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Energy Thoughts

Battling "p ensamientos negative, will it be a matter of energy? Many philosophical schools or systems of self-help warn about the benefits of maintaining luminous thoughts and observe the regulated thought advise avoiding as much as possible the entry of negative thoughts. They teach postures, prayers, ways of breathing, routines and different techniques in order to generate a spirit of optimism or simply to drive away those negative thoughts especially those versed in the complaint, blame the outside, fear, hopelessness, loss of faith The (auto)-reproach, the (self-) criticism, hatred, mistrust, etc.. The techniques for planning life, to organize time, and decision strategies are not out of this scheme. Each in its own way tries to explain that one should look for light thoughts, strive to avoid stopping on negative thoughts or external stimuli that are destabilizing. The recommendation can not save best intentions. However, people do not, if they do they can not sustain this habit for long. So many are tortured, are required, they feel failure, perceive themselves in some way inferior, and leave overwhelmed with sadness or cynicism primarily to discover the amazing ability to engage the mind with negative material and begin to trigger it. Experience confirms that proposed just remove negative thoughts and keep positive thoughts is not enough, is not easy to achieve and sustain without going crazy or depressed by so much effort. Regular battling the mind or she is not the path, the path is to know to operate on it intelligently, neither foolish nor omnipotent.

Do You Care What People Think ?

There are people who show great insecurity. Never feel confident no other before they give their approval. Most do not undertake anything themselves. Require all the time knowing the criteria of others. These are people who find it difficult to be happy. Because the judgments of others are contradictory. To advance in this world need a minimum of confidence in himself.

For practical reasons and other can not go around wondering what to do. Nobody trusts someone like that. Nobody follows the insecure people. And of course, people are still insecure even herself. From these facts have been many tips that are aimed at helping people can be happy.

They are advised to disregard the criteria of others. They are told to forget the interests of others. They were told to move through life with their own opinions as the only principles. Do and undo, despite what others think. That way they can achieve well-being. But over time you make a great discovery. A resource Hallas invaluable to success. Although, ironically, these resources need to be attentive to what others think. Yes, indeed. The vast majority of relevant and successful people I know have achieved their success by keeping track of what others think. Those who succeed in business does not stop doing surveys. All the time you want to know what people want, which approves and disapproves, what to buy. And therefore these successful business men change their mind about what to do. Public leaders, personalities of history abutments, whence they took their victory?

Neither more nor less, correct and careful interpretation of the wishes and opinions of others. They did nothing to implement the wishes of the majority. So rose the conquest of power. Never failed to be aware of the voice and feelings of others. And as if they were little, tried to be surrounded by good advisors to continue to do: listen opinions of others. On the other hand, people skills, ability to influence others, I have here one of the great capabilities. But she is not going anywhere. And she manages to swim in prosperity. But to influence others is to know how they think, what their interests are, what they want. Otherwise it is impossible to reach their minds and their hearts. It is impossible to go through life ignoring what people want, what people think. Doing so would at least fifteen minutes a failure. The issue is elsewhere. It’s just not never make the mistake of disregarding others. But neither a slip of trying to get along with everyone. Someone like that is a human loss. He is someone who lacks character and by the way, he spends moving in circles. We must first have our own criteria. It should be personal principles and trust them, track them and not betray them. It would be crazy to go through life waiting for acceptance worldwide. It would be as absurd and unnecessary. Looking to fill you with good ideas and defend good causes. Everything else will come by itself. Trust in yourself even in failure, get up and become strong. Hear what others have to say where appropriate, take into account their ideas. But then, find your own way. If you suffer from shyness now download the following book.