My thought in that night if more still came back to the young. On the inside, the heart closed in itself and pressing my chest I set to cry. It wanted to believe that it was homesickness and so far we were one of the other, but, something in me said that it was not only this. I passed the night in clearly and to the dawn what it was to be party did not make much difference. One day any to mine to see. Anxious, yes, for the expectation to receive a phone call from it, but, it did not pass of only plus one day. My world fell down when reading the reporter and to fix my eyes in the name of written it enters the missing people for the fall of the airplane in Saints. It did not obtain to read the remaining portion and before it took me itself already it was the way of the accident.

It wanted to have hope at that moment. It not it could die, at least without before I saying I loved that it. It seemed a nightmare! With some lies I obtained to enter in the search team. It needed to find it how much before. It looked to day and night. It wanted to be able to believe that he was alive but at the same time it had fear to be wrong. My ardia heart in flames for soon wanting to have it my side and at the same time dominated it for the terror to find it without life. After to revirar the destroos of the airplane a search agent finds the destroyed stock market of it, in fact, however the stranger occurred, had over it documents and a letter.

They were unbroken. I asked for it stops seeing looking at the photo I could not I cry contain it that he became in prantos when reading what was there, that by the way, was pra me. Words were written had made that me to have certainty of that really it was gotten passionate by it. In it said he loved how much me and he suffered throughout the time that we pass distant. He had written me some letters but never he had courage to send them. In the day where he bound to me he wanted to say everything to me that was feeling but it lacked forces to it for this. He tried to forget this love but not it it resisted and it came behind me to say it loves how much me I still more cried or to read the end that said ‘ ‘ The destination did not want that we were together, imposed barriers and fear to this my feeling, we were friends for as much time and each as with you, it believes, it was reason of my smiles. But it wanted to have heard of you what inside of me it beats Love I you and have the certainty of that one day we go finding in them! Despite he has led plus a time, it is certain of that this day will arrive e, by the way, I wise person who you would come! ‘ ‘ I dried the tears and I smile. Now it was certain of that it was alive loves and me!