Low Sensors

The resulting information is delivered to the display. Modern internal sensors can detect even small changes in any of the four tires. Moreover, they are sensitive to temperature changes, since the friction between tire and road surface heats up the tire and thus increases the pressure. To transfer information from wheels on the display is used rf channel, or electromagnetic waves. How to choose the pressure sensors? First, pressure and temperature sensors in the tires must continually monitor the slightest changes in pressure and temperature, regardless of vehicle speed. Second, the data should instantly appear in the display. Thirdly, the power supply of sensors should be safe as conventional lithium batteries tend to explode at high temperatures.

And, finally, display the sensor should be two-tone, as by law electronics can not be notified of the danger in the same color, which is used for normal reading. Caution should be bright and glaring. Now some statistics! Did you know that – Low tire pressure increases the carbon dioxide emissions by 40%, which significantly impairs the ecological environment? – Low tire pressure increases fuel costs and the use of pressure sensors reduces them to 4%? In the U.S., the introduction of sensors allowed to reduce the cost of petrol by 10%, that is, at $ 674 a year on average .- Low pressure tire reduces its life by 50%? The eu has estimated that to date, low tire pressure led to the premature wear of 200 million tires, fuel expenditure by 20 million liters, and emissions into the atmosphere 2 million tons of carbon dioxide .- In the U.S. alone each year 250,000 accidents occur, the cause of which is violation of the tire pressure? – Almost 75% of the slopes of tires you can anticipate, as it is preceded by a slight decrease in pressure? – The Eye impossible to determine that the tire deflated, even if the pressure is halved? – Mounting pressure sensors on all vehicles will be able to prevent at least 79 deaths and 10,365 injuries a year?