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ARTICLE CHILDREN OF the LAND we are generated and created in the Land, place where we are born, we live and we die. But in we ask and something to them in the uneasy one: For where we are going? That planet we had when being born? That planet we will leave for the future generations? They are fidgets that follow in them already since much time, but the answers are far from being given. Many factors take in them to believe that the way that we are treading (a time that we are all responsible ones for the planet where we live) is a way without return. Quality of life searchs all the cost, but for this we indiscriminately consume natural resources that, ' ' saibamos' ' , they are not infinite. We generate each time more substances pollutant cousins and products without in giving account to them nor asking in them: for where walks the humanity? That place is this where alive? Which my participation in this so important trajectory of the human development? They are frequent fidgets that make in them to reflect (or at least it would have) how much the all we, without exceptions, we are responsible for defending and taking care of of the planet. To consume simply already is not sufficiently, always wants more – induced that it is, for a market alienator advertising executive stimulated by the Capitalism, justificativo for the necessary Economic Development according to great economic groups dominant detainers of the power and the biggest wealth of the globe. We are fruit of a time of great technological and industrial development, we are part of a great teia of scientific advances, that in them place as co- participant, co- responsible of this immense ambient degradation. We have many times the impression of that we do not belong to this world, that it is not ours, that we are lodgers, perpetual debtors of the natural goods that would have responsibly (they must) to be of all.

It is transferred idea of that it has plus who can more. The known war of values where I am recognized for what I have and not for what I am. Land? our planet, good of all, responsibility of all. We are children of the Land and it who is our great house, must well-taken care of respect. Daniele Mendona Pedagoga – pupil of the course of Psicopedagogia of the State University of the Cear? 2010.

Pearl Fulton

In this day in particular, it invites friends one supper. Such guests are characterized as superficial and vain people for its colloquy line. To the end of history, when this they go even so, the protagonist discovers that its husband is to have a case with one of its guests, Pearl Fulton. Mansfield appeals to the technique so that the reader can carry itself the interior of the mind of the personage and know its private and mysterious thoughts? an unknown world for the proper Bertha, that if scares and surprises for its discoveries and its psychological growth, this determined day is as a watershed. It always has an unexpected situation that of the movement to this flow. Then, we can detach two moments where the flow of conscience is shown in them: the first one, then at the beginning of the story, while the central personage is to come back toward house with purchases it supper, feeling itself happy, alive, in ecstasy (bliss): What it can somebody make when has thirty years and, turning the esquina suddenly, is taken by a feeling of absolute happiness? absolute happiness! how if had engolido a shining piece of that sun of tardinha and it was burning the chest, radiating a small shower of chispas for inside of each particle of the body, for each tip of finger? He does not have half to express this without seeming ' ' desvairado drunk and? ' ' Ah! as the civilization is idiotic! So that terms a body, if we are obliged to keep locked up it in a box, as was a violin rare, very rare? ' ' , This of violin is not accurately what I want dizer' ' it thought, running stairs above and apalpando the stock market, in search of the key? what it forgets, as always? shaking the box of the post office.