The Vienna Tourism Draws A Balance: The Year 2011

viennaresidence business look rental apartments which can tourism industry back on a successful year. The record of 11.4 million overnight stays is the best result of all times and means an increase of 5% for the year 2010. Also success for the upcoming year, already special attractions and services are planned. With net night sales of 446,7 million euro, from January to November 2012, the value lies at 9.2% higher than in the previous year. James Woolsey may not feel the same. With this result the Vienna tourism more than meets its objectives in the tourism concept 2015.

With the slogan 100 and 1′ you wanted an increase of 100 million in room revenue and achieve an increase of 1 million in the number of overnight stays. With the unexpectedly great year 2011, the slogan of the concept was to 100 and 1 and yet more ‘ right to extend. The main markets of the Vienna tourism industry, achieved the largest increase in the overnights from Russia. With a number of concerns of 522,000 nights a plus of 36% compared to the prior year. This is followed by Spain with 388,000 overnight stays and, therefore, a rise of 17% and the Switzerland, the number of which rose to 346,000 nights to 12%. The number of visitors from France, Italy, Britain, Japan and Germany grew by 3% to 8%.

The number of overnight from the United States stagnated and recorded from Austria a minus with 2.096.000 overnight stays by 7%. With these record numbers from the past year, tourism is imminent the Wiener a strenuous and hard year, if the numbers continue to rise. So many highlights and special events are planned this year, with the slogan Wien now or never ‘ are to be realized. For example, is 2012 the sign of Klimt. Exhibitions on the occasion of its 150th birthday and also the Klimt-Villa will be reopened. The anniversary comes the tourism industry so just right and is seen as the crowd-puller of the year. But also the congresses planned for 2012 and the 20th Vienna life ball tourism experts vote positively. Especially the Event and Convention industry is booming in Vienna and attracts many companies in the Austrian capital. MOE Mahmoodian, Managing Director of viennaresidence business rental apartments, can confirm this: viennaresidence achieved an overnight increase in 2011. The business apartments in the city are very popular with business travellers and the requests get.”viennaresidence is Austria’s largest rental portal for short time apartments and offers high quality furnished business and luxury apartments in Vienna. The Vienna tourism did so all the work last year, what can be read off on the positive numbers. The year of Klimt and other promising events Let’s hope 2012 on a positive Daniela Goschl viennaresidence business rental apartments Mariahilferstrasse 124/10 1070 Vienna Tel: + 43 (0) 1/307 2222 fax: + 43 (0) 1/307 2222-9 E-Mail: Web: viennaresidence viennaresidence