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3. Users will require collaboration tools built into enterprise business software so that they can connect with people inside and outside the company, no barriers between areas of the company or with other firms much spoken of social networks and its impact on relations with customers and the business community. But until where comes this concept? Considering that the value chain of a company consists of suppliers and customers, it is not unreasonable to think from management software have ability to direct relationship. However, this community of collaboration and relationship will not be opened. Moreover, members should be able to manage your professional network as the personal network.

Some of the requirements that should be met tools for collaboration and relationship must be: personal identification: certification that each individual who is said to be, with a rigid control of entry into the personal profile and access control in the corporate profile. Sovereign connection: the user must be who decides who connect and should be responsible for the management of their connections. Corporate governance: the companies are sovereign and independent in their networks of business and they must have security, certification and management of the roles of individuals. Total privacy: information from personal and corporate profile, browsing, purchasing and queries belong to the individual or companies, not being marketable in any hypothesis. Multiple collaborative certifications: an individual may be certified by more than one certifier. 4 Software vendors integrate their applications with other sources of information from the concept of management software to administrative to enterprise resource planning there was a tremendous evolution of the software.

The emergence of other more specialized management technologies such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or the BI (Business Intelligence) gave rise to many manufacturers to increase functionality their products ERP incorporating facilities for BI and CRM processes. Since then the protagonism of the ERP within the company increases. The question is far. 5. The penetration of Software as a Service (SaS) will increase in the companies small and medium model of Software as a Service (SaS) is presented as one of the best opportunities so that companies of all sizes have access to the best technologies. The question is do you still not achieved a level of greater penetration? Surely that it should continue to work in education and evangelization of the market. From the supply side, a part of the vendors must improve your commercial proposal and think SaS as a true service model. There are still companies that offer a monthly fee for the service (Software as a Service) and another form of payment for the implementation consulting. It’s a hybrid offer in which the vendor tries to cover the costs of time and material, typically human resources.

Mobile Commerce

Let us first recall how the mobile commerce began, what technologies used, hopping time spent on the entire business process, and then look at it from a bird's eye and say, as well as that appeared and technology system for mobile commerce to facilitate the entire business process. Mobile trading yesterday. The whole process took a business, and in some company still takes 3 days more. And I can say at this development of any company loses about 50% of all its resources, including clients that you simply do not physically have the time or financial resources to hire another couple of dozen sales agents. Maybe you should not give a handicap to its competitors? To date, all managers and employees complain about the dire shortage of work. Of course, you can indefinitely prolong the duration of working hours and pay employees additional money for processing, can be a little change and automate business processes, but more on that later in the second part of this article. You will begin to protest and say that is much smaller and it's all a lie.

A I will try to show you all of this on simple examples. What today are your sales reps? I think the list is so big, how rich imagination, but the basic tools are: laptop, notebook, e-book written. How much he "tied" to a workplace or a computer in the office? I think with today's technology, this process (linking to the workplace) can simply be deleted. How effective is it spend your time? If you think about what and how much time is spent effectively, it can simply be appalled. At some silly entries in a notebook or laptop, the return to the office to transfer the information to search their records necessary information and a lot of different cases, which can simply be avoided. Mobile commerce today. Now on the market, many companies offer mobile commerce system designed to automate and management of various types of trading activities: merchandising, collection orders (PreSelling) and (Van Selling) trade "on wheels".

And believe me, every company that calls in your company and offers to show a presentation or talk about advantages of such a system, they say do not just empty words. Technology no longer stand in place and it's time to step to the next level. It makes no sense to talk about all the advantages of such systems, but raise some particularly important moments, I simply must, in order not to be unfounded. System for mobile commerce permit. System for mobile commerce can significantly improve sales significantly reduce the cost of support for sales representatives to strengthen control over the activities of your employees to improve the accuracy and speed of execution of orders to reduce the time for training new sales representatives and is not all advantages of mobile commerce.

Understanding Fonts

Printing without a printer? It is possible. For a long time home and business computers and professional publishing systems existed only in our dreams. At first, computers were recruited mainly text documents, which are subsequently printed on dot matrix printers one of the 'wired' in its fonts. Paragraphs are indented and formatted with spaces, characters were all the same size, allocation of means were available Only bold, italic and underline formatting. Check out James Woolsey for additional information. While considerable knowledge about the fonts not required. The objectives of the second generation of desktop PCs is much more, because 'brains pumped', was written by a new software, get used to their skills and the man himself.

And now all this together allows the paper to get the same typeface of any information that the coder sees on the monitor. Word, grew out of the unpretentious text editor into a powerful set of Editing and formatting text, allows, even with less convenience, to perform the same operations as the professional publishing system – up to automatic imposition of the booklet. And often directors of various companies prefer not to go to publishers, to impose a small commemorative booklet or brochure. Why? All these operations can be done the employee's own company. Only bringing the booklet prepared by the layout to the printer, saving manager understands that reality, even if it does, but in a whole did not turn. After all, prepared for printing in MS Word pamphlet obtained at a professional equipment is not like an ordinary office printer: string 'go', become empty squares, and the formulas are mixed into something incomprehensible.