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The masks are used here as the purpose of the use and application of fashion in everyday life, ie, a mask is when a girl goes to buy a dress for a party look good in your school get along with peers. They are the excuses used by the individual to be part of this system, as if there was something important to him when in fact the basis of his life. Click Hikmet Ersek for additional related pages. The masks can be found on this phenomenon are unclear, but according to the particular order is how you can use every one of them. The social setting refers to the whole role, the mask and the environment in which each individual develops. The above are showing the individual to society, which is the same need to please people and belonging to certain circles exclusive show while sharing a home with people you like. The following scenarios, which are those that are hidden off the others are in this case the need for acceptance by a lack of confidence, also a small degree of lack of identity to have to take into account the views of others and feel part of something because what they have and their way of thinking is not sufficient by itself. a causes initially raised as reasons for this phenomenon to be considered a social conflict is the education that is given since we are small, the ideal of beauty has been taken according to the times and places, consumerism has Now every individual and that is something that is by whim rather than necessity, sexism and feminism and how we have changed the roles of men and women throughout history, and capitalism as an economic system and socioeconomic class work involved in the phenomenon.

The five will cover the development of society as such and the progress that will compile id a each person and groups according to time. The roles of women and men will come over time to be equal in industrial systems as personal care forms, progress is slow but constant. Capitalism is based on the global economy, not only of Mexico as a country, and while the system does not change this you will remain the same root, a problem that we long in our country. The culture of beauty changes under the influence of the media and education also moves according to this aspect. Fashion is something in which we live our daily lives and inevitably a part of us, the main point is to learn to handle as other social aspects and coexist with it, does not exist in terms of why there if we face a total loss identity to which freedom is lost and are subject to a hidden power in an industry based on a beauty that does not really exist.

Brand Demand

Creating demand for a new brand means developing a brand that people will know and recognize immediately. You will have qualities that make it different from others, are relevant or important features, and is also consistent and consistent over time (if I buy a brand X yogurt always tastes the same, has the same color, same texture .) As in the products, we know what the market demands, what needs are, and how we can meet them. But always based on our values, our features. For example, if I always have bad language, you should not want to make a living as a translator and start to learn Chinese.

We can demonstrate consistency in the workplace every day, and the curriculum that we present must show that coherence, our own brand should look at all aspects (in my experience, many curricula do not pass the first filter to have misrepresentation, as we do not buy a product if the packaging is not very good appearance). In addition, depending on the type of position is important to highlight certain values or minimizing others (this is an important, and often not taken into account.) Someone can be individualistic or prefer to work as a team, be flexible or systematic, tolerant or demanding, introverted or extroverted, creative, or graph are not bad qualities in themselves, depends on the type of work you want to play (for example, a person shy can be a bad seller, but to be an excellent financial analyst). A good way to think of how to differentiate is to start at the end, that is, visualize how you want to be perceived (in line with the qualities that you have) and going back, analyze what features we need to get there.

From this reasoning, we study what is the gap, that is, what separates our current product desired, and we cover step by step these differences.