Pain and Suffering?

The pain is inevitable, but the suffering is optional. (Buddha) the misunderstood pain is doliente. There are many types of pain and all almost enter a group that would be the one of the unnecessary ones. To the margin of the physical pain, undeniable, to which I will not talk about more, the other pains can be avoided and is quite debatable their utility, and the necessity to undergo them and to feel attacked by them. In principle, the pain always takes place not to want to accept a reality that does not please to us: a drastic change, a sentimental separation, the loss of a loved being, to see of an undeniable way a reality that we have denied during long time, undesired emotional blows, that happens something that we did not want that Sabemos happened how to appease the physical pains, but we do not know how to alleviate this pain. It is a pain mental, or emotional, or of the soul, but it can end up having a physical form. It is pronounced like an indescribable slowness, a downheart, an uneasiness, a pesimism, a black veil that covers whole numbers to us. The necessity prevails to discover clearly the reason of that pain, and to solve the origin. To face which is, and to reason it, to feel it, to include/understand it because we know that we have tendency to somatizar, (unconsciously to transform a psychic affection into organic) and a pain without physical origin can end up pronouncing itself like a disease. If we were able to admit that the things are as they are and come as they come, and that we are not the guilty in the majority of the occasions, and we have although it we do not have to allow that they damage, to know this to us would have to allow us to a rest and an unloading in the pain.