Graphics Processor

Just do not everyone knows that the configuration of a gaming computer you can pick up a fairly wide range, and depending on your gaming preferences, sometimes you can even save money on certain details. To start, draw up a short review, are responsible for what parts taken separately gaming pc. cpu. First, the processor is responsible for overall performance and the physics of motion. In any case, for modern games is better to take a multi-core processor.

The truth is there to save money, since in many cases, you have enough budget version of this cpu. Most significant portion of a gaming computer – this video card. She is responsible for the processing speed of graphics. Cards have two main parameters – the volume of video memory and gpu clock speed. In addition, there are others, such as width of the tire video processor, the number of channels, etc., but they are usually most important, do not correspond to the first two. So that the video memory and the cpu clock can be called the key parameters that need to be aware of when choosing card. Video memory is responsible for the number of colors that can be processed simultaneously.

The minimum number of memory for a modern gaming pc is 256Mb, but some games may require up to 1Gb memory. The more powerful your graphics processor, the faster will be processed by the dynamic scene, ie, frames (fps) will quickly succeed each other. ram is responsible for the overall speed of your computer and games running on it as well. It is not worth saving, the more that memory prices are falling steadily, and it is advisable to take a minimum of 2Gb (although many games can be limited, and 1Gb). Therefore, if you're a fan of strategies, then you at selection of a computer should first pay attention to the processor, for a shooter and shooters first role playing an extremely powerful graphics card. Of course, these rules have exceptions (for example, some modern strategies have excellent graphics, and require a powerful graphics card, and many ekshenom requires a large amount of RAM), but in general to purchase gaming pc you can always save money by choosing a car, depending on your preferences. Good luck You!