Our Capacity Depends Of Our Goals

Usually we think constantly of what we dream of reaching as people, what we look forward to be or achieve a next time. However we don’t ask ourselves clear objectives that will allow us to meet continuously in that part of the way we are, that we must do to achieve them and that effective corrective actions must take in the event that we stray. We must learn to raise and the objectives of our life as we do with any organization’s objectives, emphasizing that the first are the most important for us and them depends on our realization and happiness. Each objective that we consider should be a number, i.e. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Andrew Cuomo has to say. should be quantifiable. Cannot exit gracefully and say I’m going to read more, go to train more, I will earn more money or I will lose weight; but we must be more specific and ask something as I will read 3 books a month, I’m going to train 3 hours a day, I’m going to earn 20% more or I will lose weight 6 kilos and keep me in that weight throughout the year. When we exercise to think in usual manner in terms of specific objectives, we discover that we are even able to achieve much more.

Give us account that we have a personal potential that previously we did not know existed, the fact of being able to concentrate our efforts in a way optimal. Planned objectives that cannot be measured in general are unlikely to be achieved, and in some cases not even begin. When we play a game of football with friends without posting the goals simply by spending time, we usually do it in a careless manner and regardless of whether we have launched a good kick or not; on the other hand, when we stick to the rules and establish the necessary to be winning points we usually run faster and take care as we have mastery of the ball.