Few Statistics On

Human life is fickle, it is densely empty. Well today, tomorrow bad. Is it possible to accurately understand – whether you become better in some area or worse? The only clue to improvement or deterioration is statistics. Take a situation at work – one works very hard – prevnosit new ideas, promote the development of the company or project, and another sits behind the monitor, playing on a half-day 'in a headscarf. " A salary is the same. Nothing good will come of it – because it will increase tension in the team, and the incentive to improve a bummer not to be, and people gradually drop to a high level of production. So if you are a person who is responsible for the distribution of the wage fund, try to introduce one way or another system of statistics that will help properly distribute the bonus pool.

Justice. Determine the statistics are not as difficult as it may first seem – it is always possible to do this. And then just need to keep statistics on a single board production, where all will be visible immediately. If you are just an employee, who will find their place – suggest (although it is not accepted in modern society), look for a job where the salary will be fickle, but you will have some dependence obtained money from your best effort. This will allow you as an individual to remain 'in the form of' do not wallow in the mire work routine.

Beware of a stable salary – the scourge of modern society, making the new day like as two drops of the previous one. Stable, but the constant wage deprives you the ability to manage their income, because Whatever you do – nothing much will change. The system of statistics, although it seems most applicable to the workplace and in the field of remuneration, in fact, may be introduced into any area of life, and the only way to appreciate – and how well things are going: up or down. Well, for example (if you're married / unmarried) – how long have you kissed your other half? How many times did it on their honeymoon? And when you were happy – then or now? If you are a business owner, the most the best approach – it is immediately entered into the newly created company management and distribution of salaries for statisticians – this will save you from the promotion of unproductive employees, because often people are good at talk, but can not bring so many benefits. At the same time, you may find that a modest fellow who can not apply themselves well to produce 3 times more. Summary: Determine the area of life you want to improve, determine the statistics and just increase it. And you'll see – something that will change! Article based on the portal for individual entrepreneurs: