However, optimization is much benefit in the cost / result / effect duration. When people need information, the better assistant than search string not found him. The user enters the words and phrases that reflect the essence of the issue, and in return receives a huge number of links to interesting subject. For example, if the user is asked in the search request Search for sellers of a product and got a list of 2000 links, in which the address of your resource is located somewhere in the thousandth position, the transition probability is very low on it. Most users do not go further second or third page of results, so the placement site in the top positions or in the top ten on the key demands – a mandatory condition for the success of the resource. TS The most effective and least wasteful way to online promotion of your site is through the major search engines. To conduct qualitative optimization is necessary to understand the principles of search engines and directories that will work out a strategy of optimal the use of their opportunities.

The main difference between a search engine of the directory is that when they use the pages on spiders. Spiders (from the English. The words 'spider' – a spider) – a multi-functional program who periodically make 'attacks' on the Web. They find new or changed pages and index them, ie, Contribute to the database, which is then used to generate the search results to a user request.