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Parochial Church

We continue exploring the best landscapes, villages, towns and customs of Tenerife, and today we go away until the municipality of Orotava, with beautiful views surrounded by mountains and trees, but not very known by the thickness of the international tourism. The main attractions in the Orotava include their historical helmet, the bordering valley and the botanical gardens, crowned by the mountain landscape and the tranquillity and amiability of the people of the interior. Located in the North end of the island of Tenerife, we will be able to take a walk between plantations of bananas, architectonic structures of all class, old big rambling houses, places and full parks of birds and ways where the slowed down rate of a moved away village of the boisterous inhabitant of the capital is breathed. Crowne plaza rosemont is likely to increase your knowledge. In center historical are the most important buildings, like the Parochial Church of the Conception and the House of the Balconies, or the Cemetery of the Orotava, a beautiful structure that remembers the romantic style and still today is used to bury to the deceaseds of a population in constant growth. The House of the Balconies counts on taken care of wood carvings that have been worth him their name, and it was constructed in 1632. There typical products of the region of the Canary Islands can be acquired, from embroiderings and ceramic to clothes and much more. It is an ideal visit to secure to memories of our trip or gifts a dear being. Also the natural scenes have their place in Tenerife, and in the Orotava in particular we are near the National of the Teide, but old Park and the great one of all the of the region of Canary Islands. As far as the traditional celebrations and celebrations, May ends and principle of June are carried out between and include days where carpets are made, a denominated dance ” of magos” and the Sunday of Romera of San Farm Isidro where one praises santo landlord of the city.


In the 21st century, and still in many countries, continents, polula hunger, wreaks havoc, where misery remains enslaved millions of beings wreaking havoc, condenandolos to death, but the sad thing is that they are children the most sustained, children requiring a hand, of people who give step noble emotions, love impregnated, collaboration, commitment. The fact of not living it us not frees us from this responsibility, our spiritual growth is increased to the extent that we are open to compassion, help, give love to the similar, beyond the ambitions of the power of the ego of the superficial. We must worry about learn to use our potential for life that is given to us in this short passage through this dimension, must know that we as a human we are, be sensible in the commitment of aid, laid the hand who need it, ensure that while we remain, all are happy, don’t let us catch by the illusory, the artificialeverything otherwise, delve into the sensitivity of the soul, providing you daily food with actions pure, authentic, transparent, of love, of Justice, of goodness, impregnated itself of that divine source that each one brings to birth. Fortunately there are godly beings open to the commitment to its responsibility to collaborate without ego interests and faced with these facts, they express for example: Lord, can there be so many people suffer, if all the things you did for everyone. Lord, how can humans take advantage of his brother and lead you to a position of such extreme need. Lord, how does not touch the heart of the powerful that they sympathize in their herman@sy pain repent of so much suffering as they are causing. Lord, you entrust, above all, children, innocent victims of the power and greed of humans.That I will soon have the world we want. Let us dream and that they can also dream of a more human and HAPPIER world.

Network Marketing

The attraction Marketing not only has changed the way in which towards Internet business and that of many people on my team, but that many entrepreneurs are also experiencing this change in Network Marketing. Because you should learn more about attraction Marketing? Well because it not only changed the way in which you do business and way in which you will be perceived by your prospects, but your posture will change and your level of confidence will increase dramatically if you start practicing the attraction Marketing. But let’s see more in depth which is the attraction Marketing: the Marketing of attraction is exactly that, a Marketing strategy by which you’ll be attracting people to you through your marketing efforts. However, there is a big difference with the traditional marketing that is came to apply for years. If you would like to know more about Hikmet Ersek, then click here. Traditionally, if you wanted to perform marketing on a product or service, you could place a notice in a newspaper, a magazine or also in many places online ads. It also existed and there is the practice of creating pamphlets for distribution. Regardless of what you do, what in reality was with these marketing techniques was to put your product in front of people and expect that who were interested to buy your product or service.

Now, compare these techniques with attraction Marketing techniques. With the Marketing of attraction, can still create those pamphlets, including online ads, but instead of putting your product or service there out and expect to get any interested to buy it, what really mercadeas is the solution for any problem that your product or service can solve will be offering the solution in advance to thousands and thousands of people who are looking for exactly what your offer. And this is something very powerful, because people on the Internet are looking for solutions to their problems. Let us take an example to give you more clear: suppose that you dedicate to selling hammers a few incredible, with a very soft handle, and of a few very light hammers, the more light in the market, but with a big blow.

