situations; (5) autoconfiana and sense of personal identity; (6) disposal to accept the consequncias of its decisions and action; (7) easiness to absorb estresse interpersonal; (8) disposal to tolerate frustrations and delays; (9) ability to influence the behavior of other people; (10) capacity to structuralize systems of social interaction that serve the desired objectives. Kouzes and Posner (1987) had identified four main traces of leaders after to ask the 7,500 North American administrators what they more admired in its leaders: honesty (chosen for 87% of the respondents); ability (74% of the respondents); visionary (67%); inspired (61%). In 1989, after to observe 90 administrators, Bennis (1989) identified four abilities of those most succeeded: (1) focus administration? a combination of vision and personal commitment that attracts and inspires the other people of a team; (2) administration of meaning? a bonanza capacity of communication capable to line up the people around its objectives; (3) reliable administration? with a good central intention, good administrators gain the confidence of its subordinate; (4) personal administration? ability to learn with its proper errors and to nourish its personal talentos, rejecting the imperfection idea, but yes accepting errors as learning chances.

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In classroom when I say these words normally bring a certain discomfort for the pupils, what it would be normal, a time that I would be approaching a subject that is part of the day – day of the people. Then, who would be prepared to be unemployment in the current days, will be that in a good job would be enough to them that everything would be guaranteed until our retirement? When we are with that job, with that wage among others benefits that the company can offer to everything this would be guarantee? Who would have to invest in the career of the professional the Company or the proper employee? A time I asked in classroom if somebody was attending a course other courses that could help them in its job, as a course of management of projects, financial management, or knowing a new platform that improved the tasks of the company even though, assisting the people in a good attendance to the customer or improving a product. In a group of 50 pupils, only one 10 pupils had raised the hands. The times a course of English can relieve it a good position in the exterior. Already it stopped to always think that nor employee who has more time in the company is most qualified This is a very important tip, because, in the awaken one for the new market of work, that dumb the time all. Then you if prepared to be dismissed? He thinks about this Tip: She never waits of the company as if she waits of a father or a mother, if its wage can defray a course, then it makes, people go and companies are. Until briefing! I am Rogrio Marques, I visit mine blog- Twitter RogerioMarques9