3. Eat 6 – 5 meals a day instead of 3 meals. Consumption of foods short is much more beneficial that eat the usual 3 big meals a day. This is because to eat less food, on a regular basis, it is constantly feeding your body with the fuel that can burn. Instead of eating meals bigger, have more time to digest and then burn. Also to eat on a regular basis will keep your metabolism, which is key to burn fat throughout the day. 4.

To perform cardiovascular exercise, the first resource the body uses are carbohydrates, and then fat. Some people therefore seem to think that just doing cardio at a slow pace for longer they will burn more fat because there is a higher percentage of fat from carbohydrates (approximately 65% – 35%), but this is totally wrong. Yes works slowly during longer will increase the fat percentage of cardio that burns, but that doesn’t mean it is the total number of fat to burn. For example, if it runs for 60 minutes at a pace slow and burning 200 calories, which is around 130 calories of fat and 70 calories from carbohydrates. Let’s say that the next morning I found myself with a high intensity for 20 minutes and will burn 400 calories.

The proportion of fat and carbohydrates would be 260 to 140 from fat. So that run for a short period of time can increase the amount of fat that is burnt. Whereas HIT training allows that the body is in a high metabolic State, which means that fat burning constantly, even watching television. I am a coach with personal experience, which has put in an incredible amount of research methods that actually increase a person’s ability to burn fat fast. See the following link the revision of one of the methods of weight loss more successful today: Revision of the Gabriel method to lose weight.