Market Research

And that, at times, difficult to get their funds, because high costs of specialization, and is much cheaper to delegate it to outsource to third parties, such as marketing and consulting agencies. An example of a decision based on general information can be a decision of the head of the Moscow Region market of cellular concrete. Let's say the current market of cellular concrete company came retained earnings. And the head of a question about the investment of available funds. Alternatively, consider buying an additional line of production equipment. Today, experts estimate the market cellular concrete, rf grows rapidly 4 though a lot of players (more than 70 in the country and about 10 in the Moscow region, according to abarus Market Research 5). And to take a policy decision as to whether to invest in additional capacity or not, the supervisor will be enough to know these rates 6. You can give another example of market-wallpaper. Firm leaders of the Moscow region also need to take a similar decision on whether investment in the expansion of production areas. Data from open-access information on the wallpaper market is missing. Number of players – 12-13 companies. According to the construction and repair organizations, the demand for wallpaper at least not fall, and production statistics has been steadily falling, and some businesses close. Imports rose wallpaper, but not enough to compensate for the volume of production companies closed down, and thus satisfy demand. And here, in my opinion, it is obvious that without further, more in-depth analysis to make a decision impossible. But how to spend it? Open sources give, and sometimes contradictory information, and the price issue measured at least in millions of rubles? Self-taught by non-core for her features of a marketing analysis, and then his organization, which can lead to high costs and unpredictable results.