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Body Parts UAZ Classical Model

In addition to internal parts can be distinguished by the following external uaz parts: doors, sides, body. Doors, tailgate body uaz – removable. A door on the one hand uaz interchangeable. In the body floor there are special openings that provide access to internal spare parts UAZ: box transmission, transfer case, a parking brake sensor and receiver tubes of the fuel tanks. Hatches are closed lids with rubber gaskets and fastened to the floor bolts. In the central pillar are hatches with opening lids to accommodate the following parts UAZ: fillers fuel tanks. Educate yourself with thoughts from Western Union. In the closed and open manhole covers retaining spring.

These parts uaz as: Body parts of feathers, grille, fenders, fender, hood is removable. Wind frame mounted on hinges and fixed bars. When she rented tent can be thrown on the hood and secured with straps. The hood can be installed in two positions. The front seats are also interchangeable and are attached to the floor of the three bolts, each one of the three positions. Backs of the front seats can be installed in one of two positions. Not recommended to install the seats and backs at the same time tap back position, as this is hampered folding rear seats. Virtually all parts uaz are folding.

No exception and triple rear seat with two backs. Order. To fold the seat, you must press the back of the seat cushion and fasten their seat belts in this position, then the seat to rotate on the axes of the legs and tilt forward. Tilted position of the seats can increase the cargo volume of the machine. The rear seats can recline single up and secured with a belt. On some vehicles instead of the triple and two rear seats can be installed single longitudinal semi-rigid seat. The body also features a removable fabric awning mounted on a folding metal frame. If necessary, This tilt can be removed.


To date, there are many types of diesel engines. And that's good for one, it is absolutely not acceptable for another. Therefore, we decided to give the most basic tips that are universal for any type of diesel engine: 1) Do not bring the balance of diesel in the tank to "zero". (Maybe "airing" the fuel system and damage the fuel system.) 2) If possible, fill the high-quality fuel. Remember that the presence of filling the store with the hot cakes, not a guarantee of quality fuel.

3) in a timely manner to change the air filter, especially on the engine with turbocharger. Plume of black smoke trailing behind the car said that the fuel burn properly. In the combustion chamber or an excess of fuel or lack of air. Taking into account the operation of the diesel engine in Moscow – and Moscow – is the dust and sand in the spring and summer of poplar fluff – to change the air filter, along with oil change, but not less than 10.000 km. And in the summer – the replacement must be done more frequently than in winter. Do not be lazy once again open the air filter box and check its status. Untimely replacement filter – it came out of turbocharger failure and mass airflow sensor (meter).

4) timely change oil and oil filter. We recommend 7 – 8.000 km. Taking into account the operation of the diesel engine in Moscow – and Moscow – a tube, it is difficult operating conditions.

Buying a Motorcycle

So, you decided to buy a motorcycle. First, you must determine which type is more appropriate: sport or motocross, motard, or chopper, travel, or, finally, a road. Further, it is worth considering the choice of the manufacturer. Choice Motorcycle manufacturer will contribute to the study of history . RevCascade oftentimes addresses this issue. If you buy a motorcycle is the first in my life, you should opt for the technique of small-and medium-size – from 125 to 600 cc But to start learn from a motorcycle with an engine displacement of 1000 cubic meters. cm, better not. You have to clearly imagine what amount of money will be spent on purchase of a motorcycle, forget about the money, you need to execute all papers, insurance, safety equipment as needed.

Find a dealer – is also important, and if he's around with you, it will be just fine. It is important to note that if you purchased transportation – a bike with mileage, the dealer who value customers will always be glad you help with tuning, or sell parts for Moto. Want to buy a motorcycle used? You should know that any bike, moving beyond the threshold of the store to become 'a motorcycle with a run', of course, is different, but most often purchased with bike You get a whole pile of 'gifts', which do not please customers. Indeed, in such a bike will have to invest money, and that considerable. Do not be lazy carefully check the amount of give you the keys and documents for transport means, if you are the first time in the cabin. And understand one thing – all is not gold that glitters. Motorcycle, polished to a shine and namyty up sparks inside may not be quite good quality. You should alert a 'thorough' Pre-delivery, think – something wrong here.

Appearance, of course, important, but the internal components and assemblies Motorcycle play an important role, they will tell the real truth about the state of the bike. To start Inspect brake discs. The degree of wear – the real state of the bike, that is, how many actually ran a motorcycle. You can see step – ok, but if I marked undulation, cheerleaders. The biggest excitement begins with the arrival of spring. The process of purchasing the bike is transformed from an enjoyable event in this race with those who also wish to buy himself a motorcycle. In general, no matter what bike you buy, more importantly, it is very nice moment. Good luck!

