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Power Cables

Cables AVBbShv with threaded section up to 25 mm inclusive, may not be filled. Technical and operational characteristics of the power cable AVBbShV designed to operate in a steady state at room temperature environment from -50 C to +50 C, relative humidity up to 90% (at 35 C). Limiting long-term exposure temperature core heating cables in the operating mode to + 70 C. The maximum permissible temperature of the core heating cables emergency mode, or in + 80 C for the duration of heating not exceed 8 hours per day and 1000 hours for the entire term of service. The maximum permissible temperature of conductors under short circuit (up to 4 sec) + 160 C. Cables AVBbShv for 10 min. stand the test of alternating voltage 3 kV and 3,5 kV cable with an operating voltage of 660 V and 1000 V respectively.

Laying and installation of cables without preheating at a temperature not lower than -15 C. The minimum bend radius when installing single-core cables brand AVBbShv – 10 Dn, strands – 7,5 Dn (Dn – outer cable diameter). Building length of cables for the main sections of veins: 16 – 70 mm 2 – 450 m, 95 – 120 mm 2 – 400 m, 150 mm2i above – 350 m. The electric insulation resistance, calculated for 1 km length at 20 C for core sections 2.5 – 4.0 mm2 – not less than 10 mw, 6 mm2 – no less than 9 mw, 10 – 240 mm2 – not less than 7 mw. The warranty period AVBbShv cable – 5 years, lifetime – 30 years. Scope Power cable AVBbShv with a rated voltage 0.66 kV and 1 kV is used for laying in dry and wet production areas, in special cable racks in the presence of danger of mechanical damage during operation, and in the ground, tunnels, canals, mines, outdoors. Power cables are designed for vertical and horizontal lines and can be used in areas subject to vibration. Cables AVBbShv are self-extinguishing in a single gasket.

Laboratory Analytical Balances

Today the market of analytical and laboratory scales rather large. How to choose the right laboratory balance? Consider the basic equipment. Kern, Germany offers a wide range of weighing equipment for laboratories of different profiles, as well as industry. Assotriment their equipment includes laboratory and analytical balances, moisture analyzers, the technical scale, as well as weighbridges and steelyards. All manufactured by this company scales are certified and listed in the State Register of measurements. these scales is characterized by excellent quality / price ratio, because They have a pretty attractive price and at the same time come with a warranty of 3 years. Company Ohaus (USA) has plants for the production of the weight equipment in Germany, Switzerland, China and the U.S Ohaus has a fairly wide range of laboratory, technical, portable scales.

Issued Several series of weights that have different costs and, consequently, different metrological characteristics. Company A & D, Japan – one of the leaders of laboratory equipment, offers us a wide range of weights: laboratory scales, analytical balances, hydrometers, and besides – commercial scales. Scales of this company are more expensive to with weights and Kern Ohaus, but have significant preimushestvo – warranty service within 5 years. Sartorius – one of the most famous manufacturers of scales and moisture. Sartorius produces some of the most popular series of moisture ma, laboratory balances, industrial scales.

Sartorius scales of production are generally used by the largest oil-producing enterprises, oil, etc., due to the relatively high cost of these weights. Scales Acculab – laboratory, analytical and jewelry scales. These scales can be characterized as one of the most economical. But in spite of their fairly low cost, the scale is high quality. Scales Acculab firms are often used in food, the jewelry industry, as well as in research institutes and schools. Among domestic manufacturers weights are the following companies – Gosmetr, sartogosm, Vesta, Neva scales Petves. Gosmetr – one of the oldest manufacturers of weighing equipment in Russia, in addition Gosmetr sartogosm and produce the same set of calibration weights and weights for scales. West, Neva scales and Petves – a relatively new producers. But despite that their scales are widely popular in Russia.