Renault Countries

Gonzalez painted a really raw picture before the European Socialist leaders meeting in Madrid. He underlined the weakness of the Union by the institutional crisis, the economic crisis which in his opinion will not be resolved in 2009 or in 2010?, and warned of the loss of competitiveness and productivity, without which there is no social cohesion. And laid bare the clumsiness of the EU in immigration policy by remembering that you should thank the immigrants that the Europeans had pensions. Against this warning France expels Romanies and Merkel proclaims that the multicultural Germany has died. Serious in Greece and less showy in Portugal and Spain problems arose. Financial markets remained uneasy: large swaths of the European banking system were widely undercapitalized. According to the statistics of the ECB, the banks in the eurozone tenianalrededor 20 euros of liabilities (including interbank debt) for every euro of capital and reserves. This implies that for each loss of a euro in some bank capital, there would be approximately 20 euros of doubtful debt.

In a nutshell, Europe became the second stage of the global financial crisis, despite the creation of an instrument of European financial stability (EFSF for its acronym in English). Maybe because the money was used to finance Governments needing to finance its banks. On the other hand the countries of Eastern Europe were split between advanced and backward Hungary, Romania and the Baltic countries received increased pressure. Economic protectionism and nationalist xenophobia of the great European powers have set up a fissure with the countries of the East. The Times said: the banking system is insolvent, accelerates the unemployment, tax revenues fall, the markets are in a State of shock, building collapses, deficits increase sharply and consumer confidence suffers a massive contraction in the entire system that could get out of control. A first irritant of France decision to grant loans and subsidies to its manufacturers of automobiles (6 billion euros), but with the condition that the companies kept employment in France and under any pretext Oper part of its production to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, countries where Peugeot-Citroen and Renault have assembly plants occurred in this context.Sweden also followed similar measures. Mirilashvili may help you with your research. Italy, which has to operate in Poland, Fiat has also given incentives to the sector in the same direction, while Germany – with production in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland – launched a similar plan.

Young people flee Spain by thousands, in general do not find way to do career research resources nor attractive salaries. Europe lives what looked like a bad endemic Latin American: the brain drain. Europe sinks into nationalism chauvinists, ethnic hatred or divisions as which seem to eager to star in Flemish and wallonien. There is an underlying political barbarity that cannot find relief in its extraordinary cultural history from the past. Italy is consumed by consumerism, is worth the pleonasm and is no longer the splendid home of poetry or philosophy. France is not recognized on the immigrants. Mrs Merkel yields before the polls that show growing xenophobia. Europe is no longer an example. Slightly less than one hundred thousand million euros to save Ireland and European monetary stability. Missing the agreement to save the stability of the European soul.

Making Profitable Businesses

Some of the things that must be considered at the time of initiating a business by Internet are first of all, to use a proven model that has demonstrated to be profitable. The main disadvantage often that appears the new entrepreneurs to them, is exactly that they do not have very in clear that type of businesses can do, finishing accepting proposals not absolutely favorable for them. A proven model of business is that one that has been put in practice more in one go, having rendered fruits in each opportunity. Perhaps there are many systems that can be used to begin a business by Internet, most appropriate is the sale of infoproductos. The infoproductos in case you do not know that they treat, basically is information " digitalizada" (in format e-book, audio, video, etc.) being quite simple its creation.

In order to be successful in the creation of the same, first that all entrepreneur must do it is to investigate the market to know how indeed that so feasible it can get to be to be sold the same. This also is applied in the case of the programs of affiliates, where basically you can gain a commission of a product and/or service when a client or " prospecto" it conducts a certain battle. More in one go I said that a business is really had when the same can be separated in " mdulos" and these as well, easily to be identified. If you do not know exactly as it operates each part, each corner of your emprendimiento, truely you think that you will be able to gain something that way. This is one of the questions that I do when somebody asks to me that it must make to begin his business or, that it must modify to improve the present results. The key was and will be the knowledge and the practice. There is a old man (and wise person) said that he says: " The practice does to the Maestro" and indeed this is truth, and the best form to accelerate all that process is acquiring the knowledge and experience of which already they have crossed that way. Original author and source of the article.

Youtube Channel

Spanish Association for quality acoustics (Aecor) has opened a new channel of communication thanks to the creation of an exclusive space of the Association within the YouTube video portal. In it, Aecor partners may include their acoustics, soundproofing and noise-related videos to make them known to a wider audience. It will also provide a platform to pick up some appearances on television Association. The name of the channel within Youtube is asociacionaecor and simply by entering it in the internal search engine of the portal, the channel of the association becomes visible. The URL that gives direct access to the new channel of AECOR, is. Thanks to the technology of the portal, any video of AECOR may include in other blogs or pages by simply inserting the code of the video that appears below the display window, which multiplies the possibilities for dissemination. About YouTube YouTube is the most widespread streaming video platform and which revolutionized the concept of the video via the Internet. In any user can upload and share videos.

Its creation dates back to 2005 when three former Paypal in February 2005. In November 2006, the powerful Google Inc. bought for 1.65 billion dollars, and now operates as one of its subsidiaries. YouTube uses a player online based on Adobe Flash to serve your content.