Success Is A Question Of Employee Energy

Make the measurable the energy of your employees! Companies are successful, if employees go. Their energy is a crucial factor. But it depends on emotions, and which are difficult to access. The operator has only limited possibilities to affect the emotions of its employees. The innovation in the consulting area but now offers a reliable tool to take advantage of the emotions of the people. Entrepreneurial success consists of only a small part of rational factors: the figures, the site, the competition, the product and the economy can be controlling tools analyze, evaluate and change. A large part of the success however depends on emotional factors: how FEELS the employees in the company? He is working like there and he really stands behind the product? Can he get involved personally for the company or he perceives himself at the end as a small and unimportant cogs in the machinery of the company? These are questions, which today is every entrepreneur should be interested in. Because the crucial factor, meanwhile so-called soft facts of employees, measurable so hard and difficult to influencing facts of each company.”says the Managing Director of simplylive consulting, which specializes in emotional management consultancy.

Entrepreneurs agree: the best employees is an energetic, inherently motivated employees! This is the focus, be motivated and enabled to shoulder the tasks and cope with, you want to identify with the company and ideally likes to appear to work. Then vote product and services, and hence sales and sales figures. But how can the entrepreneur induce an employee as an ideal, if he can inform themselves usually hardly and inadequate on such soft facts? How can he get access to the emotion of its employees? The challenge has moved us, to create a tool that makes measurable emotional soft facts of employees.”Ulrich says Barba, Managing Director of simplylive consulting. In fact succeeded to develop such a tool that makes this hard measurable units of analysis and covers as employees energy: the simplylive energytool.