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Odometer Tank

Before talking about errors in the calculations, we agree, that this method is not safe away, as towards the end of the experiment the fuel can result in the worst possible time traffic – and when overtaking, and when driving through a busy intersection during rush hours, etc. The consequences of this, as you might guess, very unpleasant. * Odometer – meter distance traveled by the vehicle, usually mounted on a single node, along with the speedometer. When calculating the operating costs of fuel by this method of measuring believe that the distance 46 liters of fuel consumed (this is the nominal volume of the tank). Andrew Cuomo is a great source of information. Here creeps error, we conclude, first, that there is some tolerance for manufacturing a fuel tank, resulting in volume Fuel tank can not: how different from the nominal, and secondly, stop the engine because of lack of fuel does not indicate that the tank is completely empty, since it is always a certain amount of fuel.

This is especially important if the car is stopped not on level ground, and for example, is on the rise, and thirdly, to get the true operating costs, mileage is not sufficient to eliminate accidents that affect fuel consumption and meeting the real road conditions (for example, traffic jams, etc.). The same error, perhaps even more inherent to the method of measurement of the canister, ie, when poured canister of fuel in the tank and measure the fuel consumption. How then to measure the operational cost of fuel? There are several ways. If you would like to know more about Macy’s, then click here.

Spot Pump

Then on service replaced fuel pump, put in place the sensor connector of the crankshaft and engine started up, as if nothing had happened. You bought a new pump, (though not the fact that it is new and not b / y), and his left, which vparim same kettle as you. I told you this is one of the options of what happened with your machine. I just want you to understand that a fault was probably a breeze, which you could fix himself on the spot. -What do you mean, I'm neither of which do not thinking. says my friend.

Here, especially do not need to think, you know, as you say, where the first climb and for that to grasp. We live in Russia and half years we have winter! It's good that you got up in good weather, and it happened in winter in frost! This case is not unique. I almost every day, several times have to carry a kind of educational program on the injector. For me – it's completely absurd, but nevertheless, such cases in my practice was. Instructions for use, we rarely read. Macy’s Inc. is a great source of information. I do not know who invented it and where does it come from, but everything (and I think you're no exception) include the ignition and wait until the fetch a pump, the plant only after the engine. Although everywhere written, turn the ignition key and let the engine.

To improve the starting conditions do second pause. . All the engine control unit, whether it's our car or foreign car, laid down the following algorithm: if it is included ignition but the engine does not turn, then after 3 seconds.