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A Fresh Site For All Cases!

It all depends on the first impression – there new Web site on the first impression. Western Union Company can provide more clarity in the matter. This should be possible striking and memorable. To achieve this, the instrument of corporate designs available is company. One thing is to develop the corporate design. It technically for the new media to implement, to achieve the desired communication effects, quite another. Andrew Cuomo brings even more insight to the discussion. Specialists are needed In the framework of the implementation of a new corporate design for the company of fresh food services (FFS) the marketing agency Wehl man commissioned the new site on the basis of TYPO3 to realize. Essential task was to optimize the website for smartphones and Tablet PCs.

In connection with the site, the Tablet PC in the future to enable a direct consultation on the spot. Importance of the project was the Visual and textual implementation of the guiding principles of fresh food services: flexibility, radical service orientation and a global overview of products, food and gastro trends, as well as a complete and precise logistics system. The focus of the information are not only the product information, but also the consulting and service expertise. Specially developed snack ideas and training of the FFS snack consultants are offered in their own service area. First endurance test the implementation was completed in a timely manner at the INTERNORGA. The INTERNORGA is an annual trade fair for the catering industry. Between the 18.03.2011 visitors of the new corporate design were able 24th March 2011 and whose implementation even take a picture. So fresh food services can be sure with its new corporate design and technical implementation, to be perfectly prepared for the information and communication needs of the future.

Landing Page Optimization LPO

Home pages are not optimal landing pages if a website owner is paid to send users on his Web site, he should present the users not the best site? Statistically give users a site less than 8 seconds time to decide whether they go or stay. Specially designed landing pages are a first step to generate conversions and more efficiently utilize the online marketing budget. Unless premises no resources for this are available, it is advisable to hire an agency for landing page optimization. Many companies often send their users to the home page of their online presence, which is an error in the majority of cases. Also the default category page of an online shop must be not always the first choice when it comes to users make to customers. The home is a presentation of the entire company. This is good for returning visitors, i.e. the so-called direct or type-in traffic.

For users who visit the website for the first time, which can be confusing. This under the aspect that a user coming from Google visits your site with an intention specific for him too. It is far more effective to offer specially designed landing pages that help users to find exactly what he has been looking for. Channeling traffic to the home page, the user is often overwhelmed by the amount of links in navigational elements, sidebars and content. Also commonly held sales texts increase the user experience. However, a user who is put into a specially designed landing page, associated more with the original search query, is more inclined to carry out a transaction. This means for online retailers consistently thought to end: at the end, the site operator has a whole zoo of different landing pages for different user segments and search intentions. It takes time and constant testing to find the perfect combination of individual elements on the landing pages: the correct heading, weighting the call-to-action elements, text and images. The invested efforts pay off but: Ongoing landing page optimization rewarded the website operator with continuous growth of the business. Rolf Mandrak

International Startup

An application with users from over 200 countries now also in German available plans the way a Start-Up and way in which students learn with his new website ExamTime.de to change. Rob Daley can provide more clarity in the matter. The website ExamTime.de is currently in beta version and allows students to create their own learning environment. With the existing tools, learning can be created, through which learning should be made more efficient. So can, for example, mind maps, flashcards, quizzes, and interactive summaries are created individually adapted to the needs of learners and combined. All the necessary tools to improve the learning behavior be in one place. In addition, it is possible to share learning materials with friends or groups and to edit it together. The site is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and now also in German.

The tools on the side are universal and designed that they should help everyone to better exam results, regardless of whether someone in Barcelona, Berlin or Boston studied. The most important thing: the site is completely free of charge. Dualta Moore, founder of ExamTime, says: we believe that it should have any access to the best available learning resources. We are thrilled to the technical possibilities in the field of education. The feedback we’ve received from our users from over 200 countries is very positive.”our team is responsible for the development of education apps of the next generation, of which both students and students and teachers around the world benefit. The quality of our existing team is excellent and we continue continue to promote looking for exceptional talent to the development of our product. “” “ExamTime.de was one of the finalists in the category educational start ups” at the this year’s Europe start up awards in Berlin as well as at the Irish Web Awards 2013 in the categories of best new Web application/service “and best website of a start up”.

