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Wooden Pallets

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. The main activity is the production of the holding and sale of pallets (pallets), pallet collars and other types of reusable cargo containers, as collect, repair, sorting and selling of wooden pallets (pallets) and pallet collars. Our services are: sale of pallets pallets to order sale of timber shipping pallets Our customer's warehouse Advantages: wide range of convenient payment method possible to deliver a flexible work schedule individual approach to customers Goods: Pallets Euro pallet dimensions: 144x800x1200mm Payload: 2500kg Price: 55 UAH. (Including VAT), Depending on the region and the volume of production. Conforms to the standard EUR, as well as GOST 9557-87. Pallet is sure to mark the European standard (the letters 'EUR' in an oval, burnt checkers on the right pan.) On the pallet is also necessary there is marking the manufacturer (DB, PKP, FS + year of manufacture and serial number). In accordance with the above standards, such pallets are made from natural edged timber or less moisture.

Flooring pan is made of five plates with alternating wide and narrow boards (145 and 100 mm respectively) and mounted on three cross boards. At the base of the pallet are 9 pieces size 80h100h145 mm. The four-sided pallet entry provides speed and convenience during transportation by trucks. Average pallet Dimensions: 800x1200x144mm Capacity: 1500 kg price negotiable, depending on the region and the volume of production. Quadrifilar odnonastilnye pallets. They are made of wood arbitrary species of natural moisture. Used during the loading and unloading operations both indoors and outdoors (allowable temperature range of-45C – +45 C). Suitable for automated movement of finished packages using forklift trucks. Pallet wide Dimensions: 1000h1200h145mm Payload: 1,500 kg Price: 65 UAH. (Including VAT), depending on the region and the volume of production. The pallet is made of trimming lumber grade II. The flooring consists of a pallet 7 planks of the same size (1200 x 100 x 20). At the base of the pallet – 3 board sizes above mentioned with cut corners. Used for fastening deck construction nails 3,5 x 70.Pilomaterialy in assortment and to order: cut – from 950 USD / cubic meter is not cut – from 550 USD / cubic meter

Unical AG Fuel

Heating boilers can be divided into gas-fired boilers, electric boilers (electric) and solid fuel boilers. Depending on their destination, boilers are divided into single-circuit (which has in its enclosure a heat exchanger and are designed solely for space heating) and double-circuit (with two heat exchangers, which are used for heating and hot running water). Wall gas heating boilers have a capacity of 24-32 kW, and are divided into boilers with natural draft (with open combustion chamber), and for boilers with forced exhaust pipe (with closed camera). In our store you can find such brands of gas boilers heating: Ariston, Aton, Beretta, Baxi, BOSCH, Demrad, ENA, Ferroli, Grandini, Hermann, Immergas, Nobel, Nova Florida, Protherm, Saunier Duval, Solly, Sime, Vaillant, Viessmann, Westen, Unical AG. Gas boilers are among the most popular in the world, thanks to high performance, ease of installation and low price of natural gas, which is the fuel for these boilers.

The increasing popularity in the market of heating systems gaining electric boilers, which characterized by high reliability and efficiency. But the main advantage of elektrokotlovyavlyaetsya that they work by electricity, which is very important in areas where there are no gas lines and other sources fuel. In our store you can find electric boilers such famous brands as Protherm, Kospel (Poland), Aton (Ukraine). Solid fuel boilers of heating in our time is not often used in homes or cottages, since they require manual work on tab topliva.Tverdotoplivnye boilers work on brown or black coal, coke, wood, wood chips, Stipa, compressed fuel briquettes, pellets, waste processing different crop, although most common types of fuel are firewood and charcoal.

Fuel System

Camshaft with removable fist washers. Gas distribution drive rod. Two final and charge collectors are located on different sides of diesel. Piston of aluminum-silicon alloy with a wok has three or four O and two oil ring. The rod connecting rod of circular cross section with a central channel for the supply of oil. Crankshaft with counterweights. Main and connecting rod crankshaft bearings are stalebronzovye liners.

The fuel system with self-regulating piston pump flow, multiple fuel pump, and multi-jet paper filters nozzles. Lubrication system with a centrifuge tube and cooling unit. Cooling system with centrifugal pumps. The desired temperature of the water and lubricating oil is maintained thermostats. Diesel is equipped with air starting system, but can be started and the electric starter. Diesel engines, supplied by Czechoslovakia, irreversible vertical row diesels produced by national enterprise "Skoda", as used on ships refulernyh drive pumps or current generators, reversible and irreversible, some diesels (6S275L, 6L275PN, 6S275-NPA, 4 (6) L160, 6L160PN, etc.) complete with a reverse gear – as the principal.

6C275-III diesels Mon without gear used in the electric power facilities assigned to mark 6-27, 5A2L. They have the whole cast-iron base frame on the upper surface of which is set a block housing with inserted sleeves. Block-crankcase bolts fastened to the frame. On both sides of the block are hatches with removable covers. Part of the hatch is equipped with safety valves. Cylinder head, cast iron individual. In the covers installed nozzle start-up valve with pneumatic control and a single intake and exhaust valves.