Metro Advertising

Metropolitan – a broad space for promotional games. What is an ad in the subway? What are its pros and cons? Because of what the ad so appreciated? In this article we analyze the possible topics mentioned. The first is in the underground during the entire period of his work is a large number of passengers. As state dummies in the underground metro area, many people begin an acute shortage of information. So the ads in the subway has more opportunities to be perceived than advertising somewhere on the streets or on the roadway. Passengers with nothing to do on the road.

Indeed – in the subway is not too many options to pass the time. So most nothing left to do but to "catch" eye for an interesting promotional picture. A special item – advertising on billboards. Transplantation between stops and Kupalovskaya Kastrychnitskaya – the most visited place in the Minsk metro. It follows from this sign on the billboard, located on the stairs and escalators transplant, will be seen the largest number of people. But the sign on the boards, as well as any other advertising in the subway, is useful only when uncertain conditions.

In the first place – this is the correct audience. People metrometropolitena – part of some different masses, for which the advertising some products and services which may be simply not interested. However, in many situations, the information in the underground works quite well. Advertising on billboards – not one kind of advertising in the subway, which is enjoying success. Should use the advertising poster in the newspaper, in the space above the door wagon, in separate leaflets on the walls of cars, in the subway. Advertisement in the metro – it's a coup on the way to the masses. Advertising in the subway – an effective way to advertise products or services. Metro – a measure of development of the city, sign engineering center. The largest and one of the most visited places in Belarus – Minsk Metro, which offers good and comfortable conditions for passenger transportation. In terms of transport infrastructure and congestion with taking into account the time savings when moving along the central thoroughfares, many residents of Minsk forced to use the subway.