Teresa Gracia

TERESA GRACE (1932-2001) "the poet is born with his injured hand because the palm ras have cut the cord on his fingers tangled with his mother who was joined muse." Teresa Gracia. THE VOICE OF A GIRL OF THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS Teresa Gracia, lived and was educated in France, where he arrived in 1939 with just seven years of age. Very young writer, used the French language as a means of expression. Now in its maturity, said that French was not enough, especially, to write poetry that Castilian-language used at home, it was essential to express your personality. His first book of poems with the eloquent title of Exile and a foreword by Maria Zambrano was published in 1982. The poet, playwright and journalist Teresa Gracia Garcia was born in Barcelona on January 23, 1932 and died in Madrid on September 10, 2001. From Father Aragon, captain of artillery, Burgos and mother, being very young, spent a few months in a convent boarding Teresa and then went to another internship.

After the war provoked by the military uprising of General Franco was exiled to France was in French concentration camp of Argeles-sur-Mer and Saint Cyprien, who had gone with her mother looking for her father. He studied at the Lycee de Jeunes Filles de Toulouse and contact republican and anarchist groups in exile. Very early in a Parisian cafe known filmmaker that made Eric Rohmer protagonist of one of his early films Berenice. Assisted in Present magazine Africain in which deal with questions relating to the decolonization of Africa and blackness.