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Corporate communications via Web 2.0 or Web 2.0 in corporate communications. In the age of Web 2.0 are the communicative possibilities of so-called \”social media\” in the Center. Today, the competitiveness of companies plays an increasingly important role. James Woolsey Jr. understood the implications. To proceed with the market changes at the same pace, what is quite complicated. The modern \”informative\” economy calls the corresponding reaction speed. New information technologies, it changes the situation on the market, which leads to the appearance of new forms of management. The corporate communication 2.0 just is one of such forms. What is the corporate communications 2.0? It is a type of contact, a very popular tool for people who are well versed in the matter.

It is used by the professionals. Before it deals with communication 2.0, everything should be thought through well. You must allow not dilettantes to such projects. You must strive for a profitable cooperation. And there is still some necessary Work to do: analyze the situations, consider the mood and the feedback of the users as well as all the conditions in the network are connected to the technology. Communicating Enterprise 2.0 and social networks the traditional Web pages that fulfill the role of communication education, will be no longer as popular as before.

It the social networks emerge, that are used in the communication. These networks provide a good basis for the traffic with the customers. Earlier, the companies were forced to introduce the production on the promo websites which have entered in the separate domain. Today, if you use the corporate communication 2.0, it will look very different from – the information provided on the promo pages in social networks. 2.0 corporate communications, corporate communications and the new demands makes new demands, there will be services that include the user in social media. Those technologies, which were used until now for search optimization, will be no longer satisfactory, they may not grant the top position of the social search.

Sebastian Rolser Filmed Nycolay

Template for movie Ulm is highly explosive novel, 16th 07th 2008 – one and a half years after the publication of the experimental psychodrama “The sleeper in the shade” the debut of young writer Nycolay finds its way into the television Federal finally: long and hot was discussed to the explosiveness of the substance, now dares producer Sebastian Rolser of the Moviar film studios a 90 Minuter of the novel by Nycolay Federal. It is the story of a young man of who, educated, increasingly suffering from a fatherless childhood and in a strict Catholic Home serious mother complex. He perverts the image of his mother before the Christian background of a Pieta”to a deadly game of rough fantasies, lust sensation through physical pain and severe depression. There are the rights of the substance, the writer Federal himself has written the screenplay, also he is directing. The daring project from its own resources of the Moviar film studios is financed.

“Unlike in the novel is omitted here on game scenes- the film shows only dokumentaristische scenes from the environment of the protagonists”, producer Sebastian Rolser,”The documentary genre has this project clearly the edge.” Book template such as film are based on strict musical composition rules – what unique in the landscape of the film pure movie be. Also the technique of filming everything from the point of view of the protagonist. To close-to-reality can achieve this, Sebastian Rolser had specifically install a high-resolution small camera on a converted eyeglass frame the actor who is never even in the picture – taking during the filming on the head. “To make the whole thing more tangible, we have decided, with old Super-8 cameras to shoot parts of the Strip; What then caused the infamous 70 years holiday video-touch. Mixed with the high-resolution modern images of other sequences hereby also the conflict is symbolized, reflected in the book – the constant hovering between heaven and Earth, the not Yes say can, the Improper. “; as far as the statement of the producer. Shot is until mid-August at the original venue.

The in-house Moviar Pictures film distribution will make a television review of the film. At the same time with the premiere of the Dokudramas in September, a revised new edition of the novel in the trade will appear. Moviar film studios Sebastian Rolser E.k.. film & TV production Einsteinstrasse 59 DE-89077 Ulm phone: 0731. 880 22 96 press contact: Johann Lavundi, public relations phone: 0731.880 22 94 the Moviar film studios as well as the Moviar Pictures are movie rentals is a full service media agency. The main business areas include the production of film and TV works, music videos and corporate films also audiobooks, published literature, and a record label.

