Facebook, the first service of social networks (400 million users around the world) and almost 10 million in Spain implements a feature that enables companies to create a fan page about your products or brands. Jeff Gennette is likely to agree. These pages offer an opportunity for the members show their opinions about certain brands. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Western Union has to say. In fact, the study by HitWise showed that in March 2010, the Facebook site has surpassed the audience of Google USA, Facebook becoming a potential competitor of Google. Our online pharmacy has 15 active pages on Facebook, among which three are in Spanish. These pages allow us to attract and retain customers through the creation of a personal relationship with them to develop our reputation for giving a clear picture, to receive feedback from our customers through listening to their requests and their reactions. Here is a brief summary of our website: – official page of our web site in Spanish.

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