Simple Window Solution

Builders are often unsure of themselves, if the building code requires a flue. You go to play it safe and opt for elaborate smoke-heat removal systems (RWA). “Usually a simpler system with lower costs would be sufficient”, so till Reine, product manager for solar and electric at VELUX Germany, this complies with the legal requirements, but provides as much security. ” Often base solutions for flue meet already as building regulations require it for example for internal staircases in the multi family building: chimney window equipped with safety glass and engine, providing a free geometrical cross-section of at least one square meter. Also, the system of the entrance floor with a wall-mounting pushbutton must be open. VELUX offers for such cases according to DIN EN 12101-2 certified Windows with safety glass, motor and control. Higher requirements in the flue as stated in the school building directive or assembly sites Ordinance Rule only in selected cases, such as industrial buildings. Here, smoke-heat removal systems are required, their aerodynamic Konstruktion particularly supports the flue.

These systems are equipped with smoke leakage sheets, for example. Locally, the local Supreme construction supervision authority or the local fire authorities decide on the admissibility of construction projects. So that local features can be taken into account, builders should vote is still in the planning phase with these. To ensure proper operation and safety, should be installed only by authorised specialists. Thus, it is ensured that all applicable TuV, DIN, VDE and VDI regulations are complied. Smoke and heat removal systems (RWA) belong to the Group of hazard notification systems. VELUX offers two different products depending on the request: the flue window is certified according to DIN EN 12101-2.

It is suitable for use in internal necessary stairwells. Motor and Safety glass are included as standard. The smoke and heat trigger Windows CE mark is DIN EN 12101-2. It is equipped with wind leakage plates to increase the aerodynamically effective opening area. Again, engine and safety glass are included as standard. Both Windows have been tested according to DIN EN 12101-2 loads on through wind, snow, heat and cold. For more information, ideas, image galleries on the subject of roof, see roof/General information /