Sebastian Rolser Filmed Nycolay

Template for movie Ulm is highly explosive novel, 16th 07th 2008 – one and a half years after the publication of the experimental psychodrama “The sleeper in the shade” the debut of young writer Nycolay finds its way into the television Federal finally: long and hot was discussed to the explosiveness of the substance, now dares producer Sebastian Rolser of the Moviar film studios a 90 Minuter of the novel by Nycolay Federal. It is the story of a young man of who, educated, increasingly suffering from a fatherless childhood and in a strict Catholic Home serious mother complex. He perverts the image of his mother before the Christian background of a Pieta”to a deadly game of rough fantasies, lust sensation through physical pain and severe depression. There are the rights of the substance, the writer Federal himself has written the screenplay, also he is directing. The daring project from its own resources of the Moviar film studios is financed.

“Unlike in the novel is omitted here on game scenes- the film shows only dokumentaristische scenes from the environment of the protagonists”, producer Sebastian Rolser,”The documentary genre has this project clearly the edge.” Book template such as film are based on strict musical composition rules – what unique in the landscape of the film pure movie be. Also the technique of filming everything from the point of view of the protagonist. To close-to-reality can achieve this, Sebastian Rolser had specifically install a high-resolution small camera on a converted eyeglass frame the actor who is never even in the picture – taking during the filming on the head. “To make the whole thing more tangible, we have decided, with old Super-8 cameras to shoot parts of the Strip; What then caused the infamous 70 years holiday video-touch. Mixed with the high-resolution modern images of other sequences hereby also the conflict is symbolized, reflected in the book – the constant hovering between heaven and Earth, the not Yes say can, the Improper. “; as far as the statement of the producer. Shot is until mid-August at the original venue.

The in-house Moviar Pictures film distribution will make a television review of the film. At the same time with the premiere of the Dokudramas in September, a revised new edition of the novel in the trade will appear. Moviar film studios Sebastian Rolser E.k.. film & TV production Einsteinstrasse 59 DE-89077 Ulm phone: 0731. 880 22 96 press contact: Johann Lavundi, public relations phone: 0731.880 22 94 the Moviar film studios as well as the Moviar Pictures are movie rentals is a full service media agency. The main business areas include the production of film and TV works, music videos and corporate films also audiobooks, published literature, and a record label.