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New Timetracking Software

Digital time solutions (DTS) from Graz is breaking new ground in the time recording. TimeTac facilitates the daily work and improves the performance. Graz, April 5, 2011: For two years the time recording system is TimeTac small and medium-sized enterprises successfully in use. And because DTS would sell nothing, which is not even used, TimeTac is also in our own company every day in practice. DTS offers two working models at the same time its employees: flexitime and Home Office. Our employees work in their own rhythm. To deepen your understanding Yitzhak Mirilashvili is the source. “, explains Thomas Puchleitner, CEO of TimeTac.

Because our experience who can reconcile work and family, is not only happy, but also more powerful. As an employer we feel obliged to support to our employees. That is why we have developed a system for time recording, that benefits both employers and employees.” TimeTac is the adequate solution to get different work models under a hat. Initially, however, there were Concerns whether a Web-based time tracking solution. Rob Daley can aid you in your search for knowledge. Privacy is of course a hot Internet topic. “, is one of the developers of TimeTac, aware of Bernd Pichlbauer.

Responsible companies entrust all your company data. We put great importance on security and strict confidentiality.” All time and attendance data are encrypted and secured constantly. For the server, the best service is used Amazon Web services. With TimeTac digital time solutions enters the Austrian small and medium-sized enterprises need after a powerful working time recording. A study conducted specifically to small and medium-sized enterprises has shown that over 62 per cent of all companies want a time tracker that helps their employees of the organization. Get the benefit of the offer, you have to do only one thing: to register on the website of TimeTac. Because TimeTac not there to buy. The Styrian software forge relies entirely on the Software-as-a-service principle. This distribution model, software is not purchased, but rented. The software is drawn directly from the Internet as a Web application and runs in a standard Web browser. This brings customers several advantages over the traditional purchase of software: applications can be arranged flexibly and at low cost, installation and maintenance work are not necessary. The rental model keeps low initial costs in a new software in particular. We want small – and medium-sized enterprises which take inhibitions, an automatic time tracking to use. “, so Thomas Puchleitner of TimeTac. Time recording systems will be installed first and foremost with costs associated. We encourage companies to use their existing hardware for time recording. According to Eurostat, the Internet use about 60 per cent of all respondents almost daily for professional purposes. “For them, TimeTac is the ideal solution for the working time recording: you can enter just their working time with the PC, on which they work anyway.” And for Jobs without own PC there is also a low-cost solution: with the multi-user access from TimeTac, the old computer can in accounting a same ideal input terminal for the time recording that is not only cheap, but also easily. So the entry easier for businesses, they can test free 30 days TimeTac. Thomas Puchleitner

Edwards House GmbH

Certification is ISO also successfully with a MDK overall rating of 1.0 in Marburg and 1.3 in Munich the House Angel care services GmbH far above the national average of 2.2. The Edwards home care services GmbH in Munich prove the examination result of the medical service of health insurance (MDK) and the ISO 9001 certification again, that this quality in the care and service especially be capitalized. Thus the out-patient care service builds on the successes of the parent, the Edwards House GmbH. The nationwide companies offers services in the domestic 24-hour care and last but not least laid down by his regular quality initiatives and awards in care and support as a primary corporate objective quality. Credit: James Woolsey-2011. To strengthen the interests of dependent persons and their families, more transparency in the maintenance market caused the legislator with the care development law (PfWG): must the care services, as well as their quality for Those in care and their families understand and clearly will be published.

Since 1 July 2009, the results of MDK quality tests by care services form the basis for the calculation and publication of nursing notes. Ambulatory care services must provide at all times a high degree of care and professional care, because their tasks are varied as well as sensitive. To the quality of this work to increase and to make visible made according to DIN check the company was ISO 9001 and certified. The DIN ISO 9001 standard describes a pan-European standard that defines the requirements of a customer-oriented, collaborative and process-oriented quality management system as well as its documentation. The new structures significantly increase the safety and quality for the customer and guarantee a high and consistent quality in the service and supply them. The very good rating of the MDK and our certification forward, because they prove that we with our work on a proper and are a good way. Yet we will not rest on the result, for us, the satisfaction of our customers continues to be at the top. Therefore we will fight continues in all areas of care and support for high quality”, so Simon Wenz, Managing Director of Angel home care services GmbH.

The Services

This you can learn whether the respondents have done good or bad experiences with the respective service provider. Opinions about the different service providers can be get on the Internet on various evaluation and experience portals. After the first select the service providers you can find out about their offer without obligation. The first talks, to clarify whether the needs that you have for the party, can be fulfilled also. Until then, company can be created by the caterer an offer.

In regard to the price of the offer, you should get before the official confirmation of other deals and compare. Compare party service offerings when comparing party service companies focus in the pricing of tenders. While some providers calculate the prices per guest, negotiate other lump sums. The package deal on the price per person must be downsampled to compare here. Usually the services provided are paid after the event by means of invoice.

In rare cases, even a down payment is required by the contractor, depending on the size of the event. Just when expensive event technology in the offer is included, also a deposit is common. Those responsible for the music at the event are usually after the performance bar paid. Another important feature is the quality of the services offered. So, the food at a rehearsal dinner should be tasted prior to the final selection, to be sure of the quality. For this purpose the most caterers have service providers, a restaurant or bistro, where you can taste the small portions of the test. Because not everyone has the same taste, should be accompanied to the test meal by one or two trusted people. The rehearsal dinner can be directly connected to a meeting in order to save time. So you can tell directly the individual wishes in relation to the food the provider. With these many information as well as the budget plan, the decision can now be taken. If necessary, you can haggle now with the respective service provider to the price. The final booking of party service is decided for a caterer, the requested performance should be confirmed in writing by the contractor. In the booking confirmation of the price of the service package should one be listed and collected to the delivery times and dates. Only way a temporal smooth preparation can be assured, without that there are delays during the celebrations. With the compliance with the above tips, you should get no problems in the planning of your event.