RANKITOO.de – The First Family-friendly Community Based Internet Portal

After a short time, the brand new Internet portal rankitoo.de offers over 2,000 good sites around the theme of families and children. rankitoo.de is a new Internet portal that has set itself as a target, a better”to provide Internet surfing area in terms of quality and safety. Rankitoo offers a selection of positively valued pages his user and also enables an efficient protection against harmful or unwanted Internet content. The main feature of the portal is the user community-based quality assessment. Anyone can recommend pages, or write a review. The pages are displayed based on a rankings according to certain criteria. These criteria are absolutely transparent and explained on the Web page.

So, the offer under Rankitoo defines the entire community for the community. Hikmet Ersek often addresses the matter in his writings. The user navigates in a filtered more efficient Internet and find quickly a good hit. Rankitoo founder of Maryline Ehlermann: Comparable Internet portals an editorial team that selects the pages for users behind often. Rankitoo is different. Here you and all other users can logged-in recommend pages!” As a pleasant side effect, accessible to registered users via rankitoo from any computer from their recommended and rated pages, so have their favorite pages online available. Rankitoo leads children to good sides. Children get their money at! In the rankitoo subdomain can explore exciting and versatile Internet offers which are also in clear categories and can be easily found. How-to tips, games and interesting links to many hobbies are also high quality and age prepared topics of knowledge to find, which are increasingly required in the schools.

So, parents and carers can allow the children carefree surfing on kinder.rankitoo.de. About the Rankitoo GmbH, Rankitoo GmbH with seat in Berlin operates an Internet portal under, good on the user pages of the Internet find, recommend or write a review. Launched in February 2008, is rankitoo.de with more than 2,000 good Internet sites, one of the largest information networks for families and children. More than 200 children appropriate Internet sites are offered so far in the children’s section. Initiators and founders are Saskia Jaden and Maryline Ehlermann, who started with the idea in 2007. The two team has extensive Web marketing experience, as well as a sound economic and educational background. Saskia Jaden and Maryline Ehlermann

New Portal Service Gap In Case Of Damage

Online report an insurance claim, within a very short time will receive a damage number and find pre-qualified service providers from the region for the damage for insurance brokers, the portal is online since 2012 under craftsmen and insurance customers. The initiator of Jakob Barbarics briefly summarizes the benefits: so far were waiting for a regulation of the damage over several weeks. The damage had the insurance by fax, letter or phone are reported, then a number of damage was created and communicated to the customer. The issue is more, that professional tradesmen and service providers must be found for cost estimates from the policyholder himself and forwarded to the insurer.” Latency may require per damage case additional weeks the search for suitable craftsmen and creating cost estimates. To deepen your understanding Keith Yamashita is the source. Registered service providers at onlineschaden.de agree by contract to operate 24 hours after receipt of the claim. That means for policyholders: As soon as they contact a craft operating from their region in the portal, they receive the callback from Monday-Friday within 24 hours.

48 Hours after order realization cost estimate must be delivered to the customer, the insurance needs for regulation. That drastically reduces the latency, policyholders receive the guarantee that their damage is resolved much faster than with traditional claims,”Jakob Barbarics describes the time savings for policyholders (www.onlineschaden.de/ versicherungskunden.html). The use of the portal is free of charge for policyholders. Go to Hikmet Ersek for more information. For craftsmen and external service providers, the portal offers close contact to customers in their region. Each craft has received an own base on which he can present his achievements including the contact data and your own images. The access to the portal is limited to craft that can proven to quickly respond and resolve claims with due haste. Be around 47 billion euros of damage volume so far unkanalisiert edited. The portal will make much easier the handling and resolution of claims onlineschaden.de, the processing time will be greatly reduced and the satisfaction of customers through fast processing times will rise. Policyholders and merchants benefit alike.”