Christoph Marloh Real Estate

A certificate for sustainable homes, which would be recognized by all market participants, was not passed again on this year’s construction fair in Munich. Christoph Marloh, CEO of real estate says about 24, the provider of ethical funds: “The Association political standoff reflects not the fundamental attitudes of citizens on the subject of sustainability in housing”. The scroll increasing interest among investors by the Hamburg real estate 24 Emissionshaus GmbH of launched Fund for sustainable residential real estate. The return on funds buy existing properties and perform hot hire-neutral energy upgrades. Donors contribute to improving energy of German real estate, as well as to environmental protection. The investment rate of return on Fund North more than 97 percent. Provided a yield is 7.1% p.a. before taxes and 6.9 per cent p.a.

after tax. Christoph Marloh and Rudolf Marloh managing directors have long-standing good acquisition contacts and could the until today acquired The guidelines despite rising rates currently exceed portfolio. The reason of the lenders apparently never reflected at Association level. A delivery of sustainability certificates to five pilot projects of the Working Group “Sustainable housing” was planned on this year’s construction fair in the Bavarian capital. The Working Group was founded by the Ministry of construction in 2009. The delivery of the certificates was apparently moved to pressure the Federation of housing associations (GdW). Only certificates of attendance were given to the participating projects. For these accomplish the certification costs feared in parts of the housing industry may be reason.

Likewise, a frequently called “branding” (energy labelling) of different stocks of the object seems to have played a role despite voluntary participation certifications. “Voluntary systems develop normative effects”, GdW President Friday said menacingly in his letter to the Bundesbauminmisterium of the 11.1.2011. The competent State Secretary Bomba in the Bundesbauminmisterium seemed however remain hopeful: “The seal of approval will come”.