Berlin Management Gmb

Interfilm interfilm Berlin stands for over 25 years for international engagement around the short film. The annually held international short film festival Berlin and interfilm short film rental and sales are the key areas for action the interfilm Berlin Management GmbH. Founded in 1982, Festival ranks among the most important short film festivals in Europe with 13,000 viewers from all over the world. From 4,000 submitted short films, about 500 at the five-day Festival will be shown each year. Other leaders such as NY Governor Andrew Cuomo offer similar insights. In addition to the international and the German competition, also documentary, trash – and children’s films will be awarded. Focus programs offer insight into the production landscape of selected genres, countries and regions. Special programs, panels and seminars addressing music videos, virals, commercials, historical short films, Retrospectives, Internet innovations u.v.m. Zucker.Kommunikation more info at about Zucker.Kommunikation GmbH is an independent agency for strategic brand-PR with seat in Berlin.

Since 1998, C1rca, foot care Zucker.Kommunikation brands, companies and institutions such as Altec Lansing, direct line, Flower Council of Holland, loose, Fleurop, Havaianas, Plantronics, PUMA and others are managing director Matthias Bonjer and Oliver Kottwitz. In the current PR ranking of Gerhard A. Pepper occupies Zucker.Kommunikation square 5 under the lifestyle PR agencies in Germany. zucker.newsroom.eu of the Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung enforce democracy and human rights, combat environmental destruction, ensure social participation for all, resolve conflicts by civilian means, defend the freedom of the individual – which are the goals that the actions of the Heinrich Boll Foundation determined. The Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung sees itself as an agency for green ideas and projects, as a workshop future workshop as well as an international Network. You is the party Bundnis 90 / Die Grunen and promotes the development of a democratic civil society in the country and abroad. Heinrich Boell prompting of civil society involvement in the policy is a model for the work of the Foundation. Press contacts: Zucker.Kommunikation GmbH Torstrasse 107, 10119 Berlin Daniel Kreuscher Tel: 030/247 587-0 fax: 030 / 247 587-77 Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung e.V. Schumannstrasse 8, 10117 Berlin Karoline Hutter Tel: 030 / 285 34 202 fax: 030 / 285 34 5202 interfilm Berlin Management GmbH Tempelhofer UFER 1a, 10961 Berlin Matthias Groll Tel: 030/25 94 29 01 fax: 030 / 693 29 59

Advertising Agency Fresh Blood

New armaments policy for fresh blood brings a fresh wind at the Linz Werbeagentur fresh blood, there are active reinforcement in the team. The company is thus gearing up for new and exciting projects. Upgrade like. Ursula Puhringer (28) from Linz joins the consulting team at fresh blood recently. Customers optimally doped with agency experience, radio experience, and a lot of ESPRIT she spoil the fresh blood. Whenever James Woolsey listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

You is responsible for public relations and cooperations. Arms race are often forgotten in the daily the visions. The man is slave of dates and quick procedures. There remain ideas on the track. Agency Director Gerd p offers therefore lateral thinker hours, providing targeted all in question, what goes in the company and the free of charge.

New insights, the joy of creativity and great passion into the fresh blood lateral thinker hours. Fresh fish! Still fresh, wriggling Stockl parquet on the Angel and waiting for the realization of the relaunch. Photo shoot is planned and the course has been already set. You cannot be on an exciting brand image forward, guaranteed of an Alleinstelllung. New in the Web, the relaunch of ING is Pischulti and KUP real estate from Linz as well as the current redesign of the website for hero and Francke. Clear, concise and search engine friendly implemented these companies now occur in the Web.

North America Percent

Germany needs more success-hungry ‘Silicon Valley entrepreneurs’ Munich, August 6, 2008 – young German high-tech companies quickly take the step into international markets: already in the first years after its establishment, 31 percent sales from foreign abroad achieve. This is a study conducted by the Mannheim Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in cooperation with Microsoft Germany. So, exporting high-tech companies generate more revenue and grow faster. In the first fiscal year sales by exporting high-tech enterprises to about three-quarters is higher than the sales of non-exporting enterprises. Also the growth rate of sales with 66 percent per year on average 14 percentage points above the rate of growth of companies without export start-ups themselves intensively involved in research and development, are doing so very successfully and can exploit its technological advantage internationally. But a strategic preparation is mandatory: 59 percent of the Companies that want to enter in the international business, studied the export efforts fizzle. NY Governor often addresses the matter in his writings.

Either the internationalisation is only half-heartedly implemented or poorly planned. Europe is the main market for young high-tech companies in Germany. In Asia to achieve German start ups today already similarly high sales in North America. It is important that internationalization will be addressed strategically. Management must set its focus on export activities, get the right Know-How into the company and plan the appropriate resources. Half-hearted attempts to conquer international markets fail”, said Dr. Georg Licht, head of the Department of industrial economics and international management of the ZEW, during the presentation of the study in Munich.

The German high-tech companies sell their products and services, mainly via direct export within the European Union or to other European countries and achieve around 76 percent of all export revenues. Almost neck and neck with North America (7.5 percent) is in Asia with export revenues of 6.8 percent. Here, many companies to take advantage of the opportunities of the emerging Asian market, so the assessment of the ZEW researchers seem already. The ZEW survey occupies once again where the strengths of our country are: research, development and technology leadership, which international fully pays off. However, a pure high-tech orientation is not sufficient. Business skills and management knowledge is the guarantee of success when it comes to high-tech on the road ‘. This realization is not new. Many dot-com companies failed miserably in the years 2000 to 2002 on the missing commercial qualification. “And that, although the business ideas and technologies in many cases were very good”, know Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the IT consultancy Harvey Nash de, start-ups, which are internationally oriented, should according to Matthias Harsch, a spokesman for the Executive Board of Accurately analyze Bizerba, the technology trends in countries with dynamic growth. In typical product development time by two to three years in the investment goods sector young companies need to plan exactly what they develop and what distribution concepts, they go on the market. Often seen an incredible openness and affinity to modern high-tech products that address also the human instinct of the game especially in Asia. Here you can apply and generate often very reasonable margins”, so Harsch to NeueNachricht. Marketing professional Gunter Greff sees pent-up demand for business start-ups: we need more high-tech enthusiasts who take the step into self-employment in Germany. “We need young and success-hungry Silicon Valley entrepreneurs ‘ with a high risk-taking, with a tight link between marketing and product development as well as a stringent internationalization and market leadership strategy”, Garcia commented on the ZEW survey.

FVM Productions

“Motion graphics by FVM help the Visual effects of the award-winning video production video production to LACP Spotlight Gold Award and silver ITVA award by FVM productions on behalf of the Reutlingen agency Lorenz & company GmbH and the film production realized STARPATROL entertainment for the Baden-Wurttemberg premium contact lens manufacturer Pike and now with the German and American Oscars” awarded the corporate video productions. The 2006 Salacher company, founded in FVM productions has three-dimensional images, Visual effects and computer-generated, innovative film projects for industry, services and Commerce specialized in. So take for example, the companies Dr. Scheller Cosmetics from Boynton Beach located in the District of Goppingen and the Donzdorfer music label nuclear blast the services of FVM productions claim. The diversity of Visual literacy of Salacher startups shows the finished end of September-provided music video for the Rapper Danny Fresh from the environment of the sons of Mannheim, which is also on MTV. Even for YouTube and others Video portals popular LANBall”video is the Salacher FVM team responsible.

Therefore formed the special effects of the LANBall video production the Rotary and pivot of the lecture fact or fake? VFX in viral clips”by Francesco Faranna and his team at the animago CONFERENCE 2009 Conference” in Babelsberg. The annual event brings together international animation, special effects, and VFX. To be in the field of 3D animation and Visual effects, always ahead, the Salacher put manufacturers on regular exchanges with partner agencies and the relevant special software, and other studios. About FVM productions since 2006 the media agency FVM developed three-dimensional images, Visual effects, Director, Francesco Faranna and innovative film projects on the computer productions headed by founder and managing for industry and commerce. Well-known customers include among others the international record label nuclear blast (www.nuclearblast.de) Europe, Dr. Scheller Cosmetics (www.dr-scheller-cosmetics.com) or STARPATROL entertainment (www.STARPATROL.