Renault Logan Hyundai

Until recently, about the new Hyundai Solaris, but her name was known only that it will be produced at the factory Hyundai in Saint Petersburg. The company Hyundai Motor, South Korea's largest automaker, reveals new data on the trim Russian sedan Hyundai Solaris. Concern Hyundai presents five options available to complete sets and four package options, the new sedan Hyundai Solaris since January 2010. Choice of option packages on the Russian market, Hyundai Motor Company offers the first time. It is intended to provide clients as possible to adapt the car to fit your needs. Hikmet Erseks opinions are not widely known.

According to a press release, the most affordable new items will be bundled version of Base, equipped with in-line four-cylinder petrol engine volume 1.4 liters and 107 hp (79 kW) with a five-speed manual transmission. This version of the car will be equipped with driver's airbag, power steering, front electric windows, ducts, carried out by kicking the rear passengers, heat protective tinted windows, headrests for the rear seat passengers, and many other useful options. As an additional option to customers You can add to the list of air conditioning. In the other three versions Classic, Comfort and Optima Russian buyers can choose between two petrol powertrains – 1,4 liter (107hp) and 1.6 liters (126 hp), As well as between five-speed manual transmission and four-stage automatic transmission. For these versions will be offered four basic optional package: "Safety", "Winter", "Advanced" and "Prestige". The first two additional driver side airbag security, and a front passenger front seat, as well as stability control and traction control.

Package "Winter" includes heated front seats, exterior mirrors with electric and heated, power front and rear, heated wiper rest area. "Advanced" option package includes a Hi-Fi MP3-stereo, foglights, led interior lighting and the armrest with luggage compartment for small details on the central tunnel. In a set of options "Prestige" buyer receives Leather steering wheel and shift knob, turn signal repeaters in the exterior mirror housings, the cover trunk with chrome trim and alloy wheels. The top equipment Hyundai Solaris Family will be available to Russians with a maximum range of and exclusively with four-cylinder engine of 1.6 liters (126 hp) and five-speed manual gearbox or automatic transmission on the quad option. By default, the Family is equipped with six airbags, electronic stabilization system, repeaters are turning to the exterior mirror housings, system access interior without a key, a climate-controlled, 16-inch wheels, an opportunity to connect the phone to an audio system via Bluetooth, full-sized spare wheel and other finishes for interior and exterior. Stylish design, wide variety modifications and additional options that focus on the needs of the local market and the high level of security is the basic version of Solaris will help produce a stir at the Russian automotive market and become the most attractive proposition in a segment of the C-Class sedans. That price innovations will be crucial in the fight for .Osnovnymi competitors Solaris will be Volkswagen Polo Saloon (this car has also been developed to developing markets, its assembly began at a Volkswagen plant in Kaluga in June this year) and the Renault Logan. Also soon go on sale an interesting model vw Jetta 2011.

Turbo Chargers

Little about the concept turbo compressor, its forms and the mode of action. The concept of the turbocharger has a number of synonyms and names of just a philistine such as turbines, turbo, supercharger, turbocharger, etc. Turbocharger – a single unit forcibly feed air is compressed in a few atmospheres in the engine cylinders, improving the quality of the working mixture. One part of the turbocharger is connected to the exhaust system and engine driven energy of the engine exhaust, the other part – from the inlet. Turbocharger consists of the following major parts: turbine housing (cast iron), bearing housings (cast iron), the compressor housing, a rotor on one axis of which are turbine wheel and compressor wheel. Using the kinetic energy of the exhaust gas turbine wheel drives the rotor and the rotor – the wheel of the compressor, which sucks in air and delivers it to the engine cylinders. The more intense the torque, the faster the rotor rotates, the greater the amount of air fed into the cylinders.

Rotor speed can reach up to 300,000 revolutions per minute, this is 5000 revolutions per second. This suggests that turbine is subjected to high loads and shall be manufactured under special high-precision equipment using the most modern technologies and materials. Turbine – a broader concept than turbocharger, though often they are identified. The turbines are of several types and differ in the way of bringing into action. From exhaust gases – a turbocharger, by mechanical (belt) drive – turbocharger, etc.

The most widely used in the automotive industry received a turbocharger because of the simplicity of design and performance. This improves the engine power to 20-35%, the engine has a higher torque at medium and high revs, which makes the car more dynamic and cost effective motion. It should be noted that the turbocharger in 80% of cases is not cause and consequence of engine failure and its systems as well as his job depends on the serviceability of the oil system, air systems, gas distribution systems, fuel system. In case of failure of one of these systems of internal combustion engines turbine can not work or even fail, with the attendant consequences. We urge motorists and professionals to pay attention to the systematic maintenance of your car, on the purchase only high quality oil and filter elements, the quality of automotive service. Make prevention your own car, to diagnose a suspected problem or when replacing the oil. and Remember, self-respecting car enthusiast and the more professional arrives in a service at the next then with his progress!

Blue Lamp

3500K 4300K 5000K 6000K 7000K 8000K Wow! Now, 6000K xenon lamp shines with a kind of yellowish-green tint. But 6500K xenon lamp shines brightest white light, slightly lame-blue spectrum. Now we remove xenon 6000K and put the Germans with a temperature of 4250K. As you may have guessed Mercedes had no compared with Hundai Only then did everything exactly the opposite Unfortunately output is not in favor of the German Xenon lamps: the higher the color temperature, the brighter and whiter light of the lamp. And if at first (up to 4000K) light has a pronounced yellow shade, after 4000K spectrum shifts toward the red, then it goes from pink to greenish hues And after the 6000K range of ‘go’ with the blue All these observations are valid for lamps with a transparent envelope, because blue bulb Naturally everything is shifted to blue.

Incidentally there is a perception that the blue lamp is made of white, which color of the glow does not fit into the rigid framework. This is partly true, but not all manufacturers. At one time held through Moscow, the Blue Lamp, in which even a blue coating on the bulb could not hide the difference in the glow of lamps. And people the cheapness suffer now so far. But back to ‘our sheep’. We talked about the ‘naked’ light bulbs If they are inserted into the spotlight, there may be some variations in color as the glow then makes adjustments to its reflector. Check with Rob Daley to learn more. And then we want to note that if you want to have exactly the same light as the ‘out that Mercedes (Audi, BMW)’ then you need to buy the same car Optics are different.

We had a case where the same set of xenon for the interest rearranged, with the ml 210 th body. Lamps and components are the same, but they shone on two different machines in different ways. But they were Machines with optics, not calculated for the installation of xenon. Now imagine what the difference is between, say, two Mercedes 220’s bodies, if one xenon from the factory and another is set in Russia in halogen optics. Yes, the difference will be, and quite decent, though the machine should stand side by side. Otherwise, this difference can not even catch any specialist. Although any special right to say, shine your car lights ‘xenon’ and there are shining By the way installation of xenon on the Mercedes in linzovannoy optics does not allow the eye to determine the ‘factory’ Xenon is a car or not. So be happy owners straight from the tin audi, vw, and bmw.

Low Sensors

The resulting information is delivered to the display. Modern internal sensors can detect even small changes in any of the four tires. Moreover, they are sensitive to temperature changes, since the friction between tire and road surface heats up the tire and thus increases the pressure. To transfer information from wheels on the display is used rf channel, or electromagnetic waves. How to choose the pressure sensors? First, pressure and temperature sensors in the tires must continually monitor the slightest changes in pressure and temperature, regardless of vehicle speed. Second, the data should instantly appear in the display. Thirdly, the power supply of sensors should be safe as conventional lithium batteries tend to explode at high temperatures.

And, finally, display the sensor should be two-tone, as by law electronics can not be notified of the danger in the same color, which is used for normal reading. Caution should be bright and glaring. Now some statistics! Did you know that – Low tire pressure increases the carbon dioxide emissions by 40%, which significantly impairs the ecological environment? – Low tire pressure increases fuel costs and the use of pressure sensors reduces them to 4%? In the U.S., the introduction of sensors allowed to reduce the cost of petrol by 10%, that is, at $ 674 a year on average .- Low pressure tire reduces its life by 50%? The eu has estimated that to date, low tire pressure led to the premature wear of 200 million tires, fuel expenditure by 20 million liters, and emissions into the atmosphere 2 million tons of carbon dioxide .- In the U.S. alone each year 250,000 accidents occur, the cause of which is violation of the tire pressure? – Almost 75% of the slopes of tires you can anticipate, as it is preceded by a slight decrease in pressure? – The Eye impossible to determine that the tire deflated, even if the pressure is halved? – Mounting pressure sensors on all vehicles will be able to prevent at least 79 deaths and 10,365 injuries a year?


True, the water etoprimitiv compared with the following method, which I told the employee vdannoy industry with the experience. Fuel truck, filled to the bar blends dry, and on counter goes shortage liters 50-80. Is this possible? Course possible. Particularly clever and greedy drivers attach to an inconspicuous place in the barrel of some inflatable object such as a large ball, well adalshe, I think, need not be explained. Tank filled to capacity, and the rest – not their problem. In general, gas stations, usually petrol comes already in the fuel truck. The fact that in Ukraine there are only neskolkodesyatkov refineries and suppliers of oil – more.

Honest – units, mostly vseeti countless Ltd operate on two principles. First – buy 76-ybenzin, increase the octane number additives and sell it as the 95 th. Second, make a frame in the pipeline, they buy oborudovaniepodeshevle refinery, and drive gasoline or diesel fuel alone. The quality of natural speech is not. In Lugansk region is a small village, where, according to a fuel tanker driver, works in hangar a machine that surpasses the oil in diesel fuel. fabulous! Dark, muddy, thick, with lots of melkihvkrapleny, not to mention the large big flakes of oil. Kachestvobenzina too, are different – from good to ugly. For example, in the small town of Lugansk region often had to 92nd cloudy, with a vigorous knocking resonant smell, and most importantly, that if you omit this petrol a libopredmet, then, being lessons, he immediately covered with a white film.

The Most Popular Car In Europe

Europeans know a lot about cars. And in manufacturing, and in using them. Increasingly in Europe cars are so-called Golf class. The ancestor of this category of vehicles – Volkswagen Golf, jumped higher, to the next class – the middle class. Accordingly, the pros and cons of this car, "weight" category, we denote two completely different models, which, however, belong to the same segment: Skoda Octavia – a car, originally defined for poor middle-class citizens of the former socialist countries, and the "Peugeot 308" – vehicles for pampered representatives of the French bourgeoisie.

Dimensions Economical auto imply its small mass. That in any case affect the size. Again, daily use of CD-kara (the so-called Golf class in the United States of America), which compares favorably the smallest size of the full-size cars, gives a significant advantage over time. For example, to get to work on a weekday in a small, agile of early jams is much easier. But Skoda Octavia and the Skoda Fabia – car still family. From this it follows that, despite the small size, location and back, and in the baggage compartment must be quite a lot. Efficiency and capacity of a logical requirement that makes the master to his own "iron horse", is considered to be economical.

Indeed: if you operate the machine continuously, in this case is preferable, when wasting fuel, it will be less. And Skoda, Peugeot and always ready to meet the desires of their customers. What kind of car is the most zealous customers will want to buy? Skoda Octavia can be purchased with a petrol engine volume 1.4 liters, the smallest in terms of engine "Peugeot 308" – 1.6 cubic decimeter. The most economical Skoda spends a hundred miles only 6.6 liters of gasoline, and Peugeot – 7.7 liters. But those who want the car "hotter", and Skoda, Peugeot and are always ready to offer a more sporting set. But Yet, initially the vehicles small family car class is not designed for sports tracks. Suppose you do not overtake at a traffic light sports car, but the money and the service and prokorm "of your vehicle will spend a little bit. Functionality in the first place, main purpose vehicle class golf – it is their utility. Skoda Octavia "and" Peugeot 308 "- two completely different vehicles. However, their belonging to a small secondary class – a modest familial machine, as they represent velikobritantsy, reconciles their respective owners. Accordingly, the purpose of specific data models Skoda and Peugeot same – to be a reliable car for not very large family: day, month after month, year reliably serve their own masters. This continuous commitment to service connects such seemingly different means of transportation. And the Czechs and the French, and Russian – cars this class family are: the Skoda Octavia and the "Peugeot 308" equally regularly serve as a means of transportation to and from work, to give the weekend. Thus, the representative of the C-Class – a functional car for daily use.

Security Requirements

It is necessary to comply with some simple but important security requirements. In principle, they are common to any vehicle, but repetition as they say Practice makes perfect, and remember that compliance with safety regulations must first of all for you: – Carefully read the manual operation of the engine before the start of its operation. – Before Begin to examine the engine, make sure it is good condition and only then proceed to run it. To facilitate the launch at low temperatures is forbidden to use an open flame to heat pipes and oil sump. – Fueling and oil production by pumping facility, equipped with fine filters. – Daily check the condition of pipes and joints. Prevent leakage of fuel and oil.

In a timely manner to clean and wipe all of the engine. – During start-up and operation of the engine to prevent unauthorized persons. – During the launch, operation and after stopping the engine is prohibited to stop the impeller fan by any means at hand. – Do not grease, not to regulate, and not wiping running engine. – When performing maintenance, inspection and repair, use low voltage lighting up to 36V. – Do not preheat the engine in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

– When performing maintenance only use defective power tool its purpose. – In case of overheating engine oil filler cap in the cooling system to open a fist, being careful, because can occur ejection of hot water and steam. – Avoid the possibility of burns in discharge of oil. Remember that burns oil are chemical in nature. – Remember that the ethylene glycol fluid and ‘Antifreeze’ poisonous if swallowed. – When extinguishing inflamed spilled fuel use extinguishers, sand to fill the flame, cover asbestos blanket, felt or tarpaulin. Do not fill up the flames with water. – In carrying out electric welding on the car directly in order to prevent failure of the relay controller must disable switch “mass” and disconnect the wire from terminal “+” generator. Wire mass welder must be connected in close proximity to the weld. -To repair Use only original parts it would significantly increase the life of a kontafakt often simply dangerous. Good luck to you in a renovation!