Level Government

The most important characteristics of elite researchers attribute cohesion, awareness of their group interests, the developed network of informal communication, the presence of the esoteric rules of conduct and codes of language, hidden Third-party observers and transparent to the initiated, the lack of a clear distinction between the service activities and private life. Aristotle wrote: ” The three qualities of a person who intends to occupy the higher posts: first, to sympathize with the existing system of government, then, have a great ability to perform the duties associated with position, and thirdly, different virtue and justice, “so thus gave the most general characteristic of the ruling elite. Thus, the political elite, and characterizes the proximity of facilities, stereotypes and norms of behavior, the unity of the (often relative) shared values, as well as involvement in government (regardless of the method and conditions of its acquisition).

Resources used by the political elite, as a rule, are varied and do not necessarily have a political character. To characterize the resource potential of political elites to effectively use the concept of multidimensional social space Bourdieu. The most important characteristic of the political elite is a way of legitimizing power that sets out the mechanisms for developing and adopting political decisions, as well as broadcast decisions on the level of mass consciousness and behavior. Likewise, it is possible to characterize the political elite as a relatively small layer of people in leadership positions in government, political parties, public organizations and influencing the policy formulation and implementation in the country.