Evaluation Of Learning First Part

EVALUATION of APRENDIZAJELa assessment understood as numerical accreditation has an important weight in school life, in the development of relationships that is brewing there often is the only parameter through which assess school learning which are the scores. The assessment as more complex social practice, which should shed track to understand the learning process that occurs in schools and detect their difficulties; which in this framework qualifications are understood as the number awarded to the student, they talk about only us this process ranges from your measurement. Approve and reject are not only words, define many things in the way of schooling of the attitude that the student is forming against the school and that teachers, classmates and father have compared their performance. SEP ratings are designed as a single measurement of knowledge, abilities, skills and of the purposes of those contained in the plans and programmes of study in general therefore recommends that these they are a permanent evaluation products. But also for teachers ratings express the degree of achievement that allows to speak of educational progress in each level.

In the scope of each school, ratings express the place that this occupies in relation to other situations which this is a constant concern both of the institution in general, for each school in particular, it is tilting the disapproval. Qualification for this proposal is not only a set number that it integrate, to the extent of its possibilities, the process of advancing in the learning of each student (keep in mind that the affirmation of what is important is what they do in class), the conditions of their family environment, their particularities of character, potentialities that envision him and school effort making low-to this conditionsto put a numerical measurement; they give priority to the knowledge of the student who is to assign a rating.The measures of their potential: is the large number of students attending, with the affective disposition to zoom in on it and learn about their problems and their conceptions respect for glassing-mos to favor the performance of students. Get along well with the students involves knowing them: know it implies to you cercase to do so, in class or out of it, besides having the sensitivity of consider your specific problem to differentially evaluate their process of advancement; translate it into a number because that know it, understand it and understand it does not mean that it is equivalent to radically alter the school culture around the score. The number is still an important reference in relationship that is established between the teacher and the student. This space shows the way in which will evaluate the activities: be undertaken with students, parents and teacher; Since the evaluation designed for the fulfillment of the overall purpose and the specific. Does the evaluation was held through a:? Registry? & nbs p; Journal of field classroom/teacher? Journal of field classroom/pupils? Products or inputs (evidence of work)? (a evolution, evaluation between peers and a self-assessment)? & nbs p; product presentation with parents and members of the community. Original author and